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Geocaching On Countryfile

Simply Paul
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Oh B***** - I thought it started at 12.30. Now I'll have to wait for it on the big screen! Wouldn't mind so much but I set the recorder up last week when I was away, but today I was home!

Isn't this forum and the geocachers on it brilliant - I moan at my failure to watch and within a few minutes have two offers of copies and can watch an video file. Many thanks to all three of you and congratulations to Paul for a good job, well done! :lostsignal:

Now I'd better get out and find all the caches on my list before the ground gets too muddy with all the new geocachers rushing to find them! :rolleyes:

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The time was 4min 19 seconds.

The nearest was.....

Dave.  Mancunian Pyrocacher. with 4min 13secs  :D

I make it 3 min, 47 seconds and 12 frames (well, Adobe Premiere does). Thats including John Craven and a little bit of run on where I didn't stop it in time :D

Yep, as posted earlier, that's pretty much what we make it - 3:48 with John Craven, 3:30 without.


I feel it's time for a speech from the celebrity himself.....


What did you think of it SP?...or are you glad it's all over? :D

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So will it be cuts to make it look like it only takes a few seconds to find or are they going to speed it up like Benny Hill?  (Mental image of SP scuttling around on fast forward?)

Great prediction there from kbootb! I definitely saw some scuttling... :D


We got home to watch the video this afternoon - and instantly recognised the cache we'd done only yesterday (Dell Boy) - some of these caches are going to get very famous now they've been on telly!

Nice one SP! :D

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Don't have a video at the moment.....in between selling/buying a new gaff....got the mother in law to tape last flippin week.....forgot this week...doh!...thanks to the Cryptic Souls Crew, me gets to see it!!


Well done Paul, a good, all round representation of our hobby, maybe John Craven will take it up?

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I've just had my first query from someone at work who saw Simply Paul's famous telly spot and then saw some 'Stu + Sarah' caches in the listing near his postcode. He put 2 and 2 together having seen me with my GPS.


Looks like a possible new recruit... and he's got scuba gear too... 5/5, anyone? :lostsignal:





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I just want to congratulate Paul on a great article that has got me into Geocaching. I have had a GPS for years and had vaguely heard of Geocaching but never realised exactly what it was until yesterday.


Today I have found two caches, couldn't find a third, and had some nice walks in the process, thanks :lol:

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I'm sorry, Paul is much too show-biz to post to these forums himself now so I, his tour manager, am typing this on his behalf. No flash photography please.


He'd like to thank everyone for their kind words. LordElph* 'just for being there' and The Cryptik Soul Crew for all their online video work. Late happy birthday to Michael's little girl too. Third-degree-witch, the cache under the canal was Cattle Creep, Paul now admits to scuttling and he'd like to know what Michaela said as he missed that bit!


He's also had a few emails from newbies (welcome newbies!) and an old mate he'd lost touch with, so that's nice. It seems most people think it was a fair introduction to the art of Geocaching and while a lot of what Paul recorded was cut out (obviously!) he was pleased with the end result too.


Oh I can't keep the pretence up - It *is* me!


Apologies to anyone effected by a spoiler (naming no names so as to not draw attention to his, her or their caches) but I was careful never to show the genuine final hiding place of a cache, or to name a cache I was doing. If anything, if someone realises they're doing one I filmed, it'll add an extra thrill (even if it is made easier in the process) surely? :lol:


For anyone who'd like it, I have a 4-and-a-bit minute video of my ALL ROUND TO MY PLACE cache event (it lived up to its name! 18 of us squeezed into my lounge) It's a 14.1Mb .wmv file and I'll email you it if you ask me nicely via a mail to simplypaulgc@aol.com.






*Profits of Simply Paul merchandise to the Tsunami Appeal please, if it's ok to say that here... :(

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Thanks to CSC have now seen the correct video not that one about some daft bloke, with long hair, talking about paint and colours or was that the correct video :lol::(


Really nice piece of work SP, even recognised a couple of the caches :D:(


Have to download the "All Round Your Place" video just for a laugh.





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Well thanks to Paul and the countryfile programme here i am... :laughing:


Having travelled for ten years only using a gps recently to find my way back to my thai jungle retreat after too many beers, a whole new world has opened up.


I saw the programme, logged on and got so excited i clicked purchase on a brand new top spec colour garmin (only to find out my Geko 101 will do just fine) Still, you can't beat getting a new toy...


So i have been down Tesco, bought a load of Tupperware and started filling them with pencils, old Iraqi money, plectrums from famous bands, gem stones, kinder toys etc etc...


Then i read the rules :laughing: there's alot arn't there... i had these grand ideas of taking caches on my occational trips.. (i have not long been in Sudan and hope to be in Jordan soon) but the rules say i have to maintain my caches...


Are the rules written by Americans in fear of litigious land owners? Or are they gospel the world over and anyone who bends them, and for instance buys geostash.org with the intention of going it alone, is banned, stoned and given his own man sized cache container, stuffed in it and tucked away in the forest of dean where geocachers can occationally pop by to give it a kick?


Are there any underground geocach sites that live on the edge...?


That said... i can't wait to put my first out there... even if it will be only me that checks it out once in a while :unsure:


P.S. Hi everyone that has been doing this forever and can teach a newbie like me the ropes.



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Hi there.


Another Newbie here.


I have to admit that I had never heard of Goecaching before. I dont really ever watch Countryfile either.


But I just happened to turn on the TV on Sunday and caught Pauls Video Diary, which is why I am here :laughing:


This looks to me like the sort of activity that I would love to get involved in. All I need to do now is to go and get myself a GPS unit, then try and work out what to do. Its a bit confusing at the minute, but I'm sure that I will get the hang of it.


Has anybody got any hints/tips for a first timer, and can anybody recomend a suitable gps unit for a novice.





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