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  1. Hi. I am still to purchase a gps unit, I am struggling to make up my mind between a Mapping one or not. Being new to this game. I have been considering a Garmin Emap though, they seem to me to have a lot of functions and advantages over the legend and with reasonable 2nd hand prices it seems like you get a lot for your money. My questions are; Does anybody else use this gps? (I havnt heard it mentioned in any posts before) Is it suitable? Why is it now discontinued? This is what puts me off more than anything. Sorry this post is is a bit off-topic. just after some advice. Thanks. Marty
  2. Hi there. I am about to embark into the world of Geocashing this weekend; there are a few local to me. One surprisingly, is less than a mile from my house. (Coventry) Looking at the descriptions of the local ones, I am fairly confident that I should be in with a reasonable chance of finding them without the help of a GPSr. I haven’t decided yet which GPS to purchase, so until I do, I will have to use my intuition, and superb map reading skills. (Yeah I wish) So if anyone else is in the area cashing this weekend and comes across someone running around like a headless chicken, rooting about in bushes, trees and muttering to himself, whilst still trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Don’t be scared, I am quite normal really. Say hello, feel sorry for me, and adopt me. Please.
  3. Hi there. Another Newbie here. I have to admit that I had never heard of Goecaching before. I dont really ever watch Countryfile either. But I just happened to turn on the TV on Sunday and caught Pauls Video Diary, which is why I am here This looks to me like the sort of activity that I would love to get involved in. All I need to do now is to go and get myself a GPS unit, then try and work out what to do. Its a bit confusing at the minute, but I'm sure that I will get the hang of it. Has anybody got any hints/tips for a first timer, and can anybody recomend a suitable gps unit for a novice. Thanks Marty.
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