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  1. Thanks for your help guys. Still unresolved though Think I will have to move away from Firefox.
  2. Now have Windows 7 and when running Firefox can't seem to stay logged in! Clicked the box to stay logged in and checked my internet options but every time I move a page it logs me out again Only happens with Firefox and only on the geocaching website. Is anyone else suffering the same way? I know I can change to Google Chrome etc. but want to stay on Firefox. Any help would be great.
  3. Usually get mine in seconds. On the odd occasion it hasn't come through it was my fault for not filling in the request form properly.
  4. My first cache was Estuary View which I found on 13/10/03. My strongest memory was the excitement and anticipation on route to the cache and the feeling of knowing about these hidden boxes (no micros in those days) when muggles had no idea they were there. The cache is still there and long may it last.
  5. Just a quick note to say that Saturday July 11th is earmarked for this years event. I have found a stunning location which is even harder to get to but should be well worth it. More details much nearer the event.
  6. I hooked myself in but Stuey kindly put me right in the early days when newby mistakes needed sorting
  7. Carry yer own camping 09 will occur sometime next summer. Not sure exactly when. Haven't stopped laughing since the last one yet. Anyway we have to have another one so Tim can see what he missed
  8. Don't replace your comfy worn in leaking boots. Just buy some Sealskin socks. Keeps your feet perfectly dry and I don't find them sweaty.
  9. I held this event GC1CNTC last Summer and intend to hold another one next Summer. There is a stipulation that you must camp the night to claim it but it is free. Am I breaking the rules?
  10. Hi G4UYG and welcome to the forums. Regarding hints, do whatever you want. Some hints are no help at all, others will tell you exactly where the cache is. At the end of the day you play this game for yourself and as long as you abide by the rules can do it any way that makes you happy. I often look at the clue before looking for the cache. Other times I will have a good search and then have a look at it if still struggling. There is a greater sense of achievement if you find it without the clue. Good hunting.
  11. Whoops, there is already a post for this by the Molinnis Crew But well done Pete once again
  12. What ever you buy, caching will take it's toll on your clothes with gorse, brambles and the occasional barbed wire fence making there point One item I have found to be really useful is seal skin socks. You can wear your non leather walking boots way past the time they stop becoming waterproof and keep your feet totally dry. Anyone who knows me will confirm that I sweat quite easily but my feet have never been uncomfortable in them and I have found them to be great in places like boggy Dartmoor.
  13. Well done Jim and Jill from us two onwards and upwards
  14. Well done Roxy from us two . Would have liked to have seen you at the event but maybe you don't have a rucksack.
  15. Well done Pete from us two Can't be many left in the West country for you to find now.
  16. Well there was no midges or ticks (yet) but there was some mad cachers (Wadders) Great fun, will have to do it again next year.
  17. Insect repellent is your friend As for ticks - yes I get them several times a year on Dartmoor. Remove them and try not to scratch the mark to much
  18. Thanks for the help Dino-irl. Read the link but could not find the configure button anywhere. Have never had AVG pick up a virus from emails so far so am not too worried.
  19. I double clicked the AVG icon on the task bar. Double clicked the email scanner icon. Unticked the scan incoming messages box and clicked save changes. This means my emails are not being scanned but everything else is. I am using version 8.0.138 as well.
  20. I have experienced evenings on Dartmoor when there has been a beautiful sunset but have had to stay in my tent because of the midges. Other times it has been fine. No idea about the event location. There is a small stream nearby but probably the weather is the main factor. If it is like today should be no problem Someone posted they were on Hay tor today and it was sleeting
  21. A new email has arrived correctly so it seems this was the problem. Flying Boots did you install the recent update?
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