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My lovely wife and I started out with separate accounts.


OddTodd - Hey it rhymes... she decided on CheleBell because it had a rhythm.


I couldn't find caches without her - I tried to go be FTF on many a cache while she was at work - finally gave up and gave us one handle.


Cadence is a pace or rhythm, or as defined by www.dictionary.com -

Balanced, rhythmic flow, as of poetry or oratory. The measure or beat of movement, as in dancing or marching - or 'caching! icon_biggrin.gif


We're still on our honeymoon. 4 years and counting!


We haven't dropped the individual names completely, but may do that in the future.





(OddTodd and CheleBell)


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I have always been the guy that tosses a firecracker into the campfire just to watch everyone scatter, or grease up the toilet seat with vasoline. One night while chatting on IRC I saw the dominos pizza commercial featuring....Tadaaa...BadAndy, so I glommed onto the nick. My name isn't even Andy, it's George. BadAndy is more my style.

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Team name: Leapin' Lizards.


Didn't own a GPS, never heard of geocaching, then while attending a business meeting two time zones away, a co-worker who is big into Boy Scouts tried to explain it to me. In my jet-lagged state of mind, I was fascinated but foggy. When I got back home, tried to explain this new game-thing, hobby-thing to the guys. Something about using a computer thing to locate boxes hidden in the woods... prizes in the box. Little prizes, I don't know, think that guy mentioned something about plastic lizards. C'mon, it'll be cool, let's try it once, we'll borrow my dad's GPS, there might be plastic lizards somewhere around here just waiting for us to find them!


While essentially nonplussed, family members finally decided to humor me. Found geocaching Web site, located a cache in a park we recognized by name, loaded parents, dog, and GPS into the car, got to park and tried to figure out how to use GPS, finally figured out that coordinates needed to be converted, drove back home, converted, back to park, where (don't laugh) we stood in a spot, compared GPS coordinates to cache coordinates, walked 10 feet in a direction and compared again to see if we were getting closer or farther away, and painfully paced in little 10-foot sections till our GPS matched the printed coordinates.


D***ed if we didn't find the cache. And d***ed if the first prize we pulled out of the container wasn't a plastic lizard! Five of us doing happy-dances all over this little park. Before the day was over, we'd done a second cache and driven 90 miles each way to a marine supply store to fork over a significant amount of money for our own GPS.


Husband came up with the name on the optimistic assumption that once we were able to figure out how our new GPS worked, we could simply leap from found-cache to found-cache. Had I known I was going to have to write everything from a lizard's point of view from that point on, I might have suggested some more elegant or ferocious animal. Well, call it kismet.


My Ma drew our avatar. Cool, eh?

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I was encouraged to reply so I will icon_smile.gif


When I first started caching and registered I needed a name and of course, I hadn't thought of one before registering.


My son, who was about 2 at the time, loved the show Zoboomafoo, on PBS. If you're not familiar, Zoboo is a leaping lemur and the show is all about the outdoors and animals.


So that, coupled with my hope that my son will soon join me on a few of the easier caches, resulted in my alias.


I'm thinking about changing it to Team Zoboo though, because I'm going to introduce my wife to geocaching when we go up to Door County WI in a few weeks.


Would she be Zoboomafette? icon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by VistaCrewzers:

On previous posts we were 66SSEandBeadwyfe. I use 66SSE on a Pontiac Forum and Beadwyfe is what my wife calls herself (she makes jewelry). Our new name is what we look for with a slight referance to the wifes Oldsmobile she no longer has but speaks fondly of.

Ah! the old red bomber (that's what we called ours) - I can still feel that overdrive kicking in under mom's foot as we sailed across the prairies. <sigh>

My name came from a time when my husband, eroyd, was very into gc.com, and I never saw him after supper or on weekends, unless I could wrest the gpsr out of his hand long enough to make a find on my own. Now he is more into his marksmanship, I still don't see him, but I know he is in only one place at least. "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"



"Thank you for calling Mom's Travel Service. Guilt Trips our specialty. Where would you like to go today?"

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While typing in a log tonight I stumbled on a team name to reflect my family. Not sure If I'll use it yet so I'm posting it here for opinions


here's the thought thread.


I'm a millwright, as a course of my job I do Priventive Maintanance

caching at night is my favorit way to cache and with my shift at work all my logs are in the PM


But the biggy was tonights log entry.

The Patterson's

Pat, Michelle, Michayla, and baby Monica.


So I came up with PM's, P-M's P&M's ??? dosn't look as cool typed as it sounded as I went throught the thought process. the PMS that women get would be a down side to be thought of.


Pat Patterson

Garmin 12XL

82CJ7 & 79F250

Herd of Turtles 4x4 club

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Whynot "Team Midnight" since you do it at night? Or is someomne already using that one?




Trash-out, EVERYtime




Geo-cach-er, n. generally a highy technically competent person with lots of free time. (see also- "Unemployed", Computer administrator, aircraft technician- defense worker- dot-com executive- systems administrator, et.al)

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Waaay back (around '95 I think) I was leaving University and wanted a hotmail email address. Even back then most of the good ones had gone. I was kind of randomly typing in any odd things that came to mind. Citizen Smith was an old UK sitcom. It hadn't been taken so that's what I went with. I haven't used the hotmail address in a while but I stuck with that as my screen name.


A year or so ago I got an email at the hotmail account from a user stating that they owned the citizensmith@hotmail.com email address, I had stolen it from them, and if I didn't immediately close my account they would sue me. You do get some complete twats out there don't you. Didn't even dignify them with a reply, and kept the account going just to bug them.

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We're still ironing out some of the finer points, but I've had teathyme as a screen name/email address for several years now. I'm a serious tea lover and collector of all things tea. I liked the word play with one of my favorite spices - and the name was available - boring, I know. When we started letterboxing, I let teathyme carry over and hubby settled on THUNDER (that's his story to tell or not...) so it seemed natural to continue same names into geocaching. We're trying to come up with a "team name" and considering Team T-n-T so we don't have to sign everything teathyme -n- THUNDER every time.


Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? -How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.

~Sydney Smith 18th cent.


[This message was edited by Teathyme on August 29, 2003 at 04:38 PM.]

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This thread lists hundreds of geocachers screen names and how they came about.

If you haven't already, please add your screen name to the list with an explanation.

  • This is an old thread about screen names.
  • It is a library of sorts, listing the origins of screen names
  • The last post on this thread was 3 months ago.
  • There are obviously lots of new screen names showing up in the forums.
  • Please tell us a little about your screen name.
  • At your convience, enjoy the five pages of listings above.

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Geez-oo-cripes, where did all these people come from all of the sudden? I know this thread started in July, but really now...


In the meantime, ju66l3r is semi-"1337"-speak (that's semi- elitespeak for all of you non-hackers out there). I do hack some (not crack, phreak or any of the other illegal things...true "hacking", not the media version, is simply code writing and I do it for science research).


But I only did it because you'd be surprised at how many jugglers there are in the world. I was able to snag "juggler" as my login name at my undergrad, but quickly found in the ever-growing online population that "juggler" was frequently nabbed on every popular website/service before I got there. So I gave up on that and decided that if I wanted to be known, I'd have to get a login nobody would pick. That's why the semi-speak...the serious 1337 would use a 1 instead of an L and the non 1337 would use juggler. So I split the difference.


If you run into a "ju66l3r" out there in any other part of the web, it's going to be me 9.9 times out of 10.

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My canine caching co-pilot and best friend's name Java. He wasn't named for the programming language but rather for its logo. The Java language logo is a mug with steamy whisps coming out of it. Because Java (the dog) has a brindled coat, it reminded me of those steam whisps. He's a mix between pointer and greyhound, thus one of his nicknames is Javamutt. Since he goes with me on almost every hunt, we share a log-in.


There's a picture titled "Getting Warmer" in my gallery that has a decent side-view of his cool markings if anyone is curious.

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I Lived in the Chilterns of England for many years. This area is well known for it's chair makers who worked in the beautiful beach woods around there. They were known as "Bodgers" and that area being in the county of Buckinghamshire, hence the name. Now I'm in France maybe I should rename, any ideas?

I originate from the North of England from a place with a well known crooked spire on it's church any guesses as to it's name?

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I am an expat-Australian living in the US--->Another term for an Australian is Aussie--->Aussie is pronounced like Ozzie--->Many people refer to Australia as The Land of Oz, or just Oz


That covers the first part of my moniker.


Guff comes from my last name and was my nickname from the ages of about 12 to 23. When I am Down Under visiting relatives/friends I still have folks call me Guff.


That covers the second part of my moniker.


Let me add that I just read the entire 5 pages of posts--very entertaining!



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If ya ain,t guessed then my name came about because i,m Lord of the Rings crazy and I felt sorry for the Cave Troll killed :) in the Mines of Moria.

Thinking about it though as lots of caches are placed in woods Treebeard would be a good user name for a cacher.

Wish I,d thought of it at the beginning!

The Joan bit is because I didn,t wanna upset the wife by tagging her with something she wouldn,t like!!!!

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My name came about because I was ready for a change. I have been littljo1 ever since my first Email address in college. Throughout the years I have tried to develop new nicknames but with my name being Joe and other interests being popular with so many other people all the names I come up with are taken. I had not put much time into a new nickname when registering to log my first find, and as always after about a dozen tries all my names were taken. I compiled a list of nicknames from the past such as Blonde headed yard ape - a favorite of my fathers when I was very young, however, my hair has since turned brown. When my mother was angry with me I was Joey Da**it - funny but not suitable. I am known to my sister, younger cousins and nephew as Bubba - but being from Western Kentucky that is way too stereotypical. Therefore, I woke my wife up to discuss the dilemma with her, and in her sarcastic sleepy stupor she said "What about GEO.JOE" and with a thrust of her fist in the air she said "GOOO JOE". Thirty seconds later GC.com accepted GEO.JOE and I love it.

Happy Caching



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There are several layers of meaning to the name:


'Cool' is a shortening of our last name as well as our general state of mind.


I usually go out with several people in my family or with friends, hence 'the gang'.


Lastly, it exisits as a kind of tounge and cheek, inside joke (and with no judgement passed on the band or those who enjoy thier music) because Kool and the Gang's music is completely opposite of my usuall musical taste.

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Ours is very boring, its just the abbreviation of where we live.............


Southern Maryland


and geocaching is the techno version of the treasure hunting days of old hence the little guy here to the left




maybe we'll come up with something catchy at a later date?



The SoMDCacherz


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2 years ago this month, we did our first cache. While trying to log in, 'Rickie' asks what should our user name be? Without thinking too much about it, I looked at our cat (named Lucy) and suggested LucyandRickie. Of course we had no idea that caching would become an obsession.


I guess we should have put more thought into it but it fits us. I'm not a redhead and 'Rickie' is not Cuban. But we manage to make a lot of stupid mistakes caching that are certainly worthy of the real L&R. :D

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While we waited for our first GPSr to arrive Ani and I kicked around several ideas. One evening while drinking scotch...well, you can figure that out. I have to admit I am not 100% pleased with it. Stalker isn't exactly considered a GOOD thing these days and we aren't exactly drunks. I think people probably read our name and imagine a couple of lushes stumbling around the woods looking for mcToys. Oh well, it is what it is.

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Mine started while registering for a Hotmail account years ago. As usual the first ten names I tried were taken, so I took my profession and added a number. Most people never figure out the number, so I will let you all in on a secret.


8766 = the number of hours in a year

365.25 x 24 = 8766 (don't forget the leap year, add 1/4 day)


Pilots log all their hours flown, so to reach 8766 hours means we have spent one whole year of our lives flying. I have about 1/2 a year under my belt so far. The most ever is around 60,000 hours or almost 7 years ;) .


I actually bought a Lowrance Airmap 100 GPS in April 1999, before Geocaching. You can see from my photo posts that the marker is a plane. I never expected I would use it more for Geocaching than I do for flying.


I found out about and originally registered with Geocaching in January 2002. At the time there were few caches and I never really got into it. Lately I am back into it and am having a blast ;) . I really enjoy using my job to add mileage to travel bugs (check this out). Not to mention it is a great thing to do while stuck in a city on an overnight.

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most of the time when i am on the net my username is starchaser, because i am into astronomy. it seems that a few other people use that also. one day out of pure frustration trying to find a user name, i made up uperdooper because i knew that it would be unique. it has no meaning what so ever, but no one else has used it except my mother who is uperdooper2. ;)

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REG are my initials. My father has the same name and is a Junior, so that makes me a third, hence reg3. The neatest thing is that all three (grandfather, father, and me) have birthdays are in November. Since we are obviously not very creative in my family, you should guess that my son is the fourth. He was born on Oct. 28th because my wife wasn't willing to wait a few more days.

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