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  1. Cheers guys, especially Pharisee for his bravery(or stupidity), maybe I should go for the 76 then, shame as it doesn't look as rugged as the 60, either that or rely on a lanyard. Maybe it'd be lighter with less info on the memory card
  2. Has anyone dropped a 60csx in water at all? I'm toying with either a 60 or 76csx but this is the only issue I'm not sure on, I know the 76 floats but how slowly does the 60 sink and does different battery choice make a difference? I have dropped my etrex vista in a river before but managed to catch it before it got too deep. I will be using partly for marine use but prefer the look and feel of the 60csx, yes I realy am that shallow
  3. Does anyone have experience of the up to date lowrance handheld units? what are they like under tree cover? how quick to get a fix and how well do they keep it? battery life? what gps chipset do the use? All these and many more stupid questions on a web forum near you! As much as I love garmin stuff I have the UK freedom map and nautic path western europe sd cards so may upgrade the old trusty etrex.
  4. I'm trying to get a bit lazier that that, how do I check if a particular variable contains a certain letter? so if the last value of the line contains 'R' the icon value will be 21, if it contains a 'G' it will be 20 and 22 otherwise.
  5. Thanks a lot edgemaster that one works well, just got to do some tweaking now to get the icons right but I'm sure I can manage that bit, I'm still on version 6 Rodz so that will be where the problem lies. Thanks to all for the great effort put in to a non geocaching problem, what great people you are!
  6. Tried the macro Rodz but got an error message relating to the 'addnew' in line 14.
  7. Many thanks to Master Mariner for the files sent and thanks to Rodz for the macro,I'll give that a try.
  8. But I can't get it into MM as the coords are D M.mm and not decimal degrees, they are not lighthouses they are bouy positions for the run in and out of kings lynn in the wash, the bloody things keep moving, if sandbanks were geocaches it wouldn't be allowed and would solve the problem.
  9. Not really geocaching related but something that overlaps for me, I have a list of waypoints in csv format and need to load to MM and they change on a regular basis, being a lazy git I would like to be able to convert into an importable format, any ideas? the list is formatted as: 52°58'.640,0°21'.080,R.MIDDLE,LFL10s 52°56'.000,0°20'.000,SealSand,Q 52°56'.290,0°23'.400,Sunk,Q(9)15s 52°55'.000,0°24'.000,No.2,FL(2)R6s 52°55'.000,0°23'.500,No.3,FL(2)G6s 52°54'.000,0°23'.325,No.4,FLR5s 52°54'.250,0°23'.275,No.5,Q(3)10s 52°53'.632,0°22'.702,BulldogTideBcn,QG 52°53'.035,0°22'.680,No.6,FLR3s 52°52'.995,0°22'.465,No.7,FLG5s 52°52'.282,0°22'.400,No.8,FL(2)R6s 52°52'.077,0°22'.275,No.9,Fl(2)G6s 52°51'.885,0°23'.310,No.10,FLR5s 52°51'.970,0°22'.200,No.11,FLG3s 52°51'.745,0°22'.040,No.12,FL(2)R4s 52°51'.775,0°21'.945,No.13,FLG5s 52°51'.370,0°21'.930,No.14,FLR.3s 52°51'.535,0°21'.850,No.15,QG 52°50'.960,0°21'.750,No.16,FL(3)R10s 52°51'.190,0°21'.700,No.17,VQ(3)G5s 52°50'.680,0°21'.445,"S",FlG2s 52°50'.552,0°21'.560,No.20,Fl(2)R4s 52°50'.445,0°21'.432,No.21,Fl(2)G4s 52°50'.080,0°21'.590,No.22,QR 52°49'.645,0°21'.460,No.23,FLG3s 52°49'.729,0°21'.584,Bcn.Z,FL(4)R10s 52°49'.697,0°21'.131,W.StonesBcn,Q 52°49'.390,0°21'.133,Bcn.A,FLY3s 52°49'.400,0°21'.490,No.24,FLR2s 52°49'.090,0°21'.136,Bcn.B,FLY2s 52°48'.759,0°21'.138,Bcn.C,FL(3)Y10s 52°48'.659,0°21'.157,No.25,FLG4s 52°48'.625,0°21'.284,No.26,FL(2)R6s 52°48'.520,0°21'.184,Bcn.D,YBcn 52°48'.148,0°21'.474,Bcn.E,FlY3s 52°48'.095,0°21'.705,EastStonesBcn,FLR2.5s 52°47'.712,0°21'.873,No.27,FLG3s 52°47'.726,0°21'.960,No.28,FLR3s
  10. If you have MM running while sending the waypoints I think that can cause problems.
  11. userdata.mmo is probably corrupted, delete it and it will be re-written next time you upload waypoints or routes, I sometimes copy the file to somewhere else in case it gets corrupted while out as I've had happen before.
  12. Whats that noise? sounded like a bump.
  13. Does anyone here have any experience of the MM marine charts of the east coast?
  14. I've used both and think memory map wins hands down every time, especially on the pda version.
  15. Just ordered mine, all cachers welcome to abuse it once it's setup.
  16. Usually they just look for a round suction cup mark in the windscreen that shows the use of a sat nav/pda holder, the chances are it's in the glovebox. I'm pretty sure theres no way to 'track' a sat nav unless it's bluetooth and left on.
  17. So how about coords for all these places, it'd be good to see them on a map.
  18. Whats the planned venue Robin? I would suggest the dolphin as I've had boat meets there before and found it quite good,fairly reasonable prices too. We will hopefully make it by river again(but a better boat this time) as long as we get the bloody thing back together. Not been caching in ages.
  19. i haven't the foggiest what you're on about!! Are you teasing me? ........Is this a private joke?? ;-) .....Oh what does it all mean???? Obviously not then, they are cachers that set another excellent puzzle cache based around the enigma machine.
  20. Would it be a 'bony chest & catsuey' cache by any chance?
  21. There shouldn't be any cold turkey issues now, xmas was ages ago! (T.F.F.T.)
  22. Roger Mellie from the viz magazine is good for a laugh and fairly clear too, you do have to take a lot of abuse though.
  23. Just had a quick look at the website, what advantage does an invite give? I thought it was just a case of buying a router.
  24. This sounds like an interesting idea, must look it up.
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