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Enough With The Micros!!


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<_< Getting really tired of all the Micro Cache's out there. I have placed 4 traditonal cache and they are a lot more work finding places to put them then micro's, but well worth the hunt. The main reason for regular sized cache's is so the children and the kids in all the adults can get a prize for their find. Just my 2 cents. Peace.



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I also like to look for them all. The biggest reason I hunt micros is because you can get more of them in a day. If you go trad only you might only get 2 in a day at most. I am a kid who has NON caching parents so the trads are very hard to get to. THe micros I can ride my bike to (as they are usually along paved roads and I ride a road bike) or I can convince the parents to pull over as we pass by the cache on out way to do something else (like shopping). The cache should fit the area, a ammo can in the parking lot of WallyWorld won't work (well I do know of one HUGE ammo can at a Walmart but it is the bottom of a

wash that runs though the parking lot, away from traffic) and a breath strip container would not be a good idea for way out in the middle of nowere (unless it is an intermediatary(sp?) stage in a micro). But to each his own.

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I see from a quick search that there are a grand total of 67 micros within 100 miles of your first cache find (which is usually fairly close to your home). All's I can say is, be grateful you don't live in Nashville, or any other area known for having a true abundance of micros.


Like any other cache type, micros are fine by me, as just part of the geocaching mix. I also believe that all caches of any type ought to be well thought out... to have a reason for being there, apart from "here is a place that doesn't have a cache"... and that the container size chosen ought to be appropriate for the location. I have found micros that weren't enjoyable, just as I've found soggy gladware traditional caches in the bushes 50 feet from the parking lot.


I don't like webcam caches because of the hassle involved in coordinating the picture being captured, and because I don't feel like I "found" anything. So, I just don't find them. There are only two webcam caches in my area. I suppose if there were 200 of them, out of 500 total caches, I might be a bit upset. But 2 webcam caches, like 67 microcaches, don't bother me much.

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I like micro caches as much as I like full size caches. I like a challenge in any form.


Hence my relationship with Mopar. <_< J/K!!


SOLUTION: If you don't like doing micros then don't do them.


Problem solved. How complicated is that?


That is my opinion . . . such as it is.


Happy caching and stuff! :D

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I guess some people like micros, and some people don't. There is nothing new under the sun. Quite coincidentally, I found my first micro today. It was not an urban one, either. However, I've hidden four micros, although some here might not consider them true micros. They are all 1/2 cup round Rubbermaid containers (slightly less than 3" round by 3" tall), and they are all in wooded areas in city parks. I chose them because they have a pretty doggoned good seal (I submerged one in the sink overnight with no leakage), they have room enough to put in a few small items, yet they are easy to hide from muggles.


I feel the container should fit the circumstances. Out in the real woods, I like to use 1.7 or 2.3 quart Rubbermaids. Ammo boxes would be more durable, but with maintenance, the Rubbermaids are easier to squeeze into places which are off the ground a little bit. We'll see how they hold up after a year or so.

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Would you feel that way if you were severly handicapped?


probably. If I were sereverly handicapped, I'm not so sure that crusing around in parking lots looking for same-old same-old magnetic micros under light pole skirts would be all that great. A micro or mini (1/2 cup size) in a park with good access and paved trails would be much more pleasant.


Again, it has less to do with size and more to do with location.


-- uh, caches I mean. Only caches.

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I also like both. I live in a small town so not many places to place a trad here. I am going to place a micro in a small park here this weekend in an effort to get more people around here into geocaching. When my son is with me I try to find the ammo cans because of the prizes but for me its the find that is the prize. That's just me tho. <_<



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<_< Getting really tired of all the Micro Cache's out there. I have placed 4 traditonal cache and they are a lot more work finding places to put them then micro's, but well worth the hunt. The main reason for regular sized cache's is so the children and the kids in all the adults can get a prize for their find. Just my 2 cents. Peace.



If you don't like them, don't hunt them. We enjoy both for different reasons...

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I got a FTF on a really nice micro today. It was very well done. ANY cacher would enjoy this find. I usually avoid absolute statements but it is warrented in this case.


Some quotes:

FTF!!!!! In this case Fun to find....
...Oh yeah, THIS is caching at its finest. Every cacher should find this alone to experience the thrill of such a great hide....
...Definately one of my top 3 best caches ever... thank you...
...this was an excellent hide...

The only other log was a DNF.


All you anti micro fanatics listen up. It can be done well. I'm sorry it isn't where you live. :lol:

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This was posted 11 posts above!


DOH! Sorry, how do you say, open mouth...  :lol:  Sorry guys and gals. Glad I live in the US. Happy Mardi Gras.  :lol:

Guys lighten up.


I think the OP has realized that his comment might have been an error in judgement.


Let this thread fall away.

Edited by Harrald
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I have to defend the original poster -- lighten up. Unless you want to go the extra route of downloading pq's, you don't have a filtering choice. Micros are pretty much not my pint of ale, but unless I do the cumbersome process of looking each cache up to see what type it is, I have no choice. I, for one, would like to to see all cache formats listed in my filtered search by what they are, not how far they are from my home area. With the Chesapeake Bay seperating me from the "most direct caches" versus the caches that I don't have to drive a 200 mile round trip to find, I would rather not have to look each one up.


Some of you who live in cache rich areas, where it doesn't matter if a micro is not identified as to its type, not how far it is, say "don't hunt for it", but also don't see it from our point of view. I have to look to page 3 or 4 before I see a cache that I can go to without a day trip; a good fifth of those listings are by small cliques of local micro challengers whose ideas are fairly provincial in testing who can stump whom. Small fish in a small pond, but unfortunately, I can't negate them.


My proposal: List caches by cache type. Then, if I don't want to hunt them, I will know not to, and forum posters wil not have to be so condescending to people who are not so interested in crawling on four legs to find what often happens to be needles in haystacks, placed by in-house cohorts.


Pardon the rant -- just got home from a wine tasting party, populated by mostly beer drinkers. A pint of red wine is diffferent from a pint of ale. The proof of my experiment will be tested tomorrow morning.

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