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  1. I have a stack of paper printouts for caches that I haven't logged - some going back to 2001 when there was no paperless caching. I have notes on them about the caching trip and dates including who, if anyone, was with me. I am bad at logging. I actually made a "resolution" that I would log some during this pandemic since I'm home, but I bought an off grid cabin instead and have been spending my time fixing that up. If I don't log when I arrive home, chances are I won't log. Now, I have notebooks with the info. Ugh, someday.
  2. Thanks, I'll try it. So strange that it just randomly started doing that. I've had this since December and it's not done it previously.
  3. You did bring up an interesting thing though -- I just DID try to lock the screen and that option is no longer there. UGH, I'll restore default and see if it was something that happened when I had it plugged in and updated.
  4. No, it's sitting on the table, or sitting on the dashboard - nothing is bumping it. Nothing is touching it.
  5. Jumping in here. I am having this same problem. Mine just started this weekend. This pops up about every 10 seconds.
  6. Hi All, this survey is meant to inform the DIRECTION of my research - this is not the research itself.
  7. You can leave any question blank. There are no forced answers in this survey. It might be a good idea to indicate that somewhere. I can tell you from experience that many people will just drop out from frustration if they don't know they can skip. It's in the instructions. Right above where you click "next" to signify that you read the instructions. "Your participation in this research project is completely voluntary and you may stop participating at any point. You will not be penalized in any way for not completing the survey. You are welcome to skip any questions."
  8. You can leave any question blank. There are no forced answers in this survey.
  9. Actually, there's quite a bit of skip logic in there You just don't see some of the questions depending on your answers. I think being a pollster by trade is interesting. This is meant to inform my research for my dissertation so the data will be quite useful.
  10. Thanks so much for all the feedback. Unfortunately, I can't make changes on the survey at this time. It's been through 5 committee members who each had input on what they wanted to see in it. It does use a validated scale even though some of the questions/answer choices might be worded oddly. I found that many people interpret them in many ways and just the drafts that were passed around with my faculty advisors were interpreted in different ways with each. This does give me some good pointers for any follow-ups I need to do. Thanks again!
  11. I once got into a slightly protracted discussion on this subject with a person directly affected and it was made very clear to me that she had an impairment, not a disability. I am officially disabled and the term doesn't bother me. I think it's point of view - if I think impairment, I would think I had too much to drink.
  12. Thank you for getting this posted and thanks in advance to those who take the time to answer my questions. Please feel free to follow up with me via email or posting here.
  13. Hello Geocacher, This request for participation in a survey is part of a research project that will contribute to my doctoral dissertation. I would appreciate your help with this project. I am seeking to understand geocachers’ opinions about the possible impact that caching may have on the natural environment. You can help by completing the brief survey linked below. It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete the survey. By responding to these questions, you will help create a better understanding about how geocachers view their impact. If you are a charter member, I am also seeking to understand, if you are still an active geocacher, what keeps you geocaching. If you are no longer active, why did you choose to no longer participate? If you have found and logged an APE Cache, I am interested in knowing why you might have traveled to find that geocache and how far your travel was from your home. To participate in this research project, you must be of the age of consent in your location. If you are, click on this link to participate in the survey. http://oregonstate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_3Ca5mg7fJtbrmdf Thank you, and happy caching! Dianna Fisher (FESPhD17) Doctoral Student, College of Forestry FESPhD17@gmail.com 541-230-4029 Study PI: Joanne Tynon, Ph.D. Study Title: Perceptions of Geocaching: Impacts and Involvement (Note: This survey is posted with permission of Geocaching HQ.)
  14. Thanks! I will keep watch for the two plans.
  15. Did I miss the dates for the May HOTM?
  16. Really wish I could make this hike, but I am currently in Peru. I will make the May HOTM.
  17. I can't get out of here (flooding) and looks like the drive north is not too good (ice). The stars are against me and the HOTM. this is not the first natural disaster to keep me away.
  18. If only there was some sort of forum-assigned authority figure who could monitor threads and keep them on topic... Oh yeah, now I remember why I don't visit the forums, the people suck.
  19. Yes, there are some of us who visited and signed every single one of the containers. It takes more than one full day.
  20. yes, I have a stack of cache pages here near the computer. They are dated and I might get around to logging them someday. I get annoyed when the internet connection here is slow and "put them away for later." I signed the log in the cache, logging online just isn't that important. I log a few every now and then while waiting for other things. I did log all the caches I found this weekend.
  21. Got mine, and the thank you card. Great coins.
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