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  1. Yep, you're supposed to use the one called "Spokane Cache Machine 2," not the one called "Spokane Cache Machine 2." (they have the same name). There are 117 caches on MtnGoat50's list, 111 on the first list. But as it's been pointed out, apparently neither of the bookmark lists match up with the driving directions (unless I'm totally screwed up or missing something, which is entirely possible!).
  2. Great, thanks! One more thing...on line 222 of the document, it lists GCC723 (SpiritOfNatureManitoPark) which has been unavailable for several weeks (the cache page indicates it went missing ages ago). I bet you'll be glad when this weekend is over! :-)
  3. Sure thing! Here are the ones that I think don't match up. Bookmarked but not on the map: GC11RRY Centennial Trail pt3 GCG4J7 Falling for Mirabeau GC11RRV Get a STAR on your Quiz... GCQGCA Montgomery Micro GC11RRX Random rise in terrain GCQ1JX Riverside State Park Pillar Cache #2 GCE4BB The 1974 Exposition Attraction GC11RT0 The Big M GCQ1JZ The Black Can. GCJ0ZV University District In the driving directions but not on the bookmark list: GCTNKY A Friendly Cache Micro GCXXKK Airway Heights Micro GCZX34 Confuse-a-Cache Regular GCMD96 Down by Duncan Gardens GCNHTH I Think I Can, Again GC10D7A Woodruff (It turns out that there are two bookmark lists with identical names and I was using the first one, so ignore the "crossed-out" ones.) Also, on line 225 of the document, it directs us to parking coordinates for a cache that has been removed from the route...
  4. Has anything changed on the route map since April 4? It appears as if this final document is exactly the same as the one that's been there for the last few weeks. As far as I can tell, it's identical except for the title. Since it's about 27 pages, I don't want to print it again if nothing has changed (I already fell for that trick once!) Edited to add: I just ran a PQ on the bookmark list, and I think there are still about 15 caches that are on the bookmark list that are not in the "final" driving directions/map document. There are also about 10 caches that are in the driving directions but are not in the bookmark list.
  5. Once again, the dates on the page changed but at least one of the files (the route map...the most important one, I think) hasn't actually changed. It's the exact same outdated file (missing 30+ of the caches on the bookmark list) that's been there for nearly a month. So I'm sure not going to waste any more time trying to format it into something useful...I'll wait until it's actually updated instead of just marked as updated.
  6. GeekGirl

    My coin idea

    I'm guessing he means, "Fun Nevertheless" or "Fun Neverending" ??
  7. I can't actually answer your question, but I did find that there is a bookmark list for the night caches. It's called Crazy Night Cachers List and you'll see it if you go to the cache page for any of those on the night route. It's on the event page, too...you'll find it by clicking on the "more..." link below the other bookmark lists. I have another question... The Doc file containing driving directions hasn't changed. It's still the same one that was posted weeks ago, but now the "Last Updated" column says it was updated on April 22. So my question is, was there supposed to be a new document posted (different than the one from April 4 that's still there), or is it supposed to be the same one (and the date was just changed for no reason)? It appears that there are about 10 caches on the driving directions document that aren't in the current bookmark list, and about 30 caches in the bookmark list that are not anywhere in the driving directions.
  8. We use the USB cable that came with it (the one that connects the XL to our PC) and a USB-to-cig. lighter adapter. The adapter was about $7. Here's an example of one: USB Lighter Adapter
  9. Longacres was a racetrack... the ponies ran there from 1933-1992. According to this article, "Only the tall poplars trees that once edged the racetrack remain to mark the former location of Longacres." So it doesn't sound like what Fuzzywhip saw is related. Still a mystery, I guess, for now! http://www.historylink.org/essays/output.cfm?file_id=7349
  10. It looks like I'll be needing a partner too. I'd be happy to team up with you. Are you sure you want to wait until 6:00 am to start though? We've got room for a couple more, so if you guys want to hop in with us you're more than welcome! I'm a lousy navigator, so it would be nice to have somebody else riding shotgun.
  11. You could have another kid or two and still all ride together on this one! edited to say: Hmmm...it figures, their website (www.conferencebike.com) seems to be down now. The picture was of a bike that has 7 seats, and the riders sit in a circle.
  12. I just checked at Hotels.com, and indeed the North location is $13 more. But for those of you saving up points in the "ChoiceHotels" program, you might want to know that the Valley location is no longer a Choice Hotel (I just talked to one of the Choice reps on the phone, who couldn't book me there because of that). I booked the Super 8 since it was the cheapest of the three (I'm just taking it on faith that it's decent...I don't have personal experience with any of them).
  13. So you all haven't figured out a way to keep this amongst your small group instead of a public forum? JUST KIDDING! I had to pop over here to use Recdiver's own words to needle him (okay, I technically I didn't HAVE to...but hopefully you'll find it funny, Rec)
  14. I realize I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but since I don't always express myself in words like I would like to, it sometimes takes me several tries. I promise this will be my last post on the subject. I think it's open to the public because most of the planning surrounds attending "The 2nd Annual Anchorage Holiday GeoFest '06" which is a publicly posted event. Any geocacher is welcome to go to Alaska and attend, and as it's been posted, everyone is welcome to join in on the pre- and post-event caching. By providing the details here, anyone who is interested in attending the event or other related caches has the information is able to join in if they choose. The only "exclusive" component of this discussion is the transportation, kind of like when others discuss giving one another rides to events. I don't get mad when someone offers some geocachers rides but not me (I realize that analogy might be considered a bit of a stretch, but it's really not much different. It would simply not be cost effective or convenient for some people to have to transport me from way down here just because I wanted to go and didn't want to provide my own transportation). I absolutely have no problem with anyone who disagrees with me on this. I do, however, have a problem when I am accused of being superior or attacking or owning the forum just because I have a differing opinion.
  15. It's not. But as far as I can tell, one geocacher thinks that only small groups that he's involved in or interested in are allowed to post information to a public forum. And what I gather from his response to my post, he's the only one allowed to express an opinion. Anyone else posting an opinion different from his is accused of owning the forum. Or maybe it's just me. Anyways...back to the main topic...I can't wait to see how this trip unfolds! edited to add: Sorry, Recdiver, that you considered this a personal attack...that's not how I meant it, really! I was just making the observation that there seemed to be a double standard. No attack intended...I was just stating an opinion, like you did. That doesn't make me feel, as you say, superior. It just makes me equal.
  16. It's not here because we haven't figured out a way (duh), it's because it's the most convenient way for those of us who are interested in the topic to keep in touch. This is not a new concept in the forums, as you know, since you participated in the recent WSGA Elections and Hike of the Month topics without complaint. By your logic, the hike-of-the-month pictures should have only been sent to the participants and the WSGA topic shouldn't be here at all since not everyone are WSGA members (and presumably they know who their members are). Many of the topics relate to only a small subset of the general population, but I am glad they are here so the rest of us can enjoy the pictures, stories, etc.
  17. Wow! This is the first I'm hearing of this (I've been out of town for several days, away from our phone and my email account), so I'm so glad it was posted here in the forums. I just popped online to see what was going on these days (I always find it interesting to see what caching trips people have planned, even when they don't involve me...just nosy, I guess!) and here this was. CENT5, I'll email you when I get home later tonight or tomorrow!
  18. Perhaps it was not a crossbow, but actually a compound bow. Compound bows are much more complicated (and scary!) looking than the oversimplified picture they have on a different page at that website. In any case, I'm glad your story had a happy ending, Hydnsek!
  19. There are 6 caches that CowboyMaps.com placed in horse camps. They are: GCY082, GCY07M, GCY0HC, GCXYGR, GCXVDR and GCXVDD.
  20. I helped this one meet its original goal: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=558. It's been traveling since Dec. 2001 and has logged 60,471 miles so far.
  21. In Antigua we went to Devil's Bridge No 2, which was well worth the trip across the island (my log is at http://tinyurl.com/lw2bh). We also really enjoyed the Fort Berkley cache that day (my husband's log is at http://tinyurl.com/mbczk). In St. Thomas we didn't cache since we went on the "BOB" excursion. What a blast! It was like riding a motorcycle underwater. Here's some info on that: http://www.bobunderwateradventure.com/ Have a great trip!
  22. Sounds great! I'm glad we're not meeting too early...I'm not a morning person. :-) It'll be just me...Reino has other obligations this Wednesday.
  23. Sounds like fun! If you go on Wednesday, I'd definitely be interested! I have a feeling Reino would want in, too, but he's at work right now so I can't ask him.
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