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  1. This one was a multi with the final stage in the hiders front yard, actually within 10 feet or so of the front door. Very interesting cache!
  2. Thanks for the help! That fixed the problem! I figured it was something simple that I was just overlooking.
  3. I attempted to use the geocaching mode on my Garmin 60c for the first time today. However, when I hit the "GO TO" button on the waypoint information page, it would automatically caculate a route and give me driving directions instead of taking me to the geo navigation compass page. Even if I used the "PAGE" button and went to the compass page, It would be the normal compass page, not the geocache navigation compass page with the "FOUND" "NOTE" and "STOP" buttons on the bottom. To answer your first questions before you ask, I did have the geocache waypoint symbol assigned to the caches I tried to find, and I did access the cache waypoints by hitting the "FIND" button, and then selecting the "Geocache" symbol on the page. From what I read in the manual, this should put me in geocaching mode. So, what could I be doing wrong? Is there perhaps a setting that should be changed to prevent the 60c from automatically calculating a route from the geocaching page? Do I just have a defective unit? By the way, I did reload the software when I got home tonight, but I still have the same problem. Can anyone out there help me with this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dave Team DaSH
  4. I think the real question is... Would you play frisbee there?
  5. My wife and I did 31 in 12 hours on our anniversary 2 years ago. I have now been banned from planning the anniversary activities.
  6. Is it just me, or is this fuzzy logic? Allow me to rephrase to see if I understand correctly: I do not like it when people do a certain thing, and in order to show my displeasure, I'm going to do the exact same thing! That will show them!
  7. There are similar devices made for children. Here is one and I know there are others. They depend on GPS as well as wireless phone signals, so they would not be much help if they are not in a location to receive both.
  8. i for one completely disagree with what briansnat posted earlier it is not necessary to use commas or any other puncuation for that matter this is one of the most ridiculous arguements i have seen in these or any other forums On topic: Anyone with more smilies than me is just "in it for the numbers!"
  9. I might put a note in my cache log. But I would definately score a find on the Gay Cruising Area Locationless Cache Just kidding of course!
  10. Those are the exact questions my wife asks when I drag her along with me!
  11. I hate when someone sticks a micro where a full-size could easily fit!
  12. This may be somewhat off topic...but I have a question about the charter vs premium member thing. When I first became a paying member of gc.com (sometime in 2002) my profile said I was a charter member. Now it says I'm a premium member. But, my membership has never lapsed. What happened? Same for me, I used to be a charter member and it changed. What is the difference? I figured that the gas saved from just skipping one weekend of geocaching got me the money to pay the $30 for a year. I had to check to see if my Charter member designation is still in place - it is. I pay by the year using Paypal and it is set up to be automatically recurring. Maybe that has something to do with mine staying in place? I also pay yearly, automatically renewing, using paypal. That's why I know there has been no lapse. A glitch in the Matrix, perhaps.
  13. This may be somewhat off topic...but I have a question about the charter vs premium member thing. When I first became a paying member of gc.com (sometime in 2002) my profile said I was a charter member. Now it says I'm a premium member. But, my membership has never lapsed. What happened? As for the rest of this topic...do what you want! Who cares what anyone else thinks about you or your social status!
  14. When you do a search, (such as caches nearest to your zip code), you will get a page with the 25 closest results. On the far right side of each cache name is a checkbox. You can check as many of these as you want on each page of search results, then use the "download waypoints" button near the bottom of the page to download all of them at once. That should make things much easier for you! And I'll just throw this in because 15 other people are going to come along and say it anyway...you can always become a premium member and use pocket queries!
  15. LarsThorwald. Always drinking that cup of coffee.
  16. He is still around, I went to an event cache at his house last week!
  17. Na na na na na...I know something you don't know!
  18. See now it's the MRE Tabasco Sauce that I find so tempting to leave... but it's probably the most likely to cause trouble, so I wouldn't. How Stuff Works - MRE edited to add links Did I did I not read the info in that first link correctly? They put Tabasco in their eyes to keep them awake? Anyone ever hear of No-Doz?
  19. I wouldn't think that starting a topic like this will speed up your service in the future. Of course, I could be wrong!
  20. ASFPIWHNKEINFTWSHAWKAG Another Spectacular Family Park I Would Have Never Known Existed If Not For The Wonderful Sport / Hobby / Activity We Know As Geocaching.
  21. ...Sorta makes me wish I lived in a state that had water.
  22. I'm feeling a little inadequate after reading some of these, but my furthest find is 454 miles away!
  23. I'm not sure why, but this sort of reminds me of that episode of CSI where the woman put the wrong address in her GPSr and rammed her car into a bar instead of her inteneded target, the HMO that denied her claim. So anyway...Happy Hunting!
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