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  1. Guess not, well I've decided to buy one, and will give my impressions in a couple of weeks, right here. Even though I haven't cached in a while, I'll test the unit on a cache or two.
  2. LINK If so, is the 5-7 hour battery time accurate, and how do you like it. Some of my tax refund is going towards one, so I'm looking for owners opinions. I will mainly use it in my car, for Nav(I'll stick with trusty old yellow for caching), but am looking forward to the PDA functions. I searched this forum and only found 2 threads but no owners. TIA.
  3. I helped out Playtime Inc. last summer a few times as a geo-tech. The caches for those geoteaming events were put out the morning of the event, and removed afterwards, and not listed on geocaching.com Can you share a link to the caches you're talking about?
  4. This was a fun thread to read, I have been in a cache funk since I got my old job back this April (after 14 months unemployed). My favorite time to cache is 2-4 am, preferably hunting for a cache that hasn't been found yet. Since I wake up at 4:30 am to get ready for work, that's not easy now. (at least I don't think it is, I really haven't tried it). Still, I left a bit early one day, my first month back at work, and spent an hour + on a FTF hunt. Didn't find it, so I came back after work to look for a couple more hours. Still no find. I knew it would be hard, as a couple of experienced cachers had no luck finding it before me. No Problem, I wrote my log to document my experience. The coords were centered right on a "No Trespassing" sign, and it was mentioned in the logs previous to mine. I waited for a note from the hider before I tried it. It came, "the cache is still there" is what it said, no mention of rechecking coords. But I figured nobody would not recheck the coords after the 1st couple of logs said they were at a "No Trespassing" sign. I was wrong. Turned out the coords were 176 feet off. When the hider figured that out, they mentioned the coords were a "LITTLE" bit off in a log entry. and deleted my polite, but not glowing, log entry (that did still thank them for the hunt, and mentioned I would try again). That and a slew of other childish actions by that hider, kind of gave me a "screw this BS attitude", and I haven't cached since. That last cache hunt wouldn't have stopped me from caching, if I could still hunt the way I like too (late night/early morning), but it did make me lose my cache appetite. It just came at the wrong time for me, and I haven't had any desire to cache since. I try not to say anything discouraging, or mean in my logs, but I do try to be honest. I spent a lot of time, wording that log, so that the flavor of my experience hunting that cache, would come across, without being negative. Travisl is more diplomatic than I am, and I think most cache hiders take criticism well, but I bet his new found logging honesty/accuracy gets some feathers ruffled. Too bad, I like reading accurate cache logs, and if you hide a cache, you have to realize some people will thinks it's lame. I don't know exactly why, but reading most of this thread has had a slight cathartic effect. Hey It's late, I don't work tomorrow, any new caches??? edit: was 176 feet off not 270, as originally written.
  5. What an informative and invaluable post!
  6. If you have a problem with allowing him to log his find as an FTF on your cache, you could always do the following: - Activate the cache, and let him log his FTF; - Archive it; - Go to the cache, remove the first page from the log book or replace the book, but leave everythign else as is; - Submit a new cache listing for exactly the same location, same box, same description. This will leave everyone happy. You'll allow someone else to claim an FTF on your "new" cache, and he will have his FTF anyway, PLUS the ability to log your new cache again What if the same person was FTF again, that'd be funny.
  7. Yup, the cache has been found, and the first one to find it, found it first.
  8. I got a lot of info on it, but no idea how to solve it, my head is humming, and it won't go.
  9. Without thinking about it very much, I can recall a half-dozen times I have searched for caches yet-to-be-placed. I was never angry. It is part of the FTF game. -WR That's really no reason for somebody to say they have placed a cache when they haven't, which is what they are doing by leaving the "Yes, this cache is currently active." box checked. Some people even think it's OK to do that, for no good reason (there isn't a good reason). But yeah, getting angry doesn't help.
  10. Then we'd end up with more and more complaints that the reviewers are dragging their feet rather than approving cache submissions. Yes but then the inconvenience would be the problem of the careless person, not the innocent cacher.
  11. I think if your doing something for the first time, you should pay extra attention to details, particularly if others can be affected by your carelessness. It's pretty obvious that the cache can't be "active" if it's in your house, but they aren't the first (or likely the last) person to do this. This is why I think the default on the "Is this cache active?" should be "NO" instead of yes. In my opinion there is no reason to submit a cache before you place it, none. You can get the waypoint number, you can edit the description, print out test sheets, all without activating the cache.
  12. In Western WA we are lucky enough to have a lot of all types of caches, of all D/T ratings. It allows me to cache, exactly how I want to. If I feel like a night cache, lots of them around. Long hike? Yup, when I feel like one, no problem finding one. Easy Lame micro? lot's of them (some of them mine). Evil micro, yup. Puzzle caches that make me feel smart when I figure them out, lots of them. Puzzle caches that make me feel stupid when I don't figure them out, lots of them too. Etc. My point is, I would never want to lessen the sport for somebody else, by trying to govern the variety of caches. Make this sport your own, do it you way, and let others do it their way. If you find it too dangerous for you, play chess.
  13. Agreed, I have a large (~4" x 7" x 1.5") Altoids tin as my "Lame Micro #1" cache. There is virtually no room for trade items, so I consider it a micro. Others don't think so. I might agree, if it wasn't the first of a series of 4 micros that get progressively smaller. So the smallest one has the logbook? Nope, they are 4 separate caches, along a nice drive, in cool little parks. Starts with the big one, described above, and go down to a breath mint sheet container, all with log books.
  14. Agreed, I have a large (~4" x 7" x 1.5") Altoids tin as my "Lame Micro #1" cache. There is virtually no room for trade items, so I consider it a micro. Others don't think so. I might agree, if it wasn't the first of a series of 4 micros that get progressively smaller.
  15. Now how did I miss that? If it was a cache I'd have another DNF. Thanks!
  16. I tried to remove an archived cache from my watch list. I click on "Remove" the page reloads, but the cache is still on the watch list. I have tried it with 2 caches, one archived one not, no luck.
  17. The Jerk!!! Here's my piece of advice Don't tug on Superman's cape. Don't spit into the wind. Don't pull the mask of the Old Lone Ranger and Don't mess around with Jim. Where'd that one come from? Jim Croce
  18. These do have screw on lids that seal.
  19. M-M? Minneapolis Moline? I thought they made tractors at one time.
  20. I couldn't get to the link, but from the other posts, I'm guessing it's a welding rod container like this on: They paint up real nice (I used Eastwood plastic prep first). edit: Eastwood not Eastman.
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