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  1. Thanks for that jri, clicked on "default" and got the map options back.....including "hillshading"! Back to normal now! Gaz.
  2. I have had "Undefined" for a while, but now the maps are back.....a pop up with the latest version ( installed. The only thing is, I haven't got OS maps now, but have others! Here is a screenshot of what I have..... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1631056/Capture94.JPG I am using Windows 7 with Chrome.
  3. If yer on a PC, there is a natty tool called "snipping tool" already there. It's brilliant. My 18 month old laptop running Windows 7 has it, dunno if Vista has it.
  4. Glad you're doing ok now Nick. Didn't you travel a lot with work? Seem to remember you nabbing a few of mine up here in Cumbria!! Gaz.
  5. Pharisee, have you made them all PM since that cache was muggled, or were they all PM before?
  6. I just copy and paste them into Google Earth and save the pin. Still there whenever I open up GE. Edited to say this is just a workaround! Dunno with the GC maps!
  7. Since the security restrictions changed in Chrome, you need to follow these instructions to install GME. Thanks for that JRI, will give it a go!
  8. I had the GME, but now I aint got em! This is what I have....and have not... On any cache page, I click on "view larger map" and then on the map layer for OS, it just has a blank screen. When I am on the list of nearest caches and click "map this location", I get the layers list in the top right hand corner for 1 second then it disappears. No map choice at all. Was gonna just re-install the whole thing, so went to the GME website, clicked on the green "install" button, and a pop up says "Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be added from this website" with an "OK" button next to it.....which, when pressed takes me to a Chrome page describing why.....but that's way above my head! What am I doing wrong? It worked the first time when I originally put it on the laptop! Any help appreciated!
  9. You need to "create new waypoint", then edit it with the final co-ords of the puzzle. Then press "done". I looked up on t'interweb and found it on page 9 of the manual:- http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/eTrex_10-20-30_OM_EN.pdf Hope this helps, Gaz
  10. I heard on Simon Mayo's prog on Radio2 the other evening...can't remember which day...on the "three word (insert day here)" part and someone said "First Geocache Found". Anyone know who it was?
  11. I was half watching it as I had my tea, but missed that bit! Just looked on iPlayer, (about 4 minutes or so in) and heard Emma mentioning it. So.....own up......who are you!
  12. Flipping Nora.....he IS a blast from the past! I remember the debarkle very well!
  13. It helps that I became a cacher in 2002, and the Term Hitchhicker was in use back then Deci As was the term "geomuggle"...when I started waaaaaay back in 2001!
  14. "I bet our owner has given us a bum steer......I say it's only a cache and not a bone in there!"
  15. I saw it too......was gonna post it here but forgot....d'Oh!
  16. I heard the podcast! That's partly why I'm here now! I love the idea of geocaching, altho my first hunt was a disaster. Looking for some more tomorrow, a bit more hopeful and already really excited about placing some of my own, so have been looking up tips and what people like and what not. Also I think a month or two ago someone wrote in to the Kermode and Mayo Film Review about geocaching, something about wanting a signed picture to put in a cache, did anyone hear that one? I didn't really know what GC was at the time, so I may be mis-remembering. Welcome to the hobby/obsession that is Geocaching! Only tip I can give is find plenty before hiding any.....that will give you an idea of what is required....remembering that permission is needed from the landowner where you intend to hide one. Above all, have fun!
  17. That's what I was refering to but didn't get the quote bang on! As a newcomer I'm guessing the "very longstanding brigade" were/are? covert and very undercover where as now I'm guessing people are quite happy to share the activity they are engaged in. Off topic but just to gauge opinion while on the matter, while caching in Weymouth in the summer (if you could call it that) 3 of us were after 'arbour View' GC2FRM9 when we obviously raised suspision a resident came out and asked us if everything was alright, the cache was missing but we didn't know that at he time, So I just came clean and told him what we were doing. I showed him the GPS to prove as much and the chap seemed rather relevied to know the actual reason then said his neighbour had called him to alert him as she lived on her own and after others acting like we did she would be also glad to know the reason. Did I do the right thing? On the 1st point, yeah, earlier on I liked the anonymity of it all.....there were only 57 caches hidden in the WHOLE of the UK when I started way back in 2001! And on the 2nd point....most definitely yes....far better to be upfront and explain, especially if there are locals worried about people looking, well, dodgy....I suppose!
  18. Anyone else hear a bit on geocaching on Simon Mayo's drivetime prog on Radio 2 this evening? Turns out he had a go at the weekend, and loved it!
  19. Excellent idea! Where about's you holidaying?
  20. Ah, I see what you mean. Whilst it doesn't solve the problem, it's not at all a bad idea, given the current shortcomings of Chrome . Thanks for pointing it out! Only if you're a PM.......
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