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  1. sweet - thanks Clyde - I was going to download the new version (still a v6 user) last night and couldn't get in :-( I'd have thought from that email that they would have fixed the problem by now though. Not a good advert for customer service for the hosting company! thanks for YOUR support though.
  2. I hope the pilot had a breath test. As for the "not sure how the plane is going to be removed from the site" - wouldn't it be a good idea to switch the engines on and point the nose at the other end of the runway?
  3. Happy Birthday from way over here....Just wondering if the time zone is enough to sneak it in on your birthday still.....perhaps the headache might confuse the maths this morning?
  4. I was really impressed with all the coins I ordered. They were given out at our Christmas meet last night and made everyone who didn't order one very jealous. Congrats to the unique "customs avoidance device"
  5. The photos from my travelbug camera () have been uploaded to flickr and are available on my geocaching set. If you recognise yourself or a photo please add your geocaching name as a tag to the photo. The travelbug page is http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=56309here
  6. if you export your caches from gsak to a streets and trips file and then import them into autoroute, plot a journey and use the nearby features option you should get a list of caches along your route. See my rough flash demo for an example of doing the latter (a very quickly put together tutorial)
  7. there was a routine posted somewhere that enabled you to have different pushpins per type of cache. It needed several filters in gsak and automatically exported the data and imported them into autoroute. Can't remember where I got it from and unfortunately it stopped working for me but the output was excellent. Search for pushpins.exe You might also not be aware that if you plan a route in autoroute (or at least street and trips which I think is the us version of autoroute) you can then use the find nearby places function to show you caches along the route. I've been using autoroute for several years and only recently discovered this function.
  8. archived caches don't appear in pq's. If you run your queries weekly then create a filter to show you caches that haven't been updated in the last 2 weeks (for safety's sake) AND that are not archived. These caches are ones that are likely to have been archived. Then just show these in the bottom half of the screen,click on the link in the browser to see if the cache has been archived, if so, then press f3 to toggle archived status, the cache "disappears" from the filtered view and repeat for the rest of the caches
  9. It would also shorten the message if they used the Geocaching.com=http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=%code format
  10. Actually I did think about that However, as this was supposed to a "temporary" measure I dismissed the idea. I still don't understand why they are doing this as now that more than a full week has passed all the "dead" PQs should have been weeded out. However, you can automate the setting of PQs back on in a GSAK macro with the use of the WEB command. If gsak read the text of the email it might be possible to grab the url needed. A real clunky way to do it without the body of the email would be to do a case select statement for each pocket query (but I'd have to watch the days it needs running) but as far as I can tell the macro doesn't reference the pocket query name anywhere? in pseudo code i'd do case select pq name=ohio1 WEB webaddress&day=1 WEB webaddress&day=2 WEB webaddress&day=3 name=ohio2 WEB webaddress2&day=2 WEB webaddress2&day=3 end case alternatively I could just do the following EVERY time i do an import... WEB url1 WEB url2 WEB url3 WEB url4 until I have done 22 web requests (although for some people this would be 35 (5 queries*7 days a week)
  11. thanks for the new update Clyde - I like the stats option back in the mail import routine. I was hoping that the new mail import routine would also automagically click the link through to gc.com to turn on the pocketquery for next week :-)
  12. Congrats from me too but driving up to all the trigpoints on the motorbike is cheating :-)
  13. I've done that too - and its the only tb i have out there that is still being logged - the others have gone missing.
  14. You're not British then? Sorry, but to choose an American dictionary to define a word that many British people find offensive... or understand to have different connotations, is really just an exercise in explaining why you don't understand. Actually 100% british - dictionary.co.uk doesn't really work very well. That dictionary was chosen because it is the default included dictionary in the toolbar of the browser and I'm just trying to point out why some people wouldn't find it offensive. Besides, as you said the crux of the matter is the terrain rating.
  15. I don't see deego in any of those and I had a bunny on my head as it was the tb that I placed or picked up from the cache. (simple answer really) nice sun flare on mine - actually *most* of the photos look like they were taken in bright sunshine.
  16. From Dictionary.com, the definition of handicap means " A physical or mental disability." which I think sums it up really which is why I think a lot of people don't find the word offensive. However in this politically correct day and age, a lot of people get offended by almost any word...... Having said all that, would a good start be to publish a list somewhere - on a wiki perhaps - of all terrain level 1 caches which could then be rated by the cachers around the uk (and globally) as to whether they are disability challenged...but then do you go for the wheelchair user, the crutch user, the person who gets severely out of breath going up an incline........things aren't as simple as making a cache "accessible".
  17. theres also my location file for gsak which means you don't have your db cluttered with extra "caches". See http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...0entry1245109 Not sure whether it has the m6 tolls on it or not though. If not and you can provide the file in the same format then I'll update my page.
  18. shame that the locationless tb's are going away otherwise we could hope the book is made into a film and then claim another smiley.
  19. almost as funny as the blog posts I get from kids (and grownups) who think I am Jamie Oliver - of course Andy sounds a lot like Jamie..... http://www.absoblogginlutely.net/mtblogarchive/001491.php
  20. i think you can move it .1 mile at a time. So you could temporarily archive the cache, move it .1 mile. Wait a bit and then move it again a bit more. Could be wrong but i think thats how arrks moved one of theirs.
  21. See http://deego.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3#3 for his adoring fanmail :-)
  22. Has someone kidnapped arrks or something? Can't believe they are that low down in the table (no disrespect intended for those below arrks) Incidentally Deego, clicking on the user only has the position stats included up till last year.
  23. well as the first blogger i can say that it does add to the traffic to your website! I must admit I did wonder what the point is as its not something you can "go to" but *I* do have a location for my home. My worry is that it will end up with a huge list of personal homepages and probably links to porn/spam sites.
  24. to make it simple - i logged a visit for blazers blog - it ended up as a visit for a mcdonalds somewhere. I archived this log and tried again. This time it wanted to log for a coyote bar - not the blog. Refreshing the blazer waypoint log and it finally gave me the option to log it for the right place.
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