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  1. Shedloads in Wiltshire,we got over 50 caches in a day,offroading all the way,Jimmy the Jimny Jeep loved it
  2. Im wondering if a careless cyclist has gone blatting through there.
  3. ive just helped set a 5/5 cache underground as it happens
  4. Sarah,Myself and my m8 mark,(thejetchef) are getting into underground caches.Any suggestions for some good ones in the Dorset,Somerset,Devon,Cornwall areas ?.Any suggestions gratefully received
  5. Thanks for your reply. I am using WGS 84 and the date is right. A recent found cache (gc2484r) was published to be found on n 51.08.478 - w 002.43.493. However, when I found it my GPS showed n 51.08.534 - w 002.43.534; roughly a deviation of 120 m. (think, think, think...???) [/quote We found that cache on the 12th of april with no problems,co-ords were bang on.
  6. Clarks Commandos - they were boss. They had animal tracks for treads too.... Clarkes commandos,now theres a blast from the past..you were a nobody at school if u didnt have a pair..i dont remember the compass though.
  7. you say you are a letterboxer on Dartmoor,what were you looking for in the 'walls of Dartmoor Antiquities' in the first place in order to find these 2 caches?...letterboxes perhaps ?
  8. I always buy Berghaus explorers...now replaced by Berghaus explorer trail lights,extremely light and comfy straight from the box
  9. Ive been caching over 5 years and still make noob mistakes on a regular basis
  10. If it were my cache i would delete the 'find' as void...simple as
  11. The guidelines state that personal attacks and profanity are not allowed. So what do you intend doing about it eh ? Personal insults have been made
  12. What does it matter whether the person who puts a note on a cache has visited or not ??????. I place notes on caches usually when planning a caching mission,sometimes a 'needs maintainance' and sometimes a 'needs archived' when its very apparant the owners taken no action to care for his/her caches.I shall continue to place such notes as well even if you think im (I quote) 'a malicious ar##hole '.
  13. LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT AND LEAVE NOBODY IN ANY DOUBT........Ive ALWAYS posted in my name and my name ONLY...unlike some on here who dont have the bollocks on them to post openly. I dont take kindly to being accused of being a sock puppet and would have hoped people who know me would know better.
  14. Sarah and i are thinking of doing an event in Wiltshire in july
  15. I fear theres gonna be a ill conceived 'spray' of micros placed in a hurry
  16. It boils down to this,If youre not prepared/able to maintain the caches you set.........................DONT SET THEM ! , Simple as that. I fully accept people have life changes but a simple note placed on the cache would lead to local cachers offering to help im sure.Seems to me that its all the rage to throw out caches these days with no thought of their future care.
  17. I to have a Berghaus coat,ive been through all of the reproofers and find none of them work,i just hope it doesnt rain to hard these days
  18. I put the note on your cache,no probs in it being known.....i dont hide behind a sock puppet And just to add i put notes or Sba's on 50 or so other caches today to.....
  19. Ive enjoyed many caches in the lakes,May it safely return to its former beauty very soon.
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