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  1. I'm shocked the thread has run this far. I've stayed away from the forums for years as I'm tired of getting pissed off. Once they've made up their mind it's done over outta here. No further impute necessary and certainly never appreciated.
  2. I had the pleasure of going out with Oregone and Laurencat one day. When we got to each cache he spent a long time writing in the logbook. Do you remember logbooks? Good guy.
  3. I submitted a cache yesterday and got the email that the cache had been submitted but when it was approved I didn't get the emails. We also haven't gotten any pocket queries and it's been way overdue. Must be an issue, hopefully they get it fixed since without any queries we'll be doing something else today I fear.
  4. I haven't deleted anyones finds so far. So we should take something seriously that doesn't have a rulebook?
  5. We had hoped to go caching this morning but the queries we sent yesterday and the ones we sent for this morning still have not appeared. They were brand new ones which usually are very fast. Something is off. Sucks.
  6. And look who the first finder was, in the middle of the night.... Blazer himself
  7. My georesoultion is to not put geo in front of any word other than cache.
  8. The best cache I ever did was off Maui a few years back. It was hidden in a sunken outrigger canoe. It lasted a couple of years before storms covered it up. Here in the NW there are severe tides and severe condidtions. Our lakes can drop 100 feet in level in just a few warm months. Our rivers will wash away almost everything in site. I know of several cachers that dive. I may hide one this next summer in a river but I suspect no one will hit it.
  9. Easy Gps worked great for years but today for some reason it stopped working all together. Instead of sending files it's actually trying to receive files from my gps. Didn't change a thing but now it's worthless.
  10. I gave up on TB's a long time ago. Mine went missing. I didn't mind when the "ex wife" went missing, that was the object but all too often it's a new cacher and they just forget about it.
  11. FYI I'm going to resubmit this cache in the near future. It's been archived a long time but I plan to change it around and get it going again. The wasps are long gone. Every time you opened my gate they'd come buzzing out so we've made sure they aren't welcomed any longer.
  12. Still there but it's heavy unless you want to cut off the legs to haul it off.
  13. They'd regret it. Well the next paintball game is scheduled too soon to try to turn it into a gc.com event. I had thought about hiding a "cache" of paintballs on the field somewhere and of course locating it by gps coordinates. Each team would have a gps or cacher with a gps and maybe that'd be a good way to add a little spice to a paintball event and of course add a little spice to a caching event. Still too late, maybe in the spring we can figure something out.
  14. It would be if we had real guns Real guns? Hey this paintball thing isn't like hunting deer or something cause the deer don't shoot back. usually
  15. Honestly I figured with a titles like "Let's Shoot LazyBoy" it could end up being the highest attended event ever.
  16. Good idea. Add an element. Well part of it would be using a gps to find the paintball portion but I suppose I could come up with more than that. Any suggestins?
  17. Well a pizza party is a eating thing more than geocaching so I'm not sure why those get approved. It'd be paintball of course but you couldn't find the paint party without a gps. I wonder if this will be approved or not. I'd hate to spend the time to put it together just to find out I didn't cross a t or something.
  18. I just browsed the guidelines (almost a first?) and didn't see anything that might prohibit an event cache that involved playing paintball. There are a few cachers in our area that play paintball and much like a pizza event this could be a way to attract new cachers. Any opinions? I'd be in the red shirt with a bullseye on it.
  19. I always enjoyed his logs and I enjoyed the time he crashed here for a night. But his logs went from hysterical to sad after awhile. I hope he's doing great.
  20. The cache has zero finds so far but 14 people with a watch on it.
  21. No one is going to haul it off. It weighs a lot as I stuck lots of cement around the base. It'd probably be easier to cut off the legs and leave the cement behind. If you want it then it's yours
  22. It was an automated cache machine at a local general store. You'd stick your debit card in and a container with your money would drop. It usually failed so the store owner got something more modern, like from the 90's. I have it outside on my driveway and it served as a cache container for a year or two but I'm no longer going to be a cache owner so I just got rid of all my caches. The cache is archived but this particular container isn't easy to remove
  23. N 42° 34.664 W 122° 41.778 Of course we'd appreciate a note if anyone was going to go grab it as that way we'd put the dogs away so they don't freak on ya. It's heavy, maybe as much as 400 pounds.
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