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  1. Many thanks to Forest-Ghost for the invite, and I will follow developments with interest. However, I think I have little to offer. It is just over 10 years since I last developed a Wherigo (for a 10 year anniversary event!), and although I'm hoping to do another at some point my knowledge is so rusty I will probably have to re-learn everything I once knew. My background is in IT, but I'm a "mainframe dinosaur", and so I cannot offer much in the way of relevant coding skills - unless you decide to rewrite in COBOL?! Good luck with the project, Baz.
  2. Could it be listed on another site..? Where did you find it? Was it on the beach, for example? One of my caches was found washed up on the Isle of Canna - I placed it on Mull...
  3. I have received a spam email addressed to milvus-milvus - a name I use only here on geocaching.com. How did they get my geocaching userID and email address? Has the website been hacked?
  4. I was lucky enough to get one. But I believe they should be shared, so I sent it on it's way - currently in Tenerife.
  5. The pinned Resources link above is now out of date. Could it be updated to point to the new home at: http://www.followthearrow.gagb.co.uk/default.shtml
  6. Wow! We have a series of caches already in place to help promote tourism on our little island, and so when I heard about Geotours I thought that would be a great way of tying them together and giving folks more of an overall "goal". But at that sort of cost it just isn't going to happen! I guess we'll just carry on doing our own thing. Very disappointed.
  7. As they apparently exclaim in internet forums: "Holy thread resurrection, Batman!" I am a mere newbie compared to you and the original participants above. But my Yellow Etrex has served me well for over 11 years, and is still in use, as you can just about see from this photo taken yesterday at Peddler's Pool on Mull.
  8. Greetings Roy! I can't beat the TB miles - but just thought I'd say "Hi" as one of the old-schoolers. Now caching on the Isle of Mull...
  9. We found this push-me-pull-you at Teach's Hole by JollyJax: (a few years ago now - hope it's not too old...)
  10. Thanks for a very different and interesting theme!
  11. I'll have another go: The lake to the south of Appeldal is man made - it was dammed to supply water to the village. It was used for bombing practice during the war. The cache is hidden high on the southern side offering fine views over the dam. Photo taken during bombing practice: Real cache: Derwent Dam Fine View
  12. The impressive looking building at Karlaberg is not in fact a castle at all but a rather quaint little pub - where on most nights of the year you can sit and sup your pint of Karlsberg in peace, while admiring the view of the distant Keihann-Karki penninsula. Don't be tempted to venture there in late October however. The locals are rather odd, and at Halloween they indulge in some very strange and unusual rituals: Real cache: GC4ZEVH With a couple of bonus caches: GC4Q1K8 and GC4Q1K7 thrown in for good measure...
  13. And for me too, thanks. I just checked, and it looks like userscripts is back to normal today.
  14. Well, maybe it does! GME was exactly what I was trying to install (on my work PC - I've used it for a long time a home). Thanks for your help, and indeed for your script, and I'll give the other site a try tomorrow... Cheers, Baz.
  15. Trying to install some greasemonkey scripts and I'm getting: This website is under heavy load We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later. Anyone have any more info? Is it always like this, or am I just unlucky? Wondering how long to wait before trying again for fear of further increasing the load...
  16. I got rid of the extraneous "." for you: http://coord.info/GC4Y418
  17. Welcome back Nick - glad you're on the mend. With so many caches you have to pick & choose a bit - "favourite" points (or lack of) can often give a useful pointer.
  18. Have you been trawling through some rather old messages?
  19. But if I was, I would have picked the same photo.
  20. I've been watching the "Northampton, UK Unite for Diabetes" TB (http://coord.info/TB1AT3P) since the promotion started because I live near Northampton. Sadly the TB was never released into the wild. And then suddenly after 6 years there was a "discovered" log! So I tried to contact the logger in the hope that it might have escaped at last - but no reply. I guess it's in someone's personal collection. I think it's a shame that some of these promotional trackables (Jeeps, etc) never see the light of day... []
  21. And that didn't take long really... There were some fun, entertaining, and original photos posted this month - but from the moment it appeared, The Blorenges photo of Ribblehead viaduct was a clear leader for me (and I wonder if that's why there have been so few photos posted since?). Beautiful lighting. Truly crepuscular. Over to you Chris! (By the way, am I the only one to find myself singing Cockney Rebel songs whenever I read Blorenge? "Like a blue orange...") Cheers, Baz.
  22. Judging is currently underway in the milvus household...
  23. 29 caches found on one day? You're not such a newbie any more!
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