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  1. Cache re-adoption anyone? Hi all. I'm involved less and less in caching and the number of my active caches keeps diminishing. A few years back when Yrium passes, I adopted 'Number One Son" GCEA6. I'm feeling guilty because I barely check my own caches, let alone one that I adopted. Would anyone like to re-adopt it from me? Whoever does needs to be an active hiker and should probably be the unofficial guardian of 'Old Glory' GCC8A since it's never been transfered from the old owner. I'll check back in the forums but feel free to shoot me an email. Dan-oh
  2. Hey all, long time no post. I just received an email request for images from Hat_Man and somehow it hit me just right. In the last year or so I took down my page of cache container ideas and just deleted the email requests for cache photos. (sorry to those I blew off) I haven't sought a cache in over a year (and don't plan to) mainly because the game has changed so much. That "not really about the numbers" crap and the proliferation of instant-drop-a-cache is what has turned me off and away from caching. Today, Hat_Man helped me realize that anyone that wants to change that is OK in my book. I've since put up a new, revamped page in my SmugMug gallery. Its located at http://danoh.smugmug.com/ in the CCC gallery. I've also added several descriptions and construction tips. An request via your GC.com account will get you the gallery password. Hopefully this doesn't come across as snobby, just my way of sharing.
  3. Nothing stirred up and I didn't take anything wrong. My opinion is to leave the cache thus and thought if there was an overwheling response, it might sway me one way or the other. I've had opions before (caching and other) that went counter to the community and allowed that to influence me. Anyway you look at it, its a good group discussion to have.
  4. I need a group opinion on this one: My 'Behind the Walmart' GCXT0A cache had its WP1 go missing. For those that found it, you might guess it was a PITA to set. Purely for my convience, I turned it into a single stage cache and down graded the difficulty. GoBolts! thought I should do something different and I'm interested to hear what the cache community has to say. I'm not at all a numbers or stats guy so I don't understand that part. Honestly, thats why I don't do much caching anymore. Chances are slim that I'll make it a new cache since thats just too much trouble. Anyone care to convince me otherwise? BTW, I have a few evil ideas that I want to get out there. Raise the bar and all that stuff. Dan-oh
  5. edit: deleted and moved sorry, missed that this was "events" I'll move it to the right place. Dan-oh
  6. Long since archived but it was a stumper. I only took a photo of the prototype, not the refined 2.0 version. Placed on a busy street, city workers took it twice in 18 months. Fun while it lasted!
  7. Oh-HO! You don't know the SD gang very well, do you? This could go on for weeks, nay, months I tell you!
  8. Define active... </stealth...for now>
  9. Its almost been too long since my last cache offering. My latest "cache-n-dash" has been submitted. If approvals are anything like the past, it will be found before I go to bed tonight. Look for GCXT0A 'Behind the WalMart' to be published soon. More brutally hard goodness is in store.
  10. My buddy had a similar idea. In his version, he filled the shell with epoxy and inserted a pin. I think he wrote the coords on the epoxy. Very similar and very cool idea.
  11. For all the "bump" replies, there really is no need. At the top, right of the page click: options then track this topic. You'll then get an email notification every time the thread is updated and then you too can be annoyed by email alert for a "bump". Realy, its nice to forget about the thread and get a note months later.
  12. I hate to chime in with an off-topic subject when I haven't been around lately. Though I haven't done much caching recently, I'm working on a few dastardly concepts. I'll be sure to announce when I have something new to offer. The off-topic: Are there any ex-Napster users or music collectors in the group? I've been part of a CD "trading" site that allows you to directly trade CDs, since you own the rights to a physical disc. I have another 10 invites to LaLa.com that will get you in before the July 4th public opening. I love that I've rejuvinated my stale CD collection with the site. Email me if you want an invite. Back on-topic rant: Dang, I hate those thoughtlessly placed caches, micros or otherwise! Would it kill someone to put more than 5 minutes into a hide?
  13. Since I just archived this cache, I'll post the images. Its my version of a sprinkler head cache that isn't buried. Since it had been a few years since San Diego had seen one of these, it threw a few of 'em. GCHHOY Orton's Folly BTW, Orton Englehart was the inventor of the impact sprinkler head later purchased by the RainBird company. Dan-oh
  14. Please... I need all the help I can get!!! Hahaha! Sorry but La Mesa is in San Diego county. 'sides, this stuff won't help you all that much. BTW, be sure to check the San Diego thread to keep up with the local stuff. Dan-oh
  15. I think he's warning us that the caches in the park won't be accessable during the "faire". Right?
  16. Uh, yea he did say that and it makes his current comments even more significant. I think we can allow the guy some room on his mea culpa and not require him to stand on the corner and whip himself.
  17. Wow Matt, it sounds like you had a visit much better than a few months ago. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. This is the real HaZzMaTt, isn't it?
  18. Oh man, you know its getting good when we start quoting Monty Python! Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.
  19. For some reason, I was sure that was the Fiji Mermaid but that particular one looks different. I guess merpeople were the hoax of choice at some time.
  20. SoCalGeocachers has an underutilized SD Area Forum. Granted, the LA/Orange area is different from San Diego but there are more similaraties than differences. Its a good group but I can only visit so many forums before my eyes start bleeding. If we all moved over there, it could prolly work out.
  21. I'd love to hit Indianana Ed's Subterranean, Flume with a View and that group of caches down 94 way. Early is great for me.
  22. The SD chapter if the Sierra Club also has the peak list in a little different format. Its interesting that they list Cuyamaca Peak as the high point (6512') when its actually the highest publicly accessible peak. I believe the true high point is Hot Springs Moutain (6533') on indian land, yes?
  23. That's prime territory for http://www.socalgeocachers.com/. Drop a line in at their forums, they're all good folks. Dan-oh San Diego
  24. Bwahaha! I doubt thats a back scratcher, eh? BTW, nice job at 'La Cucaracha Rio'. Its almost like 'Passage to Hogsmead' but d@mn longer! Did you check the 8' corrugated pipe a little further downstream? It goes under the freeway. Purty cool. edit to add: I've just read the Queen's log entry twice and just love it! I really dig well written and humorous log entries: Lesson #4: Look more carefully, and check everywhere. Check again. Keep checking, no matter how cold you are. It’s there, and you’ll feel like a schmo if you have to call someone. You’ll feel like a ragin’ moron if you have to call the cache owner, who will serenely guide you right to it, give you a virtual pat on the head like you are an amusing yet simple toddler, and then hang up cackling like a fiend. Okay, I might have misinterpreted the last two parts of that. A special thanks to CC and every other writer that submits great logs like these. We all have our special talents. Mine aint' writing though.
  25. Thats all great but you haven't logged the find yet! Somehow I suspect the Queen can't reveal the extent of her torment without making the cache easier for the next cachers. Thus is the frustration endured by a puzzle cacher. I'm glad to hear I'm still in the ranks with TT; that warms my heart to no end! OK, so who's next?
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