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  1. Actually, it is even worse than that link states. Now the trial has been further delayed, the charges have been upped to 15 victims, and the DNA of another seven women has been identified but not yet entered into the charges. This is totally different from a cemetary cache or a memorial cache, as it is still very current, and the family members of the victims and another couple of dozen missing women have to live with this on a daily basis.
  2. And this is ... unusual? Last week on the last field trip with my Gr.1 kid to the Sooke Museum, the docent advised us to stay away from the fence edging the property as a black bear was visiting the nearby field eating the skunk cabbage. You can't drive much in the bush around here without jumping a bear, that is, if you can access the bush, which is another issue.
  3. Thanks again. So, next wednesday is the day - what's the weather like? Hopefully cachewidow
  4. There are several along the Saanich Inlet around this one that you could do as a string. Jocelyn for Position #GCF735 There are a few tough sections, and great views all around, and they are close to civilization (Victoria) so it would be less likely you would get lost. We have a whole lotta wilderness out here, how experienced are you at navigating logging roads? As noted, Vancouver Island is about as big as the UK - where will you be staying?
  5. Since they are the ones paying for the trip, aka boss, I don't think that would be a good idea. I'll remember to keep my passport and plane tickets on me just in case.
  6. We have an BC-based e-commerce site, we set up the customer to pay only the GST is they are out of BC, but HST provinces, we do have to charge the HST and submit it with our other tax reporting. I don't know the ins & outs but come audit-time the numbers better add up or we know which creek to commence exploring. US and other overseas customers don't pay any tax at all.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions. As I am travelling from Victoria, Canada ( aka Lotus Land to the rest of Canada) May is usually quite balmy with just rain to deal with. Never know what to expect in the mountains. Looks like I will only have time to hit one or two super close ones while my travelling-companion-non-cachers keep the taxi waiting.
  8. Hi, I will be travelling to Denver in Mid-May for a long weekend. Can anyone suggest a couple of caches near the Convention Centre? What is the weather generally like at that time - t-shirts? jacket? parka? Thanks Cachewidow
  9. The next book coming is 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching', hitting the shelves in June.
  10. My virtual 'You're Going Around in Circles Anyway" is close by (sorry I am pressed for time to upload the link) as are several by Two Crows. To search by zip code try V8V 3K3 which is downtown.
  11. My personal favourite, "Does the Canada flag come in any other colours?" Oops, that should say 'colors', their American after all.
  12. There is also Map Town AKA Map Connection in Calgary. They are at www.maptown.com sorry, I don't know how to upload the link properly.
  13. Silvrstorm, do you write self-awareness books? You should, you have a knack. Great analogy, and a hearty 'hear, hear' to this dialogue.
  14. Six mile would be fine. Do we really have to cache to be there or can we just sit around and drink?
  15. Loghouse pub or waterwheel pub are good in Langford.
  16. Key-rist, what next! I suppose coupons for those will be showing up in the next x-citing x-treme cache.
  17. cachewidow

    Bc Ferries

    There are decent wages, and then there are standing jokes. Having lived my entire life on the island, in the thick of union country, the long-standing joke has been you get with ferries/bctel/bcgeu & you're set for life. The rest of us just try to keep our heads above water. Yet, I do think I enjoy a good standard of living, I have decent housing, I have enough to eat, I can afford health care and life insurance, my kids have new clothes for school and presents under the tree. A whole lotta people would trade places with me, not to mention landing a dream job with a union. Am I anti-union? In the sense that the present situation is way out of proportion to the way most people have to live, yeah, I'm anti-union. Flame on. Bring on the bridge. edit: BTW, eroyd could build it without help.
  18. Right. When you work in retail, you certainly pay attention to what your customers are requesting, and if it works in your store and you can price it competitively, you get it on the shelf ASAP. Its called customer service. If there is such a long line the manager has to operate a checkout, you bet they will be on the floor doing what they can to keep the customers satisfied. Any operation that says 'this is what we have, take it or leave it' doesn't stay in business long (unless they're the only business in town). Sooner or later someone else will pay attention.
  19. Was done quite some time ago - "Salute to Gordon", referring to our province's premier getting caught drunk driving on vacation in Hawaii.
  20. Ecofinder2003, you have put forward a very reasonable and informed reply. Thank you for taking time to find out about geocaching, and being open-minded and interested enough to educate the community, rather than just shutting down the activity. I hope this can serve as a template for relations between users and managers to avoid unnecessary environmental damage and conflict over the resource. cachewidow
  21. Etopo have just been reconfigured to include more maps per CD, a 3-D viewer, and print to 8.5x11. The copy for SWBC covers all of Vancouver Island, sw coast, all the way east through the Okanagan and north past 100 Mile House. It is compatible with Memory Map, Ozi and Fugawi. I sell them, or you can go to various websites. cachewidow
  22. I wonder how much activity like this would be lessened with the presence of geocachers, picnickers, etc on a regular basis. I have used the same arguement about hunters in the backcountry - the more eyes and ears are out there, the less chance some moron has to cause trouble. It is really sad to hear of historical/significant sites being vandalized because TPTB don't have the resources to patrol, yet they won't allow joe citizen to have access to the area.
  23. If I have looked for a cache and could not find it, I have posted a DNF. Since I rarely get back to the same locale, especially if eroyd has already been there and found it (sometimes right after I have looked), it only makes sense to admit to a not found and move on. Besides, to me finding the tupperware is secondary to finding the spot, so if I have already admired the view/landmark/whatever, I really don't care if I find the cache.
  24. eroyd's Toys in the Attic has only been visited three times, but lots of people use the trail. You shouldn't place a cache only thinking how often it will be visited, but how will those who make the effort enjoy the experience. If you figure it is worth the trip, do it! cachewidow
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