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I was on a chat site called "College Chat" back when I was, well, in college. There was a guy in there that I spoke to for a couple of years and then he changed his nickname to "Papillon" after the book. He suggested I read it, said it was a great book and I would enjoy it. So I picked up a copy and read it. Zoraima and Lali were Papillon's two wives. One night I decided to surprise him, I hadn't spoken to him in a while, so I logged on as "Zoraima". He was shocked, but pleased I had read the book when he figured out it was me.


In any event, I've stuck with the name, as no one else seems to use it. It's unique-ish, like me. icon_wink.gif




Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. --Galadriel, "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of the Ring"

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Originally posted by RuffRidr:

I've got a '91 Jeep Wrangler that is lifted and has rather large tires on it. Because of the leaf springs on it, it is somewhat of a "rough ride". So I started using that nick on a Jeep board that I hang out on occasionally.




Ive got a 94 Jeep Wrangler YJ - I just sold it - you want my name?

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"Tanks" to all who have responded to this thread. I've really enjoyed all the interesting (and not so interesting icon_rolleyes.gif) stories.


I just wanted to bring it back to the top 1 more time and hopefully trap a few more vacationers and procrastinaters. icon_biggrin.gif


============="If it feels good...do it."================

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I have no idea how I got this name or what it means. I vaguely remember a friend using this name on a website when the internet first came out. I always remembered it, and when I got a computer of my own, it became my name anywhere that I needed a screen name. I'm definately not 'gooey'.


Gimpygoo icon_rolleyes.gif

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My screenname means "ice cream" in Slovak and was given to me by a Slovak exchange student living at my house in 1996 when we got Internet access for the first time. We always had lots of ice cream around, so he thought that would be a good name for me. I love how it sounds, so I've kept it for just about everything I do online.

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WOW I posted this same thread about a year ago and got flamed really bad. But I too think it is very interesting of how folks came up with their names.


Mine was an old CB handle from way back when. Then it went on to be used in IM services and an e-mail account then finally to here.




"Free your mind" - Morpheus - The Matrix

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Hey all! New here.


"CRASH!" The short answer is... I tend to CRASH things. Mostly motorcycles, but also cars, trucks... pretty much anything else with wheels and some things without. (Don't ask about the shopping cart!)


<long story ahead>


I was first coined with the name CRASH at 3 months old. My mom totaled a '55 Tbird. I was thrown onto the floorboards and the car crumpled around me. After they pulled the wreckage from around me, they found me fine and unphased.The local paper referred to me as "CRASH baby". I guess from birth I was an adreneline junkie!


I went on to a long life (well 34 years) of CRASHing things. About 4 years ago I started a motorcycle club (CRASH! Club) both online and in tha flesh. To date the online club has over 400 members.


We have "CRASH! Crew racing" team for about a dozen of us that race motorcycles.


Funny thing is, NO ONE refers to me by my given name. There are people that have known me for over a year that never knew my given name. When someone does call me by my god given ('er parent given) name, It sounds strange to me.


Yeah, I should seek help! LOL


Now a bunch of CRASH! Clubbers are getting GPS's and Geocache hunting. I guess we'll start "CRASH! Crew" the Geocache team.





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Well, my story is alot more dark than most of yours... I have two friends named Steph who got the nicknames of Duck and Frog so that we could call them by those and not get confused on which steph we meant...


So one day, Frog and I were talking on the phone and I was having a bad day. So I said... "You know what.. You're a frog, so I'm a fly.. eat me and put me out of my misery!"


My other handle that I use is nascar related, and when I went on a message board for a different driver, I used fly because I couldn't use a handle for a different driver on someone's board. So, fly kinda stuck... Then I ended up a couple places where fly was either already used or too short, so I added the 46 because it's the car number of someone I know that races.

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I live in Southern Oregon, but spend some time over the border in Modoc county California.

Some of the locals call it 'More Rock' county because of all the basalt and other lava rock. Morphed that into Morock.

Another level is my love of rock'n roll music. The avatar is another story for another thread.


'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..

the.. Great..er..Oz has spoken.'

Frank Morgan, in MGM's The Wizard of Oz 1939

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Okay! Let me see, hmmm. Well, The Buzzard's actually started out as a group of friends who went bar hopping together for many years, so we became known as the "Bar Buzzard's". Since me and my brother were the ones who came up with the name and my brother designed the T-shirt that we wore when we went out, we decided to use it on here. Although, we use it for the name of the bar in my friend's house, which is known as "The Buzzard's Nest" and we also use it for our line of homemade sauces. The latter one is something that we are in the process of making available online and throughout stores in Central PA.

So this just became a sort of natural progression for us, even though it might also sound sort of silly or strange to others...

The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust

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I didn't respond on two earlier threads so I may as well do it here. In another life I am a track official. Most of the time I do the weighing and measuring of the implements for the throwing events. Hence WeightMan. Not very obvious, but boring nonetheless.



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It'a funny how nicks evolve.


I taught survival in the USAF, and do my moniker has been "Survivor" for many years.(since 1979), in 1990 I met Bridget, and I was using Survivor on the CB. I was Boarding at a historic home on Route 66, and she rented one of the other rooms.


Her handle was "Disaster Area", we laughed about it, and joked that it was Kismet. and two years later we married. We just celebrated our thireenth year together and our 10th anniversary.




Trash-out, EVERYtim

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When I was in Basic Training for the Army, one of my drill sergeants did not have english as his first language. He had great difficulty pronouncing my name and shortened it to Private Moe. I responded with "knuk knuk knuk why certainly" and Privat Moe I was! A few weeks later I shot 39 of 40 of the Basic Riflmans Test (best in the company) and he called me 'super' and the next time he spoke to me he called me Private SuperMoe. I hav eused that nick ever since.

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CacheUsOut comes from the other vice we enjoy together, Blackjack. Wanted to use some play on the word cash and decided that when it's time to geocache, we have to cashout our chips!



If I want to see a sunrise, I'll STAY up for it!

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MRMnJewel is a conglomeration of Matt's initials and Julia's nickname with an n in between indicating that the 2 go together...pronounced mermanjool...


The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.---Matthew 13:44


Matt & Julia


To view our online geocaching diary/blog, click here

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Mine too is pretty obvious and boring. It was after a thaw from a tremendous ice storm that hit here that Maxine (my Dalmation) and Me caught cabin fever.


I had heard of Geocaching but never tried it. I loaded one cache in the GPSr and off we went. She has been my caching buddy ever since.

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To start, we discovered our logo.. a little girl with her cat. Trudy is a diminutive form of Helen's middle name which she prefers we do not disclose. The original logo was a bit crude, didn't look a lot like a cat. So we mulled it over, hashed it out, talked it through. We refined the drawing, enhanced it, and fixed it. We were all set to adopt it as our logo and we took it to our grand children for their opinions. They happened to watching some Disney film at the time. Not sure what it was, but it seemed to be about some chick with a beau having a bad hair day. I'm not sure which child it was, but one pointed at the logo and said "it's a little girl and her cat." And that's the story of our geoname Little girl and her cat.


Life is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy.

A cache is a gift, freely given for you to enjoy.

To cache is to live. What is life without caching?

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My wife and I both had our own ideas as to what our Geocache name should be. Our lists were very far apart and we each started to try and convince the other who had the best name. During this conversation we realized our 3 year old was listing to the song, John Lee Supertaster by They Might Be Giants for about the 30th time that night. We figured it was his way of letting us know what he thought the name should be so we went with it.


We Might Be Giants

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Mine was given to me by my friend Nichole. When I started I visioned this as a family activity only. So I created the Radakovitz-Family screen name. After a while the kids didn't want to cache any longer and I got more involved (obsessed). Nichole claimed one day that I was a total geek about geocaching and spewed out the name Geogeek! I tried to get that but it was already taken. I just added the year of my birth (1965) and Geogeek65 was born. I set out to find a logo and saw the little kid on a ink stamp and thought. "If I add glassed to him, he would look kinda geeky!" Now it's my crude stick figure representation of myself.

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QUOTE: "...you can tell by the picture I love Basset Hounds!"--SKYCOP




And I thought you were a cat lover.


============="If it feels good...do it"==============


**(the other 9 out of 10 voices in my head say: "Don't do it.")



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a. (thermodynamics) The energy in a system unavailable to do work. Broadly: The degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system


b. (astrophysics) The degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity.


What would you expect from an engineer?



Max Entropy

More than just a name, a lifestyle.

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Hmmm... I've though long and hard for a long time what trail name I would like to have if I ever thru-hiked the AT. One day it came to me and I started chuckling. I hike a million miles an hour so 'Lightfoot' was easy, and if you have ever backpacked with me and slept in the same shelter your would KNOW where 'Buzz' comes from! icon_wink.gif


I bought an invisible fence for my invisible dog.


Buzz Lightfoot

Pike County, PA

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I believe I was the 1st to post this topic on the original board. I haven't read this board for ages as my GPS died and I haven't gotten around to buying another with an addition to the family and a new house taking up all our time. Saw an advert for a GPS the other day and thought.. hmmm, Summer's approaching (in Australia here) might have to investigate a new GPS so found my geocaching booksmarks and come on over! Not many names I recognise but an interesting read!


Since the links didn't go back to the original discussion, nor would everyone read them, my name is my car, which I use in most forums I frequent.

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Our nicknames were fairly self-explanatory to family and friends. I picked up the nickname 'Smurf' at university in Canberra - I was a fairly short 5'4" compared to my 6' tall classmates, and we were in the Air Force so our uniforms were blue.


My husband Andy picked up the nickname 'Slider' after a particularly competitive game of touch footy one lunchtime (sort of like rugby, but with slightly fewer head injuries icon_biggrin.gif). He slid to prevent a try, but accidently managed to ankle tap his opponent ... with his foot! He was sent off for the rest of the game, much to his disgust - which meant the rest of the team saw a weakness and ribbed him terribly for weeks afterwards.

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I used to be Iplayinthemud, because I set up my account after a really muddy Mt Bike ride. But it doesn't rain very much in the summer, which limits the amount of mud there is. So I changed to Iplayoutside, because if I spend any amount of time inside, except for sleeping I get restless pretty quick. All of my hobby's occur or have to be observed outside. When the temp falls below freezing I am perfectly content on playing inside.


This space for rent

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