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  1. Clearing out the garden and found three "normal" size ammo cans behind the shed!!! They must have been there for at least six years and were for caches I had planned but failed on permission issues. One of them is full of 35mm "photo pots" so not sure what I was planning for that one. THESE ARE NOT NEW AND SHOW SIGNS OF EXTERNAL PAINT FLAKING AND A BIT OF RUST. INTERNALLY THEY ARE FINE. I am in Bedford but travel to Liverpool (Runcorn) every week so maybe able to deliver otherwise collection only. Offers by e-mail only will close this on 08/06/2015. Nick
  2. Having a clear out in the garden and found three ammo cans. They are the large size ones and were for planned caches which failed for permission issues. Forgot all about them!! They need a bit of a clean up and a coat of paint but if you want them for a fiver each e-mail. May be able to deliver as drive Bedford to Liverpool weekly if you are along the M1and M6.
  3. Any offers on a boxed Garmin Vista HCx, it has been taken out of box and put straight back as they found it to complicated to use!!! It is complete with the manual and anything else it came with. They are not a cacher and wanted to use it for "plotting walking routes" but didn't realise that you have to buy additional maps for it. I'll leave this open for two weeks and then it will go on flea bay. E-mail me if you are interested, unit is in Manchester and I travel up and down weekly from Bedford so could deliver if you are on the M1/M6/M62 "route".
  4. If you just want to rack up 100's of caches go to Peterborough. Multiple "loop" walks and well maintained caches. Nick
  5. Thanks for all the good wishes!!!! Nice to see old names/tags that I remember, the radiotherapy I had did wipe out some of my memory, well that's the excuse I use to the wife Yes Mr Pharisee (John) Mrs BC has never cached again since the "fumble in the bushes" near St. Mary's :lol: There are some new cache series a bit North of and I managed a few hours (21 caches), all were good and no "soggy" ones. Regards to all again and I'll try and get to an event soon, I'm back at work full time and driving over must of the UK, but not much further North than Carlisle. Nick
  6. I'm a caching "dinosaur" as I was forced to slow/stop due to a good old dose of Leukiamia (ALL). With two years of chemo'/radiotherapy behind me in remission and have been keeping my "hand-in" but still have to be careful. I ONLY do drive-byes as I cannot walk too far, but was amazed at the EXPLOSION of caches across the UK, (Can't walk far but driving is no issue!!) Getting local caches with GSAK, I plot then on Fugawi (said I was a dinosaur) then pick the likely "road side caches" and try a few. Today I plotted 10 that I could do but gave up after looking at logs "at GZ" for 6 (six) all had multiple DNFs??? I'm now filtering out all caches that are not above GC35??? as I cannot be bothered looking for a "soggy" 35mm/Bison Tube that hasn't been found for a 6 months. IS THIS NORMAL??? (Multiple "unmaintained" caches as I travel across the whole UK and it is very common) Been away for far too long but there must be 1000's of caches which are not maintained/gone which a "dinosaur" like me would still go after!!! Some of the "older" cacher will know me but glad to be back chasing the needle, not in my arm/spine/hip thank-you, for a change. Regards to all Nick (Beds Clangers)
  7. 30, Honest or was that my inside leg measurement
  8. There is a EAC (East Anglia Cachers) group forum on facebook!!! You will be able to greet/meet the locals cachers in the area. I'm a bit far West (Bedford) to help. Cheers Nick
  9. Laugh!!! Remember doing one of your caches where I tried to jump a 2m ditch!!! Obvious result at my (our) age went home VERY muddy to the missus who just laughed and said something about stupid men!!! Glad you saved the 60CsX, but I have one for sale if it had floated away!!!! Cheers Nick
  10. Few years ago, found a tin of baby carrots in a cache. But that was when you could but a something in a cache!!! Nick
  11. Just like the OP, I have also been bitten by a dog while out caching!!! Bitten on the arm, VERY painful and took a while to fully heal. I reported it to the police, dog was destroyed (it had bitten before) and the dog owner paid me £250 for the ripped fleece/waterproofs. I'm not a dog owner but as the previous posts I don't blame the dog just the OWNER!! Comment by the owner of "he has never done that before" don't help I'm very cautious of all dogs but did not resort to "dog threat/alarm". I just stand very still with my arms by my side and look skyward if a dog "bounds" towards me and HOPE the owner is near by!! Nick
  12. John, Must be a new "micro" in a dog poo bag series, but not in an ivy covered tree, but not in a supermarket car park and but not a magnetic nano cache Seen it myself, arrive at GZ, then search everything within 100" (sorry 30m) to find NOTHING!!! I have a BB Storm, 60Csx and a Colorado 300, they are all within about 10' (3m) of each other. I'm going to set a nice "Micro Revenge Cache" soon, so you might enjoy this one Cheers Nick
  13. Hi Brie11973, Welcome to the maddness They are quite a few of us around the Bedford area, I'm close to Shefford!!! Drop me an e-mail if you need any help/advice as more than glad to help. Regards Nick (Beds Clangers)
  14. My Finds PQ was also "up the creek", it has also been 14677 days since my first find, BUT I haven't found any caches Cache find total is 0 (zero), think I'll give this up 40 years without a find Nick
  15. Logged Thanks Norsch, I still cannot access the "UK" site without security warnings. Cheers Nick
  16. Hi All, Grabbed what I thought was a normal TB but appears it is "owned" by a site called GeoKrety.org?? Site appears to be "non-English", Polish I think, is this a breakaway "caching" site from GC.COM?? There appears to be an English site but it it blocked by my "security settings" so do not want to go there (the site that is). Anybody else come across this site and its "TBs" before, I'll just stick the TB in a cache tomorrow and forget the tracking otherwise! Cheers Nick Site is GeoKrety.org
  17. Steve, Don't think it is working "MY FINDS PQ", have tried most of the day to run without any luck. Perhaps we have to pay for this feature?? Not sure of anything on GC.COM these days!!! Cheers Nick
  18. What a year that was!!! First time I have made this public but a year later I got another "claim". Thanks to Peter (Lacto') the "dim wit" who tried it on, got a short answer which ended with OFF!!! We do get some strange ones!!!! Still have no insurance, have active caches, still married and she still thinks I'm round the twist!!!! It's only a game OR to quote another cacher "just a hunt for a tubberware box" Cheers Nick
  19. Had the same problem for no reason a few weeks ago!!!! Deleted all overlays/routes but same issue. Mapsource support were "chocolate teapot" so re-installed Mapsource and all OK now? Using Version 5.3.2 Build 1009. Regards Nick (Beds Clangers)
  20. You'll only make the 'old hands' happy if these things are waterproof. It's not micro-caches per se that p**s me off, it's trying to sign soggy micro cache log sheets As John, hope they make a good "plop" sound when I stamp on them WHY?, you can hide a SMALL cache without too many problems, but you have to think about the cache location!!! Nick
  21. I'm on my third C300 in nine months!!! Yes have had the "freeze" on boot-up problem many times, take the batteries out and try again. Turning OFF the track log seems to help. If you use Garmin TOPO keep the map size loaded "small" (under 50M) or be prepared for a LONG WAIT!!! I assume that every cache loaded, via a GPX, is a waypoint?? Nick
  22. Isnt that for the oregon, mine always maxed out at about 200 There's a distinction between caches and GPX files. A GPX file downloaded from a cache page contains one cache, from a PQ it can have up to 500, and if GSAK is making the file it could have thousands. I don't know what the formal limit is on the number of caches, but I've noticed that with more than about 2000 caches total in all the GPX files together on the Colorado, bad things happen. sTreamTraen is correct about the 2000 limit in a GPX file, very strange things happen!!! Quite often I have multiple GPX files which I import into a single GSAK "database" and then create one "large" GPX file and download it to the C300. I tried to find a cache in S Wales today, cache in small wood on a hill in open country side, so "obvious" location. Working very close to the cache but the C300 was pointing away from the obvious cache location. C300 was showing I was 150m away which put me in the middle of a field. Got my 60Csx out, which I usually use for navigation, because the 300C will not output NMEA/USB data. Plugged the co-ords into the 60CSx and found the cache in a few minutes but 300C was still showing I was 150m from GZ. Deleted the "large" GPX file from the C300 and loaded just the local GPX file (500 caches only) back in my van. C300 then "pointed" straight towards the cache, I walked towards the cache and would have found without issue. Cache I was trying to find was called "Out of Africa" for you S Wales cachers.
  23. As I sent this post I got a "Large" error message!!! Just wanted to know, how do you centre Memory Map on a given location, i.e. a cache, say GC1ZZZZ Running MM on a laptop and use to Fugawi, so slightly confused by the "overlay" theory. Regards Nick (Beds Clangers)
  24. I'm on my third 300C and now call it my caching doorstop!!! Caching on Friday with somebody with an Oregon, they were walking straight towards the cache locations while I did the "crazy bee dance". Did notice under trees GPSr was good much the same as the 60Csx I still carry. BUT, as for follow the arrow, no chance, watch the Distance to location count down. Have changed units (300Cs) with Garmin for same reason as OP, but calibration of the compass, every time I turned it on, was my main gripe. As you approach GZ have always stopped about 30m away as I have always found an accuracy "lag" with my GPS's. You carry on walking and cache is 20m behind you. Having the cache page to hand is great, straight D/L of GPX files great (provided they are not too large) and Garmin TOPO? expensive and not brilliant. No output of NMEA/Garmin data via USB is a real pain, the 60Csx did it, but plug a USB lead into a 300C it becomes a "hard drive" or door stop. Nick (Beds Clangers)
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