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  1. I am going to be moving sometime within the next 3 to 6 months. It's been great, but as I expect to moving outside the area, I won't be able to take care of them any longer. All caches that I have out there will either be adopted or Pulled!!!!! Race ya to the top, which I adopted several years back is the oldest in Union county, and quite the challange. There's a few more challangin caches as well as a few CnD's. For the next 30 days, they will all be left in place, after that I as check them I will be pulling them.
  2. We're very sorry to hear of this loss....
  3. Demands on my time keep increasing and increasing. Therefore 3 more of my caches are going up for adoption. They WILL be Archived in less than 2 weeks. But If anyone wants to adopt them after they are archived. The Ranger will be keeping their paperwork on file. the 3 caches are "river of dreams", "stand by me', and "Off the beaten path", They are all located in State Parks in Central PA. thanks Geo-packrat
  4. some of you may of seen this notice(or something similiar) Adopt this Cache..... due to circumstances beyond my current control, I'm going to place this cache and a few others up for adoption. I will assist in transistion, and can suggest nearby spots for other caches.(I know of 2 excellant spots near this one) Also Note that you will need to file paperwork on this cache with DCNR(office is in South Williamsport) Thank You Geo-packrat All of my caches that were futher than 20 miles away from my Home Coord, I'm putting up for adoption.(I have one under development that will also be placed for adoption shortly after it gets approved), eventually will drop to 10 miles. I am not planning on leaving Geocaching, But I want to concentrate on placing more caches closer to home. If Anyone wants to adopt any of my caches, Talk to me..... Caches up for adoption are, "Echos of Camp Kline"; Top of 1000 step bear paw Trail"; "River of Dreams"; "Valley View Hobo Vista"; Valley View Horse Trail"
  5. Last spring, when I heard about this problem, I checked with my local SGC Office for their stand since I had contacted them about permission for my group of caches. Last year Offically the Game Commission had a NON-Policy, of don't ask don't tell... Last Spring it DID CHANGE.. The WORD from the TOP was NO geocaches. So if they come across your cache, it will be removed, but since they have so many OTHER Higher piorities, they aren't actively looking for the caches that are out there.
  6. A box was found outside the Starlight Diner in West Manchester Township about 9:30 this morning.... it was a wooden box, with a metal lid with an image of an Eagle on it..... Ws this someone's Cache????? the Bomb squad blew it up!!!
  7. Everything is in the car ready for tomorrow!!! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&log=y&decrypt= the Cache "stand By me" suffered flood damage from Hurricane IVAN, and like "river of dreams" was still there....BUT Unlike River, ALL the contents were destroyed, I have cleaned up the container, and put in new stash and LOG book. It should end up back in it's home this weekend. I have HOT Dogs, Burgers, Coleman camp stove(could use a frypan) , extra tent, sleeping bags, Lots and Lots of rubber gloves, and trash bags for the CITO There are even a few prizes, not sure how they will be given out, but do have prizes Hope to see you bright shiney faces tomorrow...and please bring the sun!!!
  8. WOW, Already....it wasn't that long ago you hit #300.... keep it up :0
  9. retphoto


    I removed Norry Tourist Cashes 3 and 6 (both covered bridges). the Bridge at NTC was slowly being torn apart by the water. I hope that it survived the High Water. those 2 of my caches that I was able to get to, but I have a few others near water's edge that I will have to check on as soon as the water level goes down. Stand BY Me, River of Dreams, Just Because, I couldn't get to. I will also check some of my other low level caches..... everyone take care....
  10. Sunbury PA, near the middle of the state....road wise anyhow, if NOT exactly geographically S
  11. Here are the categories: 1). What gender are this website's users? (pick male versus female) MALE 2). How old are this website's users? (pick the single largest group) 18 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 44 45 - 54 55 + 55 plus....! 3). How much do households visiting this website earn? (pick single largest group) <$30K $30 - 60K comfortable.... $60 - 100K $100-150K >$150K 4). Where does this websites visitors come from? (pick top three states) Washington, Califoronia and Pennsylvania Good luck! PS - The average visitor to geocaching.com spends 19.35 minutes per visit.
  12. This CITO is NOW good to go!!!! For those comming I am making a reservation list for Campers......so get your name in now....
  13. that is the way I'm handling it....but I expect it to be one and the same.
  14. OK....Final paperwork is now being processed, and things are looking good so far. Dave's Rig is OK'ed, and there will be no fires , One last thing.... since this is the FIRST one, The number of people who can attend is being restricted, 20-25 people can attend this first one. So Please get you name in so I can put on my reservation list....
  15. CONGRATS on 200 Pal!!!!! I did 1000 steps with Olf a while back, and it was great.... if you have a chace to do any hike with OLF....do it...he is a WORTHY cacher!!!
  16. let's see....my closest's UNFOUND, is a Micro that I've searched 3 times for, it's 10 miles away..... Next is a locationless that is misslabled, and is nearly impossible to find(unless you really care to know where dead musicans are buried). After that the next 2 closest caches are a pair of Rest stop Micro's on I-80, over 22 miles away. and these are straight line distances....pa roads rarely let you go the shortest way.... I now try to find caches in groups....but I still haven't done the grab and go style...I do have 2 set on my list, for when I get down to the lancaster region...but hey, that's about 40 miles as teh crow flies to get a bunch....
  17. Congrats on your Milestone, you are now in extremely rare company!!!!
  18. Ok folks.....here's a rough Weekend of October 16th, with camping for Saturday Night(pending submission of paperwork) Milton state park. I have to submit a written proposal for the CITO, with overnight camping, number of people expected, previous CITO's and General Clean up proposal.(expect to have this done early next week) I will place a few caches JUST for this event, along with ONE water cache! I've been informed that pop-ups will be ok if the whole proposal is accepted. based on past CITO's I've attended I think 1 -2 dozen folks attending... Hey IV, can I get some help from you on the written Proposal?
  19. retphoto

    Nfa Finds 50

    50 is nice...I remember my 50!!! Congrats!!!
  20. I'm talking to a few people about organizing a Fall CITO camping event Tent camping, friday and saturday evenings(checking to see if fires will be permited). I would put out 1/2 dozen caches just for this event, plus a bonus for most trash collected. May even have a water cache for those who have canoes and kayaks. camp site would be at Central PA location(with-in 15 miles of me ) I want to see who would be interested, and the best weekend(thinking October) thanks Robert
  21. OK Folks...we started with 8 caches at the beginning of the Summer, we are down to 4 caches not found since 2002. they are as follows. River Island Cache Isle Swatara Papa Smurf: Are we there Yet?? and the last one from 2002(it's now a virtural) It's the Pits And more Good News.... There's ONLY 5 caches from 2003 that are lonely....and one of those is on my list to do shortly.
  22. Harrald beat me to it... CONGRATS on reaching 100
  23. Welcome to the Century Club, feels great doesn't it?????
  24. Thanks to ALL.... Looking forward to going out again with your Waterboy With Wife, I have waterfilter now (also a new tent, hopefully a new sleeping bag) PSUPAUl there's a tank in Selinsgrove And right now I see bunch of YJTB around me.....now that I can't go anywhere for a few days....(that's another story)
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