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  1. Conragts again! Since I was there went it happened. Did some research it was a limestone mine. See you at Pirates!!!
  2. When we went it was dry no smoke. Saw lots of burnt tree and such. But in some places the ground was very hot.
  3. My kids still talk about that event. We all had a great time. Go for it.
  4. Go to the Monthly Oklahoma city cachers meeting. He usually shows up for that. Also The locals use a page I think on Yahoo for there own forums.
  5. Maximum Hunter Hit 400 on thr 19th. Congrats to MSTZilla also
  6. My name dosn't apply any more Worf was my dog also our "chief of security" passed away 2 years ago Then my Kids got there own cache names and log caches themselfs. So I'm a pack of one. But if I do a google search of my cache name I get more real hits than my real name. So I'm keeping it.
  7. Congrats. to one of the few cachers I met while caching. Also at an event. Good luck on 1000
  8. I've been looking at the site for a few months. It's the first time I've seen Coordinates. So whats the secret???
  9. I messed up my reply. I thought it would fall under my dogs cache name. Sir barksalot. which after yesterdays 400+ mile road trip might get changed to Sir pukesabunch
  10. I just did my first earthcache. I gave it 2 woofs. We went to an old railroad tunnel I had to swim to it got three woofs.
  11. Did a few of his caches with my son. Before we learned that most caches are placed near trails. So you don't have to bushwacke to every one. I am always impressed by those who plant more caches than found. Will miss him and thank him for greating some of our best adventures.
  12. Got new pup this week. His name is Bo. His caching name is Sir Barksalot. Will go to his fist event tomorrow. Hopefully will get a cache or 2 also.
  13. The Worf of Worf's pack past away last year. But this week we are getting a new pup. So as soon as my daughter names him I'll set up a account for him. Is there a good teach your pup to type books out there?
  14. Congrats from everbody at campsite 12
  15. After about a year my son wanted his own account. He now wants to hit 300 by his 11th birthday. My daughter has an account but dosn't always log finds. But thats her own choice. But I'm not paying for premium memberships for them. And Thats final Kids.
  16. We did 29 of them last March. We had plenty of time. Most are on the main mall. Look at my profile you can see how I grouped them together. Virts are safe it's not like your crawling under somthing looking for a mico. We had no problems with police. The one ranger we asked about a clue knew about caching. Her quote was "your one of those gps people".
  17. We just resereved site 12. Hopefully most of the work on my house will done by then. I'll be able to go caching again. Hey is there any reason were posting this on the Northeast Page? This isn't just so we can get all the waterfront sites before the locals.
  18. opps!! The screen just went blank so I hit it a couple of times. Hey my number of posts finally went over a hundred.
  19. Just did a Trip NY to Nova Scotia and back. Did a bunch of Road side caches. They really helped break up the ride.
  20. Just did a Trip NY to Nova Scotia and back. Did a bunch of Road side caches. They really helped break up the ride.
  21. Just did a Trip NY to Nova Scotia and back. Did a bunch of Road side caches. They really helped break up the ride.
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