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  1. Well, GCMRVQ is probably about 1.001 miles from the M1, but it's very suitable as a driveby and as such is named "M1 drive-by series, J23 (On Your Marks)" I've done a search on distance alone before, and just because the cache is near to the motorway by no means denotes that it's easy to get to! There's one near Solihull we enjoyed where you take a footbridge over the M42 to find the cache. However, it's far from easy to find the right junction and the way to the parking - we certainly couldn't have broken a journey with it. Cheers, Stu
  2. Details of our cachemobile are here Sarah
  3. Oops... they got lost in a big explodification. I've just restored them from the backup. btw. who's that fat git on the unicycle? Cheers, Stu (1.5 stone lighter and counting)
  4. Does that mean that you'd have preferred that we hadn't removed the used bottle top left by muggles in "Puerile Photo-cache No.4"? Serious question, really. Some people collect bottle tops. Maybe we should have left it there. Depends how unusual it was I guess Sarah -- http://www.pookledo.com
  5. I agree. I swap objects which I think are cool whcih other people may not like. I've got a few nice things from caches which I guess other people wouldn't like, so taking items out because they might be tat is quite subjective. I don't go for expensive stuff in caches, but like finding stuff like old belt buckles, beads, pretty shells, sequins, and generally old and shiny stuff that I can make into new stuff. Then I get rid of things that I don't want such as new sims cards that I can't be bothered to ebay, stuff I've made, bookcrossing books, cool marbles with nice colours. I don't spend anything on my trades any more as I seem to have an endless supply of small items that I've either made or need to declutter Sarah -- http://www.pookledo.com
  6. I just used that as an example from when Stu and I were scouting out a possible cache location. Ouch! Sarah
  7. Can I join in your rant? Someone who has found our caches has wrapped them in tesco carrier bags. The first thing we know about it is when someone mentions that they have replaced the bag as the old one was ripped. Argh! Sarah
  8. I'd agree with this to some degree, but I like to be able to let cachers who may be intending on finding the cache in the future what to vaguely expect. If they are expecting an idyllic countryside walk and end up crossing a sludge covered field and climbing over a stile with an delectric fence zapping them, then I'd like them to be prewarned, just as I myself would like to have been warned. A polite email to the cache setter is all well and good, but it doesn't help the next person who wants to find the cache. Sarah
  9. I can see his point. It may be slightly scaremongering, but if a majority of sats are now past their best before date, they could all fail pretty much simultaneously. Unlikely, yes. Disasterous, probably not. But I can see it could be possible with a large number of failed sats that there would be 'bad coverage' times at certain places. I think he's saying what most of us round here know anyway... don't RELY on the GPS signals. They're fine for most of the time, but if we all lose those map reading and common sense skills, then there's an outage or huge drop in accuracy, it could leave a lot of us floundering. That's my take on the matter, anyhow. Cheers, Stu
  10. I saw Paul Kaye whilst trying to do a virtual cache in Torquay. I had to wait for them to stop filming before I could find the cache as he was sitting on the answer! Sarah
  11. If you're doing multis/virtuals in Scandinavia in winter... make sure you have an ice scraper. (Or, if you've told them you're coming, you'll find all the clues already ice-scraped for you when you arrive - talk about feeling welcome!) Cheers, Stu
  12. When I leave a bookcrossing book in a cache, I usually add it as well as my swaps so I don't mind if it is taken without a trade if the cache is well stocked without it. Usually I leave bookcrossing books "in the wild". I mainly leave them in cafes to be picked up by whoever wants it, so it's more of a freebie than a trade. I like it when I see logs come in from bookcrossing books I have released though, so a journal entry would be nice. If not, leaving the book in a public place to be picked up again when it has been read would be good too. Sarah --
  13. There are a couple of Bookcrossing themed caches around Leicestershire. One by myself and one by Star-Barz I also put bookcrossing books in caches if there is room and trade for books which aren't registered on bookcrossing if I find any in caches so I can take them home and register them before releasing them into the wild again Sarah
  14. Dulwich? AtoZ? Linked in any way? Cheers, Stu (Reading Mrs. P's Journey about the A-Z map lady)
  15. Yeah... but we did it first! (I think) December 18th 2004, we attended Christmas Coroboree II in Barnsley for lunch, then Dec 18th Christmas Drinkies in ... um ... wherever it was the arrow led us by that time - ah... near Hemel Hempstead. Mr. Young1s was at the southern event and we asked him why he hadn't showed up in Barnsley We have a paltry 12 events on our list. However, two of those were 1100 miles from home. So ignoring the other 10 events, has anyone travelled more than 4400 miles for event caches? I should note that on one of the trips, the event was held because we travelled. On the other, we travelled for an already arranged event. Cheers, Stu
  16. Did I miss something? N17 58' E24 47' is close to the Sudan/Chad border, south of Libya and has never in my experience been described as 'quite away north'. Did I accidentally click on the South Africa forum? Cheers, Stu
  17. It's what happens when any group gets large enough. Cheers, Stu
  18. *waves* Stu and I are in Loughborough so we'd be interested if you organise a meet. Sarah --
  19. Personally, I'd let them have it. The idea of the cache after all is to experience the location, which they did. Maybe I'm just a big softie. Cheers, Stu
  20. Just to throw a spanner in the works - your PMR radios may well be illegal to use in the UK. Any radio people know the details? In fact, you're unlikely to be stopped, but they would be able to confiscate them if you're on a disallowed band. Cheers, Stu
  21. Hey! Can you get CrazyFrog for TomTom? *ducks to avoid flying objects* Cheers, Stu
  22. I have attained such a high level of egoless serenity, that absolutely nothing bothers me when caching. Stu ps. Believe that and you'll believe anything.
  23. As someone who has previously worked with an independant children charity, as well as the GirlGuiding UK, I got the least response when asking for donations for a raffle for the independant charity than the Brownies or the Guides. Not sure why, but I can see where Merman was coming from. Talking of paint though, have you spoken to B&Q about their community schemes? They offer DIY suppiles to community projects and you might be eligible. Sarah
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