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  1. While caching today I lost my GPS somewhere near GCG79C (General Springs Quest). It is a Garmin 60CSx. I believe the unit is within 100' of the cache, probably between where I left the trail and the cache itself. Or honestly thinking back, in a moment of haste I may actually have left the unit inside the cache. If anybody finds the unit I would really really appreciate getting it back. Thanks!!
  2. I also think this video is a fake, but it is true that you could get 32 AAs to equal 6volts...it all depends on how the are wired together, in serial or in parallel
  3. Ive done a few rogaines, the longest Ive done was 8hours and it was an individual event. They are quite fun.
  4. Heard of it in the Army, where I believe it's a skill level one common task. If they still call them that. And as I saw someone else say, Northern Hemisphere only. In the southern hemisphere it should just be switched around...point 12 toward the sun and halfway between the 12 and the hour hand is north EDIT TO ADD...I may be wrong-i just thought this through mentally, can somebody confirm
  5. 100oz bladder in the sleeve plus a 100oz omega in the pack
  6. I ended up going with the Approach 3.0. I tried out the motherlode and although i liked that it was built to hold 2 bladders it just didnt seam to fit right. I took the approach out for an 8 mile round trip, 2000' elevation gain hike yesterday and even with it loaded with nearly 40lbs of gear (mostly water, i took 8 liters-2 bladders and 2 32oz bottles) it was quite comfortable.
  7. also to make it easier to mark them manually you can add a column that has a check box for found and then you just have to tick the box to do this: in the menu bar click VIEW then click ADD/DELETE COLUMNS then find the check box for FOUND STATUS, mark that box click OK and you should be ready hope this helps
  8. as far as i know thats a default feature of GSAK. ive never had to change anything and it does it for me. the only problem is that its usually best to wait until the next day to run the My Finds PQ as sometimes it omits caches that you just recently logged (within a few hours)
  9. Be careful--In most jurisdictions, if you insist on a real cop, you will find yourself on the wrong end of a disorderly conduct charge, no matter how polite you are. Now thats possibly the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard edit to clarify...im not necessarily saying your statement is ridiculous just that if you right the law is ridiculous but i really hope your wrong
  10. sweet. wouldn't you run into problems if one bladder empties before the other and then you just start sucking the air from the empty bladder instead of the last few oz of water from the other? as for Bob's Bargins Mart, i dont even remember the place so it must have been gone for awhile--id settle for having Popular back
  11. I never even thought about Miller's...its been a few years since ive been over there to stock up on ammo cans. btw id be curious to see photos of your setup with the two bladders rigged together
  12. Check out the previously mentioned Mountainsmith Approach 3.0. I know Dicks carries it if you have a Dicks somewhere near you. How do the bladders fit inside the pack. My preferred bladders are camelbak. I've looked at the internal sleeves on other packs and they always seem to be weird size/shape that dont seam to match the bladders
  13. Im in the market for a new daypack. i need to be able to fit at least two 100oz bladders in it and still have room for some gear. the sticking point is the double bladder, but that is a necessity for the longer hikes here in tucson during the summer. i saw mule ears post about the motherload form camelbak but im hesitant to order a pack online without trying it on first and nobody carries it in stores near me. any other ideas?
  14. the zip code searches on this site do not restrict to those caches within a zip code--they merely list caches which are closest to a seemingly arbitrary point (sometimes it the post office, sometimes its the center of the zip code other times who knows what) which lies within the zip code
  15. Ok thanks for the info. One more question relating to tracks. When using the trakbak feature does it matter which way you are going. I'm uploading tracks of a couple trails I will soon be hiking and intend to follow the tracks. Do I need to invert all the tracks (ie make the end of my hike the beggining of the track) before uploading them to the unit?
  16. I'm trying to transfer a track to my GPSr but every time it truncates the track and I can't figure out why. I cleared the memory so there should be plenty of room and the track is only like 520 points long. Any help?
  17. Is there any free software that can convert track information from National Geographic TOPO! .tpo format to something else that is useful if you don't have TOPO! (such as .GPX or .CSV)??
  18. I am not deaf but I have a friend who is and as such I use sign on a regular basis. I'm not anywhere near fluent but I know enough to carry on a conversation with my friend and others and i'm still learning...everything I have learned I have picked up just from hanging out with my friend. I'll follow this topic to see what comes up. ANd yes the "L handshape" held to the chin is the sign used to indicated lesbian...so that might not be a good idea to use for our sport.
  19. There is one case the NGS will accept a "Destroyed" without a disk in hand, and that is when the structure that the disk was mounted on (say the side of a brick building) is demolished. Doctor's Hospital (KU1423) at 88th & East End Ave in Manhattan comes to mind. The hospital was torn down. Harry Dolphin got the mark declared destroyed last year. Pb Ok I was just gonna ask a simmilar question. A BM near my home is listed as being set in 1951 in the headwall of a road bridge over a river. About 10 years ago a larger bridge was build adjacent to the bridge which had existed in 1951 and the older bridge was torn down. Can this mark be submitted as destroyed, or a Not Found with explanation?
  20. A few days ago I was looking for CZ0584. At the location I was expecting to find the mark, I found a broken concrete cylendar with an impression in the top the size of the standard CGS disk I was looking for. I am convinced that what I found was the destroyed mark. Should I submit this to the NGS as destroyed?
  21. CZ0590 / 1951 / NO / NO CZ0498 / 1950 / NO / NO CZ0496 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0494 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0491 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0490 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0489 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0486 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0483 / 1931 / NO / NO CZ0369 / 1945 / NO / NO CZ0362 / 1945 / NO / NO CZ0481 / 1951 / NO / NO
  22. Just grabbed 2 on my way home from swimming today. CZ0526 / 1930 / No / No CZ0524 / 1930 / No / No
  23. Not much time to hunt today, I was working a bike race right in Superior. One of these marks was literally 20ft from the start/finish line and the other only 500m away. DU0468 / 1948 / No / No DU0470 / 1935 / Yes / No
  24. Huh. I didn't know that you could change out the gasket. Where do you buy new ones? You don't; you pry open your wallet and plunk down $5 for a new ammo box. Still hoping someone can find a mil spec number on an ammo box. That's what I thought, but Wildearth apparently has some experience in replacing the gasket, so more info is needed. Sorry, I should have worded that better. I dont have any personal experience in repairing cans, only in finding ones after the fire goes over. I have heard of a seal being replaced, though I dont know if they meant buying a new one or just covering the old one with silicone. Although I was just thinking that maybe a rubber bead used to seal windows or something like that might work if needed (ie to cheap to buy a new can)
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