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  1. For a few years, I lived north of Plattsburgh. Anything from Rouses Point to Watertown was considered the North Country as far as I know. I used to pass through Malone on my way from Rouses Point (or Champlain) to Buffalo where my family lived. We will be up in the Adirondacks in August and again in September. Unfortunately, I will not be available for your event at the end of this month. Good luck with it!
  2. At any rate, you deal with it by posting a note to your cache saying that you are an active cacher and there is nothing wrong with your cache. This communicates just that to your reviewer. If the reviewer starts to see a pattern, they may ask the other guy to slow down a bit. We have someone like this over in the next valley and while it can be an annoyance to some, quite a few missing caches with missing owners are getting archived and I think the net result has been positive. (The blind squirrel analogy). I agree with this procedure. It lets the local reviewer know that you are actively maintaining the caches especially ones more difficult to find. If the cacher continues this, I suggest contacting your reviewer and let him/her know what is going on.
  3. I have met a few cachers who have completed the trail, but I didn't ask about the difficulty of the caches, roads, etc. Let me see if I can get one of them to read this thread....
  4. I understand that the next group of hiding places will be parks and recreation areas. I have heard that the cemetary hides will be out until next year, 2013. If my information is incorrect, I will post again.
  5. Bald Eagle State Park is open all year, if I recall correctly. We use it if we are traveling eastward and want to start out after work is done for the day. It is easy to reach from I-80.
  6. I endorse Fish Creek Ponds. It is a lovely campground with many lakeside sites. To get to Rollins Pond, you go through Fish Creek Ponds and travel four or five more miles into the wilderness. If you go to FCP, I recommend taking your children to The Wild Center in Tupper Lake. It is a museum/science center/outdoor recreation area, a great place for the whole family.
  7. The original poster has not been on the site since August.
  8. Did you find Time Will Not Dim? I liked that one.
  9. Tomas, Thanks for the great app for the Palm pre. I look forward to seeing where you go with it and I'll definatly be a tester if you need another one. THANK YOU, TOMAS!! I thought it was my technology-challenged brain that made the app no longer work. Actually, I thought it was letting my premium status lapse that made it not function at all. And thank you to ca-2-mo for pointing out that I needed to check for updates for apps on my Pre. Nobody reminded me......and I wasn't told to do it occasionally. Okay, it works....sort of. It thinks I am 30 miles further south than I really am. How do I fix that? Thanks for any help you post.
  10. My sister lived for a while in Bel Air while she was stationed at the Aberdeen Proving Ground (or was it Edgewood Arsenal?). She's at Ft. Bragg now. I liked Bel Air way back then......20 years ago.
  11. Thanks to Michaelcycle, I found two micros near the 30th Street train station in Philadelphia!! :D
  12. Peachy, 7 Up and Taxland 3 can both be done from the train station without any difficulty. Anne Rice's "The Mummy" is probably 45 minutes round trip walk including the find. It's a Philly favorite! PM me and let me know when you'll be here, no promises but maybe I can meet you. Mike Yikes! I cannot find my GPS unit!!!! How can I cache without my GPS unit??? (Though, I did find my last cache without it. )
  13. Any caches near the train station? I have two hours between trains on May 3rd on my way south and again on May 9th on my return. Thanks!
  14. Because it is a challenge! I found my first seven caches without a GPS unit, the next five with a borrowed one. Then my husband bought me one for my birthday, and it is a basic yellow eTrex. My count is 430+.
  15. The Boy Scouts now have a Geocaching Merit Badge. Maybe you could find a Boy Scout troop nearby and ask if any of them are interested.
  16. I would pass on that one unless my husband could do the problem. I took chemistry but not physics.
  17. For the OP, Knoebel's is a highly regarded old-fashioned amusement park! It is on PA route 54 between Danville and Shamokin, about halfway between Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre.
  18. As a suggestion, I would start out with "easy" caches that are 2/2 or less and NOT micros. I find micros frustrating unless I know what kind of container to look for. Good luck and welcome to the fun!!
  19. Fish Creek Ponds, northeast of Tupper Lake, has lots of activities to do in and near the park. We've camped there a few times and love it!
  20. That is in NY state, about an hour and a half south from Buffalo. It is a lovely park with lots of activities and caches in the area.
  21. My "caches within the last 30 days" is empty! You're ahead of me!
  22. Does it get me any closer to the cache than my seven year old little yellow eTrex?
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