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  1. Hi all, Was wondering if there were any local meet and greet events coming up in Northeast PA?
  2. We are very sorry to hear of the loss of Helmut. Our deepest condolences goes out to his family at this terrible time.
  3. Thanx, that sounds like a great idea. I don't think I'll be caching around with a newborn, not until they're at least a few months old. So, ,I may get one of each. The front one sounds good for shopping and even just cleaning around the house. Thanx again!
  4. Once again, thanx for all the wishes. I have a question though. We're thinking about getting one of those backpack carriers, , but I see they also make them so the baby can be in the front. Which would be easier for caching? I'd think the back, but then again, this is our first.
  5. Shannibug? Congrats! I do happen to love it! Thank you all for your warm wishes. I had to let my "Caching" family know too! Even if we've never met, I'm sure one day, we may cross trails! LOL
  6. Just wanted to share the news with our fellow cachers, that Bugbait and I are going to become PARENTS!!! We're very excited and we just found out for sure this past Saturday, Oct. 29th. Not due til May or June, but it'll be here before we know it! Just thought we'd share the news with all of you. So, for a while, my caching is going to slow up, but look out after!
  7. Congrats on the best milestone, except for finding #1, which starts all of this. Now, go get another 100.
  8. Congrats to you both. Believe it or not, we (sorta) met you in the OuterBanks, NC, back in May. You were walking in to do "Squishy's Birthday Cache", and we just finised it. Small World, I guess. Congrats again!
  9. That's where we would like to go on our honeymoon. I'd love to live there like the show, "Northern Exposure". LOL
  10. LOL ! Man, I appreciate that comment. Northwestern Pa is the same way. Heres hoping that we get a nice, mild, LONG fall !!! I TOTALLY second that!!!!
  11. Thank goodness the weather's gonna break soon. I'm a wimp when the heat/temp's are too high. It really stunk that we didn't do much caching this summer, but the humidity was UNBEARABLE! Now that the cooler weather with be settling in, our finds will go up! God, ,I feel like a junky! LMAO Well, then topic shoulda said "WE". I'm so one-way when it comes to caching! Sorry Bugbait, I STILL LOVE YOU> He'll cache whenever.
  12. Or, you can go to Seek a cache by waypoint... N40 47.753 W074 32.871 Hope that helps!!!
  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!! That's a lot of caching! Whew! Now, go find another 700! Congrats to you!
  14. Congrats Avroair! Would have loved to be at the G.O.N.E. event, but we were in upstate NY camping for the weekend. Good luck on your next 1000.
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