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  1. You have half the picture. Suppression of other competing views is in and of itself the promotion of an agenda in two ways. First you have an agenda that views that the other persons agenda as something you don’t like and don’t want to see them express. Second you are in favor of one or more remaining agendas because by the removal of a specific viewpoint you are making the viewpoints you allow to remain more prominant. You don't have to pitch signs and leave tracts to promote your own agenda. You did it when you started this thread and I have no doubt you do it in many other ways. Great post, RK.
  2. I also have zero problems with adult-themed stuff. The filter but not censor approach seems like a fine idea and hopefully would work well.
  3. Since this is happening in our town, we planned on playing and since some people are offended by the Kettle Cache, we are now even more motivated to play.
  4. That's the most I've laughed all week! Thanks!
  5. Yes. They are now greenpoints.com I think.
  6. I agree with that completely. I'd certainly approve it.
  7. We've got an iFinder Pro Plus and like it a lot. The maps are very good. It's not as easy to load coordinates from this site into as say an Etrex. But we like it's removable memory card.
  8. Thanks Pez! We can't believe we won. It was pretty neat that QOC Mike, a cacher from our part of Virginia, brought Cha Cha to Georgia from Alabama!
  9. Good point. I certainly can see why that would be deleted.
  10. No need to shut up Sputnik! And yes (Balto)-Slavic langauges are Indo-European--so are Germanic, Romance, Greek and a few other in Europe. But the Indo part of Indo-european has stuff like the languages of Pakistan, Iran, Tajikstan, Afghanistan, and most of India. The Tajiks probably aren't that into caching.
  11. The Romance langauge thing I find most interesting given the relative dearth of caches in such countries. It is fascinating that the Swedes, Finns, and Norwegians hide many more caches than do the Spaniards, French, and Italians--despite few lower numbers in terms of total population. Even the Hungarians have hidden more than France and they are not as affluent. Of course Swedish, Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and especially English (not Finnish and Hungarian) are Germanic languages. The Estonians seem to be doing a lot as well.
  12. I too find the France thing interesting. If we're talking ethnicity (e.g. Icelandic) and not race ( e.g. caucasian), I'd suspect Germans are the tops. Germany is the most populous wealthy country in Europe and there are over 7000 caches there. I'd suppose most have been hidden by persons who are of German ethnicity, though there obviosuly are other ethnicities living in Germany (e.g. Turkish). The USA is problematic because of the lack, agruably, of a singular American ethnicity (African-Am, Irish-Am, Jewish-Am, Italian-Am, Cuban-Am, and so forth). This stuff is much like the things I do in my job, so now I'm itching to discover wealth per capita vs. cache density per capita for certain countries. The Dutch seem to hide a lot.
  13. Yeah, those are bad. I wondered why all those shots with the GPS are gone and just plain pictures were in their places. At least the owner of the Merci Boxcar did not give him credit in his found by chart. I mean the Nevada Boxcar was in a shed being restored as shown by someone who really found it. That one really burned me up since there are so very few of these Boxcars. I thought that this guy seems to really get enjoy faking LCs. But the master has posted a thread devoted to his rationale a couple of years ago. Keep the faith Frog!
  14. Thank Heaven we have been protected from this sinister cache! I'm with you OzGuff. Thumbs up!
  15. Thanks for the great pictures, especially the truly beautiful Orthodox churches. It reminds me of my time there as a Russian language student right before the USSR collapsed. Russia (and Russian food) is awesome!
  16. Quite possibly the first time I've ever agreed with anything posted by sd. He's 100% right.
  17. We've become indundated with unintresting micros in SE Virginia. Still, micros in the woods suck even more.
  18. Congrats Erik! You are the best approver there is!
  19. That is simply hilarious! I can certainly understand the feet reference.
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