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  1. I'm surprised that was published in the first place, since the CO has no way to verify the numbers.
  2. FWIW, I use my phone in places with no cell reception. Obviously, I can't download live cache data or maps, but the apps have worked just fine with preloaded cache data and the phone's GPS system. But it can affect your accuracy, as it takes a good while longer to download the differential and ephemeris data from the satellites. It generally pulls it over a cellular connection, which is very quick.
  3. If the listing says it's inside the reviewer knows. I'm "assuming" they read the listing (and sometimes the cachename)/ And if the listing doesn't, then the reviewer probably doesn't know, unless it shows on the map. Hence, my use of the word "if".
  4. You're making an assumption. It's not an "exception" if the reviewer didn't know it was inside a building. It's a bit harder to get away with that now, as Google shows building locations now, at least in the US.
  5. Batteries last all day Much better antenna Screen doesn't wash out in sunlight (at least, that's true for my trusty Garmin 60 CSx, and its transflective screen that actually gets easier to read in direct sunlight) Made to take outdoor abuse
  6. So... you're asking if the existence of this example somehow magically negates the clearly written Guidelines on this matter, which still exist and are easily viewable on the site? Either that's true, or an ad slogan happened to slip by the review process. Which do you think is more likely?
  7. There are more than a few people who, like me, think that attending events should not be included in the same overall find count as real caches. So I log events with notes. But notes won't qualify you for a souvenir. The solution is to log it as Attended, then change it to a Note. Like the ability for non-premium members to log premium caches, this is a "loophole" that I doubt Groundspeak is in any hurry to fix, because, while a few may abuse it, it does serve a purpose.
  8. You obviously didn't try it. The problem is that the heading are also links. So press-and-hold also brings up the extended option menu for processing links. The only way to prevent this is, as I said, press-and-hold the down arrow, which also activates the drop-down, but is not part of the link. It's an attempt to provide a default action for browsers that can't handle the mouse-over.
  9. Not a big fan of drop-down menus. It took a good deal of experimenting to figure out that the only way to access the sub-menus on my Galaxy S3 was to zoom in to maximum, then very carefully touch only the black "down" arrow. If I accidentally touched any part of the text, I was taken to a page I didn't want to go to. Thanks so much. Even on a PC, it's a PITA. Most people are using tabbed browsers now, which means you're moving your mouse to the top of the browser from time to time. And every time you do, the drop-down menus activate, often blocking the very link you were trying to click on. A well-behaved interface wouldn't activate the drop-down until the mouse had hovered over it for a half-second or so. It's a programing concept called "hover intent". It's not that hard to implement. I've even added it to some of my Greasemonkey scripts.
  10. Amen to what Andronicus said. The-app-that-shall-not-be-named will always be one site update away from being broken, because it doesn't use the site-approved API. NeonGeo has a lot of nice features, though its interface could use a freshening. For example, you look up a cache by name in the search field above the list of loaded caches. But if you want to look it up by the waypoint ID, you have to back out to the opening screen, and then press the phone's menu key, which will then display a "quick look up" option. I had to ask on their forum to get that info, since it's quite unintuitive. But you can do things like display the cache's area in satellite view, scroll around until you find a place to park, then just press and hold on that spot, and you'll be given the option to use Google Navigation to take you to the parking area. You can also create a template for a signature line, that can include date and time info, as well as the sequential find number. Unfortunately, you can only create a template for Find logs. Hopefully this will change in a later release. And lastly, you get a free 30 day unrestricted trial, before you need to buy it (and it's cheap, compared to some others).
  11. That would pretty much make it a one-time puzzle.
  12. Years ago, I bought some real cheap cache register tape (narrow). The package had been opened and a roll was missing, so it was in the "damaged goods" bin at Office Depot. It's great for making match container logs, or any small log books. No more cutting and taping strips of paper.
  13. It wouldn't help. Finding isn't hiding. For example, someone can find hundreds of caches, and unless they read it or are told, never pick up on the fact that they are all spaced at least 1/10 of a mile apart.
  14. The Attribute symbols are based on work done by scooterj, which itself was mostly based on the U.S National Parks Map Pictograms. Any claim to copyright of the attribute symbols would be very iffy.
  15. I think we have a difference of opinion over what the phrase "well thought out" means. A well thought out cache starts with an understanding of the Guidelines.
  16. Yes, I know this is a 3 year old thread, but it's the best place to post this. Every few weeks I get email from someone who has found this thread, and wants a copy of the program I mentioned in this thread.3793574[/snapback] The program was just a proof-of-concept demo written 9 years ago and but was freely distributed by the author. AFAIK, he never took it any further, and I don't think the original site exists any more. I've made the program available from my server, exactly as the original author packaged it. There is no program installer. It's self-contained, and runs on any windows system. It comes with 2 example images. Just unzip the files to any folder. Run the StereoDecoder.exe program. Instructions are on the program window. StereoDemo01.zip One note: the is no "stop" button. When you start the process, it begins to decode and refine the image. You should be able to read the image after a few seconds (if you set the parameters right), but the program will continue to process the image until you cancel the program. Like I said, it's a proof-of-concept demo, and the GUI is not polished. But it does work well.
  17. And by "first", I assume you actually mean "second".
  18. Having to contact the owner, or anyone else, is prohibited by the guidelines: "Other than documenting a Challenge Cache, physical caches cannot require geocachers to contact anyone."
  19. Mistakes do happen, but also be aware that many of the older ? and multi caches that were created before the "additional waypoints" feature was introduced, do not have their finals in the system. So a reviewer can't know if a new cache is placed too close. Did you not read my post? I said the ? cache was published just a few months ago (about 6 months I think) The existing cache (placed about a year and a half earlier) was not a ? or multi cache, so knowing or not knowing the final waypoint was not an issue. Can you point out where in your post that you specified the type of the existing cache? Is it in some special invisible font? Do I need a UV light to see it?
  20. You can use Fizzy Calc, or like I did you can use another mapping program like Street Atlas. Fizzy Calc is a very handy program, but it doesn't do trilateration.
  21. So what? It's not a PM cache, so the owner expects everyone to be able to see it. And membership is free, so what difference does it make? What's the point of making someone sign in to see a non-PM cache?
  22. I shout out the super-secret phrase, that is only known by geocachers: "HEY! Are you a geocacher?" Seems to work.
  23. My point was that the information has been available to non-PM members for years, so the idea that this was some sort of serious security flaw is a bit misguided.
  24. You mean they don't even have to have a membership in geocaching.com and can see the maps of caches? I'm curious because I've never used a smart phone and didn't know access was any different than what you'd see if you accessed geocaching.com from your desktop computer. If you are correct in your information, that is a poor feature that should be removed. Why? PM caches also show up in search lists on the website, along with the distance and direction from your search point. It's been that way for years.
  25. Picaridin has been available in Europe for a good while, and is now sold in the US. It's been shown to be as effective ad DEET against ticks and mosquitoes, but without DEET's side-effects (numbness when contacting lips, damaging plastics on contact, etc.). I get it at REI under the Natrapel brand name. Comes in a pump bottle, or in carry-along wipes.
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