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    I've held off answering this post. Now I think I can answer. Your question was answered. If it's not the question you had in your head, that's not the others problem. If you have a different question, think about it and ask it, in a clear way. Is English not your first language? This may be the probelm. By reading your posts, I'm guessing it's not. Hope that helps
  2. And that there is a great reason to log a DNF. I could have written 5 paragraphs on that and it would have been great. Like I said, some of my best logs are DNFs. There no prize or penalty. Have fun and entertain the cache owners. It's the least we can do.
  3. When I hit "Go" on my GPSr and leave without signing the log. Some of my more interesting logs are DNFs.
  4. So....you equate this cache with a 2-10 mile off trail hike? Wow. I hope no one carves out 3-5 hours to find this cache. Because they'll be disappointed when they get back to their car in 20 minutes.
  5. It looks like a short hike on a flat trail and the last part is a 45 foot scramble down and up a gully. Steep terrain changes are for "hiking". A change of a few hundred to 1k feet would constitute steep not 6 feet. Even using Clayjar, the terrain isn't a 4. It's generally along a trail and a single steep (seriously?) change in elevation. It's a 2.5 and even that would have been over rating it a few years ago. ** Suitable for smallchildren. (Terrain is generally along marked trails, there are no steepelevation changes or heavy overgrowth. Less than a 2 mile hike required.) It's in between here 2.5 *** Not suitable forsmall children. (The average adult or older child should be OK depending onphysical condition. Terrain is likely off-trail. May have one or more of thefollowing: some overgrowth, some steep elevation changes, or more than a 2 milehike.)
  6. There isn't enough information to rate this terrain. How long is the hike? Is the picture taken from the trail? Let us know the rest of the story and then people can form an informed opinion.
  7. My Bride and I like finding stuff while we hike. If it wasn't for my Bride, I wouldn't even look at the contents. When I cache alone, I never look past the log. As soon as I have my hands on the cache, I lose interest. Even now my Bride is beginning to change her thoughts about caches. The contents are for kids. Something to make the walk worthwhile. and of course......
  8. It's nice to see the old "North East" forum back. It would be even nicer to see players return to the forums and make Geo-friends from outside their immediate area. Cheers to GC.com
  9. Oxymoron?? I guess some people never get bored looking at miles of roadside guardrail. I'll stick with the rock outcrop that overlooks the mountain range and lake.
  10. 11 + years for me......with a long vacation in the middle. Since I've been back, I've found more caches in a few months than I found in a year. Up until a few days ago, my singe day high was 6 caches. That took 10 hours and 7 miles of hiking. Now I can find ten with only 2 miles of walking in a couple of hours. My how things have changed. But the itch is definitely back.
  11. When I was an active member of the community there were so many less caches, we had to travel more than 20 miles for 1000 caches. Now the local cache group is real local. I can see how these off site sub-forums became popular. For Mopars surprise birthday party, there were cachers from 5-6 states in attendance. Most of us knew each other from the forums. Now a local group can be 50 members and be in an area one tenth of the size they were 10 years ago. If Groundspeak has the server space, maybe some sub-forums here could bring members back. On your way to your "Northern New Jersey" forum, there's a chance you'll stop in the "Mid-Atlantic" (uggggg) forum and make a friend in southern NJ. This was only an example. Maybe reaching out to the local caching groups and giving their admins limited mod responsibility (only in their respective sub-forum) would be a way to start.
  12. I only work a few minutes from the starting point in NYC. I have no idea what a Wherigo is though. I'll start reading up on it. In the mean time, if any others want to do the NYC part....don't wait for me. Jump on it. No need to wait for my learning curve. Cheers, Harrald
  13. The only advice I can give is the same I gave 10 years ago. The average person doesn't know anything about pushing a wheelchair. What I tell people is.... Imagine trying to push a loaded shopping cart along the path you need to use to get to the cache. If you can't push the cart easily along....a wheelchair won't be able to get there. Good luck and thank you for trying to include this into your caches
  14. Sorry to stray.....But does anyone else see the irony in the land owner logging a find?
  15. It was even nicer back when Brian placed a caches of ammo cans for each local cacher. Except the having to slide on my rear end down the hill with 3 ammo cans tied to my pack.
  16. I've given up caring about how other people play. Anything other than a 5 gallon bucket or an ammo can in the woods is somebody trying to make geocaching a different game. If you think you need to sign the log, to make it official....100 people will tell you why you're wrong. Same goes for complaining about rest stop caches, power trails and just about any other way people like to play. Play the way you want. Try to be understanding of the way others play and remember....you're supposed to be having fun. Cheers and just have fun. P.S. if I can't sign the log physically, I log a note.
  17. But when this was the northeast forum it was much more active.
  18. Bugs, humidity, poison ivy, thorn bushes and a GPS that is on its last legs…….. I knew there was something I missed about this game. Now let’s see if the feeling sticks.
  19. I have to agree with most of the other posters here. A micro under a mailbox may cause problems for the person looking for the cache and for you as the cache placer. Also...what about the mailbox makes it worth having a cache there?
  20. I don't know how to put into words how sorry and sad I am. Helmut was a man I looked up to and respected for many reasons. His family is in my prayers.
  21. Instead of archving this cache I thought someone may want to adopt it. If you want it, please email me. I will decide then if it will be adopted or archived. Link A Tribute to The Corps
  22. A quick search will show you more information on this subject.
  23. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done my friend!! I will have to take you out for a steak dinner now. You name the time. I know the place.
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