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  1. Same problem here, what changed??? I am in the exact same circumstances as you are - hard reset, reloaded V1.t, and now all I get is child waypoints. I sure would like to get back to normal also. I resorted (hopefully as a temp fix) to an older version where I have to unzip the file. Deane AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI
  2. Thanks All! I don't know why, but I kept thinking that it should be in my profile area. iBrew
  3. I was just looking at my profile and can't seem to find a setting for my home coordinates? Where would I go to change them? Thanks, iBrew
  4. I'm travelling to Phoenix for a business class next month and will have 3 free days to do whatever prior to my class starting. I'll have a rental car and I'm looking for recommendations to see some cool sites, caches, hikes, swimming holes, etc. Right now my plan is to head north towards Flagstaff. Anyone know of any "must see" stops along the way? Thanks in advance! iBrew
  5. Thanks for a GREAT coin! It really means a lot to me! iBrew U.S. Navy Seabees (Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1) Homeport - Gulfport, MS Deployments to: Rota Spain Okinawa Japan Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico WE BUILD, WE FIGHT 1982 to 1986
  6. Here are my nominations - In no particular order: Flying Instruments Wilkum to Rocksylvania High & Low Trout Run Nature Preserve RICKFLECTIONS Superballs!
  7. Just wondering when these coins will ship?
  8. Green Jeep TBs have been spotted at the 2006 MidWest GeoBash! NOW I'M PATIENTLY AWAITING FOR IT TO BE ACTIVATED!! iBrew
  9. Got mine on Saturday night at the Midwest GeoBash as well as a cool nametag and pin set!
  10. Junglehair should be on the sleeve. And if it's not??? Then what do I do? Who do I contact??
  11. Ok, I bit the bullet and made my camping reservations for the 2006 Midwest GeoBash. My plan is to leave Lancaster, PA early morning Thursday 7/6/06 drive and cache all day with definite stops in Ohio for caching. Arrive on site before dark and setup camp. I have a very large 3 room family tent which sleeps like 12 and plenty of room in the Expedition for a couple more riders. (I think O'Dragon is riding along at this point?). We'll be returning Sunday 7/9/06 and hopefully not getting back to Lancaster too late. So, any one else interested in making the trek? Let me know. Mike C. AKA: iBrew
  12. I've been tossing around the idea of a road trip to the 2006 Midwest GeoBash - July 3 thru July 6 in Davisburg, MI. Just wondering if anyone might have any interest in riding along? I'd be leaving from Lancaster, PA Nothing in stone yet, just thinking!
  13. Could someone email me a template? Thanks in advance!
  14. How did you get these already???!!! Actually I don't have 'em in hand yet but my subscription to GCC says I'll be getting 'em soon. Just trying to get a jump on setting up some trades. I've modified my original post to limit confusion.
  15. Are you looking to trade? I HAVE FOR TRADE: '05 USA '05 Compass Rose '05 Wisconsin '05 Maine Texas Mt. McKinley Bronze Mount Everest Bronze Mount Everest Silver '05 Georgia Stone Mountain '05 Georgia Peach '05 Delaware '06 GOWT Screw Are You Addicted (Limited Edition) '05 North Carolina GCC December "Old Man Winter" GCC January "ROT13" (on the way) GCC February "Yellow Jeep" (on the way) Rowanf Rose Gypsy NWPA (Nickel) NWPA (Gold) Long Island (Silver) (on the way) Long Island (Bronze) (on the way) Groundhog Day (on the way) I'M LOOKING FOR... Conneticutt Arizona Alabama World of Geocaching Frozen Bone UK Big Bear Hurricane Katrina Cav Scout Raven GBA Faultline '05 Columbia Dutch GCC Ammo Can GCC First Finders Ontario Midwest Geobash SYF
  16. I'll have a couple extra of these to trade....anyone interested send me your list.
  17. When will the forums search feature be fixed? Every time I try it, it says I have to be logged in to use it even though I am logged in?
  18. I'll trade one of my 2nd edition golds for a 1st edition gold?
  19. Is the the 2nd in the series? How many total planned for this series?
  20. Someone broke the "flood control" gates!
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