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  1. I bet a reviewer saw your first post and corrected it. This was a big problem up until a couple of releases ago. When a cache was first submitted, HTML Tidy was not run on the description, but it was run on all subsequent edits. So sometimes a cache with bad HTML would creep through. All that had to be done to fix it was click the "edit" link, then save, which would make it get cleaned up by HTML Tidy. A reviewer probably did this when s/he saw your post. As of a couple of releases ago, all caches are run through HTML Tidy even upon first submission. And it turns out that a few other caches by this cacher I referenced earlier ALSO have this weird problem of font colors in the cache text extending to the Found It logs and Notes (meaning that ... I'm not crazy). Examples (check quickly before TPTB fix them!): Heard a Bird (GC2GRHF) PEACE SIGN SERIES #15 - Pullers For Hi-way Peace (GC24MG6) PEACE SIGN SERIES #17 - MAKE PEACE, SPREAD LOVE (GC2484F) 1972 (GC220WJ) Like I said earlier, I think this is a "nice" bug/feature and I'd love to know how to exploit it. .. and now that I look for commonalities, all these caches use an animated .gif as the background ...
  2. Here is another seemingly very odd thing that has accompanied the changes of late. A local puzzle cache, Floating Flyers (GC2MHZ7), shows all text in the Found It logs (and Notes) in the font color used to write the cache text - a golden yellow color. I haven't found other puzzle caches (yet) similarly affected but ... how did this one happen? If it's a new feature, I'd like to use it to change the font color of certain entries in many of my cache pages! ... Never Mind ... it went away ... but was there the past two days.
  3. I hope the decision makers are monitoring this thread and might deign to provide a response, in one venue or another. It's been almost two weeks since the May 4th geocaching.com website sea change. Since then, we've seen some of the changes reversed, others fixed, and many complimented. A few days after the big change, I got a request to participate in a survey and presumably so did a fairly large number of other (randomly selected?) geocachers. The survey specifically sought our opinion about the "fixed-width" changes. The survey asked if we did/didn't like the fixed-width layout in A) our profile page; B ) our cache listings; C) other people's cache listings or D)uniformly disliked the fixed-width look. (Option D might have been the opposite: Don't mind the change ... I don't remember which way it was worded. But my response was that I really DIS-liked the change). As far as I've been able to tell, no changes have come about as a result of the survey thus far. I also haven't seen any reporting of the survey results. So, it becomes natural to ask: is the fixed-width layout here to stay? Will we be given an answer one way or the other? Is an internal debate raging and we'll be told when HQ is good and ready? As an unimportant, but personal, aside - I have no intention of "fixing" my cache pages to look better with this (awful) fixed-width layout. I'm also not going to leave the awful-looking cache pages active for much longer so that's my personal reason for wondering if we'll get official word about the permanency of this change. And if the answer's already been given, would someone please point that out to me? And I'll save some trouble for those would respond in one predictable manner: yes, I know that GC.com doesn't "owe" me or anyone an explanation or ruling ... I'm just asking if there will be one. thanks - fish
  4. OpinionNate has already noted that there are issues/concerns about the fixed width aspect of the new layout. Well, I'd like to add my voice in saying that this singular change has ruined the look, feel, and solvability of many of my cache pages and, in particular, puzzle caches. Here are four examples. Perhaps the worst of all is this cache, where the images have been removed from the page and are only viewable by clicking on a magnifying glass ... where did that come from?! I have already spent crazy amounts of time devising and establishing an attractive layout for these caches and I have no desire to go and attempt to recreate (80+ of) them in this new environment, that may well change once again. I urge the coders to reconsider this one change .. many of the other changes seem helpful, as opposed to the morass created by the fixed width change.
  5. I have some 80+ active caches. I estimate that more than 50 of them now look horrendous due to the new fixed width format. In cases where I had a fairly wide graphic as part of the cache description, it is either truncated (like here) or the right side of the image is overwritten with Inventory and Bookmark Lists (like here). For many caches, the background image now overwhelms the cache page due to broad sidebars and the new translucent effect (such as here). This is a truly awful change and I don't anticipate going and making cosmetic corrections to all my cache pages. I'm all for change. But I'm not for all changes. - fish
  6. Well, that link isn't quite Europe-wide since I noticed that Europe's First geocache (which is in Ireland) and has, as of this moment, been favorited 66 time - and should be 7th or 8th on that list - doesn't show up.
  7. Is anyone else having problems getting the site to display properly? I (exclusively) use Google Chrome but my browser won't display the site as it appears, for instance in IE 8 (or whatever the latest is). Looking at the page code, I see that it has the following; <!--[if lte IE 6]> <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" /> <script defer type="text/javascript" src="j/png.js"></script> <![endif]--> I certainly have javascript enabled and Chrome works everywhere else for me. Is this bit of code suggesting that Chrome is recognized as lte (less than or equal, I imagine this means) to IE 6? Boy, that's a laugh.
  8. I guess that you missed where it was stated that these will be made retroactive at a future date. It was indeed a guess and incorrect one at that. I was taking the liberty of pointing out a method of acquiring a Souvenir in advance of the retrospective application.
  9. Well, here is something very interesting that I just discovered. I noticed that a few of the people in this area had gotten an artsCrush souvenir (artsCrush is a series of 20 temporary caches being placed at museums in the Puget Sound area). I had FTF'ed the first of these caches when it was placed 4 days ago. But I did not have the artsCrush souvenir. So, I deleted my log and entered a new one (same data, same original text) and .. I now have the artsCrush souvenir. But it gets better. I had found the Washington state APE cache back in September 2005. So .. I deleted that log, copied the text to a new log using my original found date and ... I now have the APE souvenir. I imagine they'll fix this bug soon but in the meantime ... I think only Moun10bike and myself have the APE souvenir. That'll change soon. cheers - fish
  10. I acquired my first souvenir yesterday and thought a few in this forum topic might be curious about it. I got the souvenir when I logged the puzzle cache GC2G6PN. The posted, and final coordinates, for this cache are within a mile or so of Groundspeak HQ. Now I have found dozens, perhaps hundreds, of caches in the vicinity in the past. I have found several of the caches that Moun10bike has and for which you see the souvenirs on his profile page .... but I don't have those yet. So, at present, it appears that we non-lackeys get these few available souvenirs only with a new log. cheers -fish
  11. I'm curious if you are referring to my Seattle Street View cache or if there is another that uses Street View in a similar way? cheers - fish
  12. Sorry, just noticed this. I am headed for Ireland this coming Tuesday (the 17th). I'd be happy to take any TBs/coins/trackables that anyone has and drop them there. But send me an email soon so we can arrange transfer. cheers -fish
  13. I think this is an excellent idea as well. I have two challenge caches (here and here) but after reading the Knowledge Base "points to consider", I'm wondering if mine are of the type of "grandfathered caches do exist out there which would not be publishable today." In particular, this point: 7. Requiring cachers to find an explicit list of caches (rather than a broader category of caches) will likely prevent publication of the cache listing. would prevent publishing since the Challenge is to find (or be the owner of) ALL active caches within the Seattle city limits. cheers fish ps - I certainly don't mean to hijack this thread and if I should move this to a new, separate thread I'd be happy to do so. I just thought this might add to the discussion of Challenge caches.
  14. I visited the posted coordinates for this Exchange cache last night on my way to the baseball game. It took a few minutes to find the tiny container but I did succeed and I have emailed schneekugel with the numbers. cheers - fish
  15. Well, I only got one response to my request but as it turned out that's all I needed. I did in fact make Silverado my destination and I found about 20 caches that day. There are some really amazing camo'ed containers on the roads out to Silverado (I especially like OC Man's metal insects). Thanks Duncan for pointing me in a good direction! thanks! -fish
  16. Hello SoCal cachers, I will be spending 4 days in Anaheim so that my teenage daughters can go to Disneyland. As I've spent too much time with Mickey and company the past two years, I am planning on caching during the day instead. I would like a recommendation or two of what areas around Anaheim have fun caches. I don't need high concentration areas nor do I want to spend half a day going after a single, glorious cache. An area with a dozen quality caches that can be done in eight hours would be about right. Ideally, the area would be not much more than a half hour to 45 minutes from Anaheim. Suggestions? thanks fishiam (from Seattle)
  17. fishiam

    Crazy caches

    "hard and crazy" ... maybe not but this cache is a real stinker of a challenge which you might have to visit to appreciate.
  18. As far as I could tell from a quick search, this is the first cache to explictly use Google Street View to find the coordinates of a puzzle cache: Seattle Street View
  19. Hello all, This forum topic was brought to my attention and I feel somewhat embarrassed that my geocide (yes, that's what it is) has been made so public. A confluence of events has led to this and I'd rather not get into details as to why it has happened. The time has come for me to move on - I had a great deal of fun caching, and especially group caching and placing caches the past two years. The past few months, not so fun. I would archive all my caches today except that I don't want to be accused of leaving geolitter so I am archiving as I am able to go and remove my caches (and I have a lot to remove). On this plus side, it opens a big chunk of Seattle to new caches. I truly appreciate the email I've received from so many local cachers, the really warm note from Northwes (I loved caching in Alaska!) and I in no way want to discourage the continuation of geocaching as a family friendly sport. I plan on attending (2nd Annual Tiresome Usual Suspects' BrewHaHa) and hoisting a final brew with many of you. Meanwhile, please let things on this subject dissipate. I appreciate the great times I had with so many of you. cheers Steven (fish)
  20. Yeah, it's sorta been done already: The Far Side of the World
  21. Congratulations Fishiam! Is it only coincidence we haven't seen you up here recently now that there is snow on the ground? Wow, Thanks for noticing you Alaska crew! In fact I will be in Anchorage Dec. 5-10. Hopefully I can get together with a group of you one evening for some caching stories! I'll contact NorthWes as it gets closer to the departure date. peace fish
  22. The discussion in this topic gave me an idea for a cache in my Symbology series. Researching the coordinates will help you learn a bit about the Seattle Metro Bus system Symbology V: Cache the bus! Thanks for the idea! -fish
  23. Congrats to Schiuchetti for #1000 at Control The Night ! I had hoped to join him in a celebration cache but I am just too slow. He's come a long ways very quickly. peace, fishiam
  24. I had a couple of multi caches (one at a zoo, the other at an aquarium) where I really wanted people to do every stage. Both of them were often circumvented, either by folks brute forcing the final or being taken there by previous finders. I let all those finds stand since they had signed the log but I then redid both caches adding in a step that forced finders to actually visit the zoo or aquarium in order to be able to log a find. They were required to have their picture taken at a particular spot and either post their picture or send it to me. Some may not like this rule, but it's my cache and so I can make that requirement. I have lots of caches you can go right at but the ones I make as multis I hope they'll be done as multis. For all but the two I described above, sobeit if folks want to just sign the log and skip the work (as was said above: this is just a game).
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