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  1. We don't use windows stop hardware but always turn off the 60CSx before disconnecting and have never had that problem.
  2. All good things must come to an end. That good thing is knowing you, Rose and Jillian. Thanks for all your hard work to advance geocaching in NJ Mark. Best of luck in Seattle. Meg & Mike
  3. Congrats to one of the finest hiders of caches! Meg & Mike
  4. Dare we say he's the next Stayfloopy? Congrats Marc! Meg & Mike
  5. Incredible numbers!!! We are amazed by your dedication to our hobby! Here's to 8,000 more. Meg & Mike
  6. Way to go!! Thanks for the hides too.
  7. Team MM

    1000 for PBS

    Congrats to our friends who really frustrated us in the beginning with their hides. Oh, congrats to Thora and Nece too because they were there for most of them.
  8. Congrat to a great caching team!!
  9. Not a hike that will have you sleeping for 3 days but should amaze most: Who's Watching You!!!! by The Surfcaster
  10. Congrats John on finishing your goal. You are our hero. Amazing accomplishment and what a great goal in retirement. Meg and I followed your progress and we are just in awe. We would haved loved to have seen the "real" Quoddy's reaction when you came home. Meg & Mike
  11. Good luck! Just added our comments to the survey. Hmmmm....Doctorate of GPS? Dr. Hide? No that was Mr. Hyde Feedback would be interesting to see.
  12. Congratulations!! Sorry we didn't bump into you at Nomahegan Park. Meg & Mike
  13. Holy Crow John! You never cease to amaze us. We're coming in late on this so enjoy and please be careful. Meg & Mike
  14. We've been waiting for this. Count us in. Now are we getting burgers before or after along with a suitable libation? Meg & Mike
  15. Thank you everyone! Thanks to Briansnat for having a cache on the way to the event for our 199th too. Meg and Mike
  16. The first 20? Well, disabled really doesn't count, therefore, the remaining - well, I am either a chicken or smarter than that!! If the other half of the "Team" says come on its not that bad then maybe the outstanding caches will become "found". There is a better chance of finding the cache with the whole team then the one clutz that slipped down the hill and sprained her ankle enough to warrant a soft cast or hard boot to be worn for THREE MONTHS during the first few months of the caching experience;) !!! Oh, we are not quiters!!! I most likely will be in another boot before long...
  17. HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU TWO!!! May you find many, many more. Team MM extends their very best congrats to a great TEAM!!
  18. BrianSnat: Thanks for the ability to add my thoughts and comments to this very important survey. I will get the other half of Team MM (the Mac half) to also participate. Thanks again for bringing this to Geocacher's attention!
  19. Here's a possibility: http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/do/camp...ds/rollins.html
  20. 8 to 10" is only a large house cat or coon cat, a mtn. lions head is quite larger... I was there when Deb spotted the cat. I did not see it but I sure saw her face as she ran down a hill of boulders. She saw something that was big. Not a house cat. I've had house cats all my life. 3 presently and feed a group of ferrals. The biggest full grown male's head is maybe 4" across. That a fair distance from 10". What everyone seems to ignore is perhaps it wasn't a fully mature cat. Remember this was a cut and run situation too and a ruler wasn't available. I think we should all be open to the possibility of Mountain Lions in NJ and just be aware. If you're out caching with your children please keep them in sight at all times. Mike
  21. and he has a good, strong voice too. Congrats and keep making those $20's.
  22. Congrats to a great young guy. Meg & Mike
  23. Congrats to Deb and Brian getting number 600 at the Secret Agent Cache Mission Impossible.
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