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20 Nearest Caches

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This was in the main forum, but posting it here for people in NE.


Check out the 20 caches closest to your house that you haven't done. What are their ranges? What are the reasons for you either skipping them or not having done them yet:


For me: 5.6 miles to 10.2 miles

3 are in a direction I never go

1 I tried to reach but don't know where to park

1 I am saving for after the convention

3 I posted DNF, and haven't had a chance to go back

4 are newish caches, haven't got to yet

3 are brand spanking new

4 I are south of me, I plan to scoop them up in one outing

1 I found the first stage of the multi, haven't had a chance to get the cache



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Well, for me, it's because every time I find one of them, it gets replaced <_< I'll always have 20 on the first filtered page :)


Now, in the spirit of the question.


13.1 to 24 miles and around here, that's VERY deceptive. that 13.1 mile away cache is closer to a 35 mile drive


2 are "tougher terrain" that I was putting off until I was 'better prepared'

2 are "new this week"

1 virt i just haven't gotten to

1 webcam, camera's currently down

1 "multi-virt" that is relatively new, and I just haven't gotten that way yet with time to do it

1 puzzle I haven't taken enough time to figure out yet.

the rest are just kinda 'scattered' and i haven't gotten to them yet.

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The 20 closest caches to me are now all within 10.2 miles. It's mainly because I've been holding off doing Brian's new Ramapo loop and that's 5 or 6 caches right there.


1 of the remaining requires a boat.


2 or 3 are brand new and in fact I see Brian placed a brand new cache that's now the closest one to me. That darn Snat!


3 of them I printed out to get last night in Garrett/Rifle Camp but ran out of daylight and Avroair was so pumped to get ice cream that I just couldn't say no to him <_<


2 are Artful Dodger caches where the logs say to wait until the ground is frozen and it's less buggy out so I'll get them during the winter.


The rest are just ones I haven't gotten to yet. Maybe we can have a group hunt for all the caches *I* haven't gotten within 20 miles :)

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OK...the excuses are pretty lame, but here they are: (8.1 to 14.9 miles)


10 are in a direction/area I don't really care to cache in. (Maybe someday)


4 are time consuming and/or urban types that I can't take the REAL Quoddy to.


2 are new.


3 are caches that I plan to do soon (when I stop going to New York State).


1 I'm doing tomorrow (2004 NJ Geocaching Contest)

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let's see....my closest's UNFOUND, is a Micro that I've searched 3 times for, it's 10 miles away.....


Next is a locationless that is misslabled, and is nearly impossible to find(unless you really care to know where dead musicans are buried).


After that the next 2 closest caches are a pair of Rest stop Micro's on I-80, over 22 miles away. and these are straight line distances....pa roads rarely let you go the shortest way....


I now try to find caches in groups....but I still haven't done the grab and go style...I do have 2 set on my list, for when I get down to the lancaster region...but hey, that's about 40 miles as teh crow flies to get a bunch....

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Most of the caches which I haven't done don't interest me much. I like cache hunts which I can combine with a hike, and most of the nearest caches are drive ups. My rule of thumb is that I want to spend more time walking than driving. Also there seem to be a lot of mystery caches near me, which involve solving some code, and I would rather know what I am going for. For this reason, I would rather drive to the larger parks with good clusters of caches that can be part of a day's hike.

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#1 Laziness - an isolated micro requiring a 3 mile hike through a hunting area. Note to hunters - I do NOT look like a turkey! :rolleyes:


#2-4 A Very, Very Big Bear - have run into it on 3 occasions, while beautiful it has a tendency to show up in close proximity to these caches. With respect to its size and my remaining supply of Hanes, I'm waiting for winter. :huh:


#5-7 Left Over Loops - Did surrounding caches on a loop hike and just not made it back to pick up outlier. :o


#8-10 Need a Boat - Don't have a boat. :huh:


#11-13 Need a Hikers Permit - Don't have a Hikers Permit. :unsure:


#14-20 New Caches - On the target list. ;)

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Ok, I'll bite :lol:


I will probably only ever do 7 of my nearest unfound 20 caches for a variety of reasons. Those 7 have not yet been found because I just haven't had the opportunitity to do so yet.


Of the 13 I probably will never attempt:


7 are either virtuals or micros

3 are in areas I don't like to visit...let alone geocache there.

2 are just totally uninteresting to me

1 I helped place, so I can't really claim a find.


Most of my caching these days centers around weekend outings with other cachers. I don't cache locally much anymore since time at home is spread around many other interests and activities.

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My first 20 unfound are between 24 and 29 miles from home.


All 20 are in Allegheny County (greater Pittsburgh) because I prefer rural caches to urban and suburban ones.


13 of the 20 are on my "must miss" list. 11 of these are crummy micros.


I'll get around to doing the other 7 when I run out of better caches to do. If I did those 7 today, 19 out the 20 closest would be on my "must miss" list. :lol:

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For me it's 7.5 to 14 miles.

12 are either Tteepe's or Johnboy's on top of stinking mountain caches which I hope to get to this fall. As soon my six year old forgets about Catrock and Athena's cache.

One I need a lake to freeze.

One's a micro in a park that I've done the other 5 and not going to bother with.

Two I might do today. Thanks

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Of my 20 closest which range from 3.6 to 24.2, I've not found two. One has only been logged by seven cachers and sounds like it is difficult to get to by road. You can get there by boat; but I have to convince my husband to get it out and to the lake for me. Once I reach the shore, it should be easy! The other one has a 4 star terrain; I've done the other cache of his nearby on the same lake and gauging from that one, I'm not in shape for his four stars! But, I'm in western PA, and I've done caches in other areas of the state, NY, Maine, Maryland and North Carolina.

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Amazing! I did 4 in the last week, and there's 4 more now.

I just had a bunch placed within 10 mi of me. I know, I shouldn't complain!!!



Anyway, I decided to take a look and see what the story was with my 20 closest unfound caches. I was surprised at how many I didn't realize were there. There have been some busy cache hiders the past few months!!! I rarely do zipcode searches for my area wasn't aware of the influx of new caches.


And as far as my closest 20, 2 I was with the owner when they were placed, so I can't log 'em and the other 18 I just haven't gotten around to doing yet. Most of them seem to be west of my home and I do most of my hiking to the north.


I guess its time to GO WEST and seek my fortune....or at least a few caches.

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Of my 20 nearest the closest one is 11 miles away the next is 22 miles away and then the farthest is 51 miles away.


1 is an event

9 are less than two weeks old

4 are in a park that my son and future DIL want to do with me on horseback.

2 are time consuming finds that have to wait for less work.

the remaining caches are out of the way from any where I go and have to wait until I have a printer to fix in the area.

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My first page ranges from 2.6 miles to 8.5 miles from home. I don't concentrate on keeping a radius clear. More than 90 percent of my last 300 finds have been more than 50 miles away from home.


Of those first 20, the closest is a cache owned by my daughter, which I helped hide. Another is an event that I won't be attending. Nine are multicaches that I need to make time for -- one, I've already DNF'd and another includes a puzzle element. There are three puzzle caches, which I tend to avoid in order to minimize frustration and embarrassment. The remaining six are traditional caches, one of which I've DNF'd, two others are just "strays" that haven't fit into any of my caching routes, and the rest are rather new.

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For me, the range of my nearest 20 is 5.5 - 13.4.

The cache 5.5 is a puzzle cache that is really 15+ miles away.

The next 4 or 5 have all been placed in the last 4-6 weeks, and I've done very little caching in that time period.

The half of remaining caches are all long walks. I'm saving those to do with a caching partner.

The other half are DNF's. I've gone through the motions of these, but either never found the cache, or got frustrated with the area. I probably wont revisit these.

I have two more on the list. One has a string of DNF's going back several months. The other is a 21 stage multi! :laughing:

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The majority of the closest 20 caches are east. 'Til recently, I've been caching in every other direction.


The exceptions:


One cache is surrounded by poison ivy. No, thanks.


Two different caches I attempted alone but found the areas to be a bit creepy so I prematurely abandoned the searches. I'm just waiting for the day when I can sucker enlist a friend to tag along.


One cache I already DNF'd because, I now know, the coords are way off. I plan to re-attempt that one someday.

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There are two new multi micros about 8 miles away -- I'll find them shortly. About 12 miles away there is a crappy micro in the weeds outside a grocery store parking lot-- I won't bother with that. About 15 miles away are a couple of new caches in a state park-- maybe this weekend, I'll look for them. The rest are within 20 miles as the crow flies, but the intervening Chesapeake Bay adds a hundred + miles to the distance.

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Hadn't done a 20 cache sweep for two years so everything is different and I haven't got around to any of these.


2 Multis

1 Puzzle

1 Letterbox

16 Regulars


Most are in the same spot (or very close to) where a previous cache was hidden. Five are located east of me which I never venture into. Three are micros which I tend to avoid. Kinda weird what towns are within 10 miles of me since many of the routes I take don't go anywhere near those towns.

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I always end up lost even though I have a trail map and a compass!!!

I run out of water within a half hour and thats with my camelback.

It's just all around pretty pathetic for me.




Well at least you don't show up to an event on the wrong day like your better half :D Ask Dave of Team DEMP for our High Mtn track log.

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4.7 - 19.2 miles


11- boat only caches

3- large multis in tick heaven

3- new

2- no legal parking for about 4 miles

1- multi that hasn't been found in a year and a half - I tried 3 times.


:) OH Jeez, more then half of them sound like my caches and MAC's bigger, stronger,faster and younger then me, maybe I should archive them before he gets to me. :)

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One of our goals (the Brigade is a 2-person geocaching combine) is to find all of the caches within 10 miles of home. That total was 67 at last count, of which we have found 30. That includes 11 of the 20 closest.


Among the missing nine are two DNFs which we haven't gotten back to and one where I couldn't figure out where to park.


There also are several that are close to a road or parking area. In good weather, we prefer to combine a hike of a couple of miles with our geocaching. Some days, our hikes do not coincide with the caches. We'll go after some of the others when the weather turns.


Since JonBoy responded to this thread earlier, I'll also note that 16 of the 67 10-mile-zone caches were JonBoy (or JonBoy and Darielle) hides, of which we have found 11. Five of the 20 nearest caches as JonBoy's, of which we have found four.


I'll also echo what some other poster's have said: some of the "nearby" caches turn out to be some distance away once you convert as-the-crow-flies distances into road distances.

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from over here in Moon Township, PA:


starting at 0.8 and ending at 3.3 (no joke)


10 are already found

2 are mine

1 i DNFd twice and hope to redeem tomorrow

1 is my caching partners, so i cant log that one

2 we are going to hit tomorrow

4 i dont even know where they are (yet)


so far im at 15 finds


edit: i misread the post and did the 20 closest to my home, ill redo it some other time

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ok, I had to look at that list mine are from 2.4 miles 6.3 miles. As for the lame excuses. :laughing:


1 I just can nto find it.


4 multi caches that i have not attempted or have a bunch of adding to the the final location.


3 Require a boat that i do not have


The rest of them I just have not decided to go that way or have not been in the mood to do when i was out caching.


But then I usually just decide a route and then the caches from there and then only do them if I decide I like them when going to by. I have one I drive by 500 feet away and have never looked at it.

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The first 20? Well, disabled really doesn't count, therefore, the remaining - well, I am either a chicken or smarter than that!! If the other half of the "Team" says come on its not that bad then maybe the outstanding caches will become "found". There is a better chance of finding the cache with the whole team then the one clutz that slipped down the hill and sprained her ankle enough to warrant a soft cast or hard boot to be worn for THREE MONTHS during the first few months of the caching experience;) !!! Oh, we are not quiters!!! I most likely will be in another boot before long... :laughing:

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to restate my previous post:


from 1 mi to 4.6 mi


1 i co-own, so no logging there

2 i own

1 is my caching buddies

1 we tried yesterday, with muggle interference

2 i cant hit til there are no others available, since my caching buddy already found them (i dont have my own GPS yet)

1 is disabled at the moment

2 we cant hit until the weekends

1 we are in the process of finding the last stage

1 we DNFd once and DET(didnt even try) cause the police were within view

the last 8 we dont know where they are yet

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All are less than 10 miles from home.

One requires a boat.

Another requires a boat , waders, or a long dry spell.

Five are in NY state! I just don't go in that direction much.

One is new.

One is unavailable due to bat season.

One is in the swamp, maybe this winter..

The rest are scattered about in the woods. I'll get to them soon although one I might save one for a special occasion.

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If there are lame caches I don't want to do, I add them to my ignore list.


When this thread was newer, no one was saying this ^^^^^^^. But that's my answer too, they would all be parking lot turds. But for the caches not on my ignore list:


Range 3.3 to 10.0 miles


(1) I helped hide.

(3) require a boat

(3) in an area of town I don't get out to much


The rest generally difficult multi's, including one that's about 10 miles of driving around town.

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