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  1. Got mine in the mail today. Best looking Geocoin I've seen! Best wishes to Kaitlyn
  2. You might also Google "byte"
  3. Yes, the virtual is the only cache on Alcatraz. There's a local forum that might be helpful to you The Geocachers of the Bay Area Hope you enjoy your visit!
  4. How cool! A happy ending. Congrats, and I'd be happy to go caching with you if you ever find yourself out to the Bay Area!
  5. NY is actually quite safe as large cities go. It's not quite Disneyworld, but compared to what it was 15-20 years ago it's a different world. I feel safe walking down streets these days that I would't have driven down in the 70's. I'll second this. Growing up in Scranton, we used to love to go to NYC--but Central Park was completely off limits (late 70's to early 80's). We mostly stuck to Rockefeller center and a few museums that we took taxis to. Now I'm rediscovering the city, because I can actually walk around many more neighborhoods and feel very relaxed. Having trained at the trauma center in Little Rock, Arkansas I can assure you that these same people live there. It's simply a population density thing. I hope the OP is mending well, and will keep caching.
  6. Snoogans, you are one classy guy. Not everyone could say what you did with as much tact and restraint. I was less involved with interfacing with the contributors than others, so I claim ignorance as to how your submssions were treated so poorly. However, we obviously dropped the ball with you, and for that I apologize in a very belated fashion. It's largely irrelevant now, but none the less sincere. I don't want to derail the topic by rehashing the woes of TC, but I felt that your post merited a reply. Certainly there is room for improvement in the submission process, and I agree with El D and the others that you still need to edit things for clarity and accuracy.
  7. Just an idea...why not open it to allow anyone to contribute content and rather than having a staff or subest of people writing articles you have them approving articles that are freely submitted. That way you just basically open up topics and allow people to do write-up's on the topics and get multiple submissions for each one to choose from...maybe publish a few different views. This was pretty much our M.O. for the website the entire time. We were constantly asking for submissions, and we published most everything we got. If it was sparse on detail, we fleshed it out, if it was written as a rough draft, we polished it. Bottom line, people just didn't send stuff in very often. So after a few months you either need a dedicated group of contributors, or some way to inspire the community to contribute. I'm not trying to put the brakes on--I think it's worth pursuing. I just don't want to see people stuck in the same pitfalls.
  8. As the (ex)webmaster for Today's Cacher, I still have a server up and running, and would donate the cost of hosting the domain. So there wouldn't even be the minimal cost of hosting the website. As you pointed out, our biggest, recurring problem at TC was always getting people to contribute articles to the site. With an all volunteer staff you have no whip to crack when everyone says, "I don't have anything this month." Then you end up trying to generate a bunch of content on your own, or nagging people who are really trying to help you. It's hard to be demanding from people whom you aren't paying. Also, volunteers tend to not respect deadlines. What finally caused me to call it quits was yet another 13 hour day doing HTML the day before the issue was supposed to go up on the website, because everyone had waited until the last minute to send their articles in. I agree that if it's attempted again it should not be a for profit enterprise, and everyone should accept that going in.
  9. I'd log what happened on the traveller's page. If it was an honest mistake with a routine traveller, I'd expect the owner to understand. If they asked, or if it was a stupid mistake on my part, or it was a TB for their dead dog, I'd make a good faith effort to make things right with them. Offering to buy another item of equal worth would be above and beyond what most people would do, and I don't think you'd be expected to. But it would be very decent of you to.
  10. A little frog told me that a staff member from Groundspeak browses through the image server to find appropriate pics, which are randomly displayed.
  11. This says it all for me...sadly, you are probably in a minority. The issue is personal integrity and common decency. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who don't care what others think about them, or worse, go out of their way to have others think poorly of them. Your point about having objective accountability for our actions is well taken. I just think geocaching is too light and casual to withstand the sort of scrutiny that would be required to enforce legitimate credentials. A system that is burdensome to everyone, and easily defeated is worse than outright anonymity.
  12. I have to agree with the general trend of answers so far. As far as rudeness goes, I know plenty of people by their real names and faces who are jerks. The anonymity might allow them to exaggerate their behavior, but it doesn't determine or change their character.
  13. FYI--the archives (and the actual site) are hosted on my server, and will remain available for the forseeable future. I'll try to get the last few issues PDF'd, and "zip" up the archives for downloading as well.
  14. Not really. There are plenty of experienced cachers who also make mistakes with coordinates, placement permission, clues etc., or who simply hide cookie-cutter uninspired caches. Your idea has a lot of intuitive appeal and it is regularly suggested by new cachers. The consensus is that hiding a good cache requires a certain amount of creativity and attention to detail. Neither of those characteristics is improved by finding a cache or two.
  15. Thanks mtn-man. I didn't really think this would be of general interest, but the "Contact Us" page asks you to ask your question in the forums before e-mailing. I know the Groundspeak folk are plenty busy, and it's a low priority. Still, it might be something that affects other cachers as well, so I'll fire off an email.
  16. There's a local cache I found about 2 years ago, and I logged it then. A few months later it showed up on my unfound list. It wasn't republished under a different number, and the owner didn't delete my log. My log simply disappeared from the cache page. I re-logged it, and my find count incremented, and my new log appeared on the cache page. Then it popped up on my unfound list again, and my log is gone! I get along great with the owner, and even asked her about it and she assures me she's not deleting the log (and I haven't gotten any messages from the server about the log being deleted). Has anyone else experienced this behavior? It's this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dc840&log=y Is there a limit to how far back you can pre-date a log?
  17. I get the same thing... Also, if you claim to be writing XHTML 1.0 transitional you should be closing your break tags (<br />) and using lowercase attributes (eg 'tr' 'td' etc) (I know you are 10 times the programmer I am, so I have to nit pick where I can, forgive me)
  18. Wow. I am so impressed that you would go to such lengths to cross your "t's" and dot your "i's" You are an inspiration to the community. Congratulations also on running a thread where an actual issue was debated in a civilized manner, and came to a happy conclusion. I need to do some of your caches if I'm ever in the neighborhood!
  19. While we're discussing the OCB, I recently watched the video again, and it was a can of Black Eyed Peas, so shouldn't it be the "OCP"? Although black eyed peas technically are beans...
  20. Where's george is a separate activity, and the webmaster there doesn't like bills that get logged in and out of caches. Take the $1, buy some batteries or a drink, and log a "Found it!" note for the cache only. Welcome!
  21. Hey! That was me! That was also very fun. I posted some pics at Today's Cacher Photo Gallery--someone also said there was a shutterfly account for the event. Does anyone have that info? I really enjoyed spending time with my fellow cachers in the camp sites and the pavillion. I can't believe I have to wait another year for the next one!
  22. Another way to do it is with GPSBabel. It will also create the .txt file that you can import as others have described.
  23. As a cache owner I enjoy getting multiple logs from different people in the same group. It's nice to know that more than one person enjoyed the cache. Just don't have everyone log the cache if three people sat in the car while one guy hiked half a mile to find it. As long as they signed the logbook, they can (and should) log on the cache page as well.
  24. Odd that he didn't mention that hundreds of geocachers would be decending on the area next month for GeoWoodstock4. And I loved the phrase "unsettling zeal for the game"--he should check out the forums if he wants to see unsettling zeal.
  25. Texas Geocaching has some.
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