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  1. Sounds like fun. EMS rents kayaks for $20 per day. They are due back the next morning. It includes all equipment including car carrier and life vests.
  2. Meadowlands Canoe Kayak trip, I would be interested depending on the date.
  3. I need to save the close ones for when I am old and cannot travel too far. Hmm that may be next week.
  4. I submitted the survey a while ago and just resubmitted it to emphasize geocaching in question 3. Thanks Brian
  5. I was hiking the yellow trail near Glen Gray in Mahwah today. Ahead of me on the trail was a black bear sitting there staring at me. I stopped and he continued to stare. He then lost interest and continued across the trail and was followed by another bear that I did not know was there. I waited a while and then continued on my way to where they were, making a bit of noise as I traveled. Glad I did not look too much like dinner.
  6. Loved this cache. Very demanding but also very rewarding. One of my favorites
  7. Congradulations. Nice seeing you at your 500th. Keep on caching
  8. I first met Helmut at the Stayfloopy 3000 event that he hosted. He always made you feel welcome and brought a quiet dignity to geocaching both in person and in the forum. Its no wonder that he was the first president of the Northern New Jersey Cachers Life does not seem fair sometimes. He will certainly be missed. My condolances to his family.
  9. Great event. Thanks TRL for organizing it and the cute little stocking is on the mantle waiting for Santa
  10. My son goes to Penn State. does that count?
  11. Congratulations Brian I don't know where you get the time to do it all!!
  12. I attended the conference and the Sunday hike. Both were great especially the talk by Mrs. Slave. Thanks for posting the event!!!
  13. Congradulations Way to Go!!!
  14. I used to look for iron mines in NY and NJ based on directions from the Iron Mine book. I hope to go. Is there a website or any more information on the agenda. Seems like a neat program!
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