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  1. Okay! Let me see, hmmm. Well, The Buzzard's actually started out as a group of friends who went bar hopping together for many years, so we became known as the "Bar Buzzard's". Since me and my brother were the ones who came up with the name and my brother designed the T-shirt that we wore when we went out, we decided to use it on here. Although, we use it for the name of the bar in my friend's house, which is known as "The Buzzard's Nest" and we also use it for our line of homemade sauces. The latter one is something that we are in the process of making available online and throughout stores in Central PA. So this just became a sort of natural progression for us, even though it might also sound sort of silly or strange to others... The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  2. I think our avatar would be more than an adequate challenge! Count us in too! The Buzzard's
  3. Some of you just need to chill a bit! I like how some of you like to offend new cachers, even paying ones. Not all people have the time to search all the topics that have been placed, especially when most of them don't even pertain to caching. No, not all people are that hostile here. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  4. I also like that idea, it's similar to this one, although completely different! We're actually in the process of a similar one too, with a slight tweak. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=19061 The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  5. Ok, I finally got new batteries in my PDA and noticed that it runs CE 2.0 and I haven't been able to find a way to upgrade it. So, without buying a new PDA, how do I upload EasyGPS and pocket queries to the PDA or am I out of luck on doing that too? ZiggyStardust
  6. I would have to say it's "all the above" since everyone has their own definition. My opinion is that it is more of a "sport" than most professional ones! Of course, I also feel that many things are a "sport", especially if you are exerting energy and it requires stamina while doing it...So unless you are only searching for virtuals, you are required to both of the above, even if it is slightly. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  7. How about posting a cache using a past date? this one was just posted today, although it doesn't even show up as new. The cacher states he placed it last year, but just posted it on April 14th. Shouldn't this cache be required to have the post date on it so people know it is new? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=64069 I don't think using anything but the posting date should be used on the placement, so people getting the updates are notified. Although, if you are placing caches for an event, there is no need to place it on here in advance if you don't want it to be found ahead of time. As the person placing a cache for an event, can't you print out your copy and make copies for others at the event or just have them read it during the event, that way you can post them the day before? I personally don't care if caches are placed in advance, but if you would prefer the cache(s) to be part of an event and not found ahead of time, wouldn't this be the best way? This is just my opinion though!!! The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  8. Being skunked on a cache is a normal everyday event in this sport. I've gone on a few outings last year and so far this year looking for 3 DNF's and they are still DNF's. It gets very personal when you are skunked so many times, but we never give up. The remedy for this is to take kids with you...They seem to be able to find all that is lost. As noted before, always try to take a printout of the cache with you, especially when you are searching in towns or near certain areas. During these times, many people call in suspicious activities. Just remember: "If you give up, you have been beaten and no one likes to be a loser all of the time". The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  9. If Groudspeak is already having the 5"x10" stickers made, I'm sure that it should be possible for them to get them made in other sizes. If they are not able to, I know of a manufacturer that would make them in various sizes based on the original one, for very decent rates if they are made in bulk. I already use this company to make various vinyl graphics for detailing all sorts of vehicles. All I need is authorization to have them made! ZiggyStardust
  10. Actually, I'd like to have both if possible. It just seems like there are only programs for the Palm and not PDA's that use Windows CE. Plus, I'm not very familiar with interchanging info from my desktop or laptop to my PDA. I've only exchanged info from MSWord & Excel. So, any help would be helpful. ZiggyStardust
  11. Ok, if I can't get that to work on it, am I able to download the EasyGPS so I can use the pocket query generator? ZiggyStardust
  12. I have a Cassiopeia A-21S PDA and I've never thought of using it for downloading maps and waypoints. With that said, I was wondering if MapSend Streets would work on it? The PDA has less than 2MB built-in flash memory and I only have a 64MB Combat Flash Card. I also want to download EasyGPS onto it and wanted to know how to combine the two of them for use in the field. Is this possible? If so, is there somewhere I can learn how to do this? I appreciate any help! ZiggyStardust
  13. If you still have the archived cache, just resubmit it as a traditional. It'll take just as long, no big deal...
  14. I agree with The Leprechauns...We'll have to finish that park tour this summer too. The Buzzard's
  15. Placing a virtual cache at this site would be better than placing a micro or traditional, if we want to talk safety. This site is in a very rural area and having people stopping to perform this cache to get the answer is not a traffic hazard by any means. This site is listed with Conventions and Visitors Bureau in Bedford county, so the police are very aware of people stopping here. Now if people had to get out of their vehicles to find an actual cache, it would not be that safe. That's my 2 cents!!! The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  16. All ammo boxes are great to use. If you know where you want to place the cache, then you should let that help you decide on the container size. I personally like using the old style wooden ammo boxes, because they are very large. They are approx. 24"x16"x6" in size, but they also make hiding them much more complicated and you have to place everything in ziploc bags. I know that everyone who finds one enjoys seeing them. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  17. I've been missing my "Machine Gun Casings" TB since August last year and I've just posted one on here about the "Shrunken Head" TB too, which was retrieved by a newbie with 1 cache/1 TB find. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  18. This TB was released by the 'Tarrytown Horsemen' and was last seen in "The Limestone Quarry" cache. The Tarrytown Horsemen's e-mail is noted as being inactive. I read through the archived cache to see where this was and it was picked up by "spatz" who only has this one cache logged since he/she became a member. My question is that both of these members, seem to have disappeared, possibly by the curse of the Shrunken Head...How can I contact these members to have it released...I've been wanting to find this TB, but I now realize that it has gone MIA. Am I nuts to think it's possible for it to resurface??? The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  19. Well ok, wasn't going to reply to this, since I have no idea on two of the guys. Thought it over and decided why not. "The Buzzard's" was taken from gumby who made t-shirts for all of us who hang out together in bars, which he came up with a "Bar Buzzards" design. This stuck and later became "The Buzzard's" for our own line of wing sauces and is now used for the name of our own Buzzard's Brewery, yes we brew our own beer, which we serve at the Buzzard's Nest (gutpiles basement). As for my name ZiggyStadust, obviously comes from David Bowie's alter ego from the 70's. shortyroach is because she is short, duh. Then gutpiles, got his name from a tattoo he has with the saying "Happiness is warm gutpiles", you can tell he's a hunter. Then there is gumby & pokey, which is my brother and his son. He always loved drawing and collecting Gumby & Pokey stuff. I have no clue on fudwumper or punzy1 though. This is TMI I know, sorry!
  20. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust 35 shortyroach 20 on Thursday gutpiles 33 punzy1 32 fudwumper 33 gumby 39 pokey 2 going on 21 in May
  21. As a person who knows about Gravity Hill in PA, I would have to say "NO" to archiving it. Although, this area is also a good location to use as part of a multi-cache.
  22. We put calling cards in some of the larger caches that we find and they are meant to stay in the cache, although it doesn't matter to us. They are just something we decided to do. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  23. We have been placing caches that fit into the small category, which are 1 1/2" x 6" capsules. We just name them as mini-caches, such as our newest one "The Legion Mini-Cache". I always note them as a tradional since they aren't micros. The Small category would be nice though. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  24. If anybody needs to find a certain cemetery in my area of central PA, just drop me a line. I know of cemeteries that are on the top of mountains and in many other places that you wouldn't think of looking for them. If you do go out to cemeteries, try taking a digital camera with you...You never know if someone is looking for someone that might be buried there... The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
  25. I not only enjoy visiting old cemeteries in the region, but I even go out with friends to clean them up and remove old, damaged trees that have fallen or look like they may fall on some of the tombstones. Plus, I've even found some of my ancestors buried in some of them. The Buzzard's: ZiggyStardust
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