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  1. Yes, you can. We've got a few "old" caches under our belts, eh, Jon? ...back to lurk mode...
  2. Nothing like resurrecting an old thread. I'm still alive, although I'm now living in Arizona. I don't geocache much these days, but still hit the occasional cache now and then. I still have a bunch of old Oregon geocoins I need to plant somewhere.
  3. Good points, BT. As for me, I don't care much what their reasons for making that request were, just thought I'd make other Jeepers aware. Those who want to continue discussing racial/ethnic issues and our liberal media, the floor is yours. Enjoy ----- Matt K7MTO
  4. OK, not OK. The point of the thread was to locate Jeeper/geocachers, not whether or not the writer, his editor or the magazine are being politically correct. Amazing how a simple request can get spun into a politcal debate ----- Matt K7MTO
  5. quote:Jeeps are too small, we drive our 4x4 Suburban on our cache trips. Not where mine are located you don't. You'd get that beast hung up or stuck between trees before you ever got close On the other hand, cramming the wife, two kids and gear in the CJ can be difficult. ----- Matt K7MTO
  6. Wish whoever found mine was as honest as you. Mine displayed my name, number and email address in the startup screen so no way they could've missed it! ----- Matt K7MTO
  7. quote:Electric Cache That one's a strech, seneca ----- Matt K7MTO
  8. He explains the ethnic request in the other thread. Apparently, it's at the request of his publisher. ----- Matt K7MTO
  9. Send him a note if you think you can help. See his other thread === Hi, I'm a writer for Jeep magazine seeking some help. I'm writing a story about geocaching -- using a global positioning system to find coordinates where someone has planted a box containing trinkets and a logbook. I want to visit with a family that does geocaching in their Jeep. Ideally, this family also would be members of an ethnic minority. Any help would be welcome. Message me at dmodonnells@att.net, Thanks, Tom O'Donnell === ----- Matt K7MTO
  10. quote:Some of those deer are hella sexy! Must be why they are called white tail and black tail ----- Matt K7MTO
  11. I posted a followup in the General forum with a picture of the disk and link to more pictures. It was glorious up there Saturday ----- Matt K7MTO
  12. Thanks for all the kind words. Saturday, many of Guy's friends gathered atop Hembre Ridge near his geocache and placed a monument with a memorial disk in his honor. Read my note on his cache page for more info (we had to move the cache) and visit this site for more pictures. ----- Matt K7MTO
  13. Looks like your experiment was a success. I think we should have this list of links added to the pdxgeocaching.com website. ----- Matt K7MTO
  14. Ooo...Ooo....make fun of me!!! Oh, yeah, you already do I'd be honored if you use my (now pdxMM's) Silicon Forest cache. I'll have to read posts of the event from my new home in Arizona. Have fun. ----- Matt K7MTO
  15. My two girls, Delaney & Ashlyn, who love to "treasure hunt" with Dad. Delaney, now 3 1/2, was the original 'youngest geocacher' when she found her first cache with me when she was just 7 months old back in November, 2000. ----- Matt K7MTO
  16. I'll be moving down from Oregon in 10 days. I'll see what I can do when I get there ----- Matt K7MTO
  17. Just another idiot looking for attention, although this one is obviously sexually frustrated Best thing to do is ignore them and they go away. ----- Matt K7MTO
  18. Thanks dasein. We're planning on meeting at 08:00 at Roger's Camp staging area, then caravanning up to Hembre Ridge which will take about an hour. After the memorial, some will head for 4x4 trails for the rest of the day while others (including myslef) will head home (lots of packing to complete). ----- Matt K7MTO
  19. Great news, Diver! Hopefully she'll get a chance to read both the missing and found threads so she can understand how many people from communities far way were praying for her safe return. ----- Matt K7MTO
  20. As the father of two girls, 1 & 3, your plight is my worst fear. Our family is praying for her safe return. ----- Matt K7MTO
  21. My now archived CacheAholics Anonymous cache was in the woods behind my previous house - maybe 100 feet from my deck. There were three paths into the woods, one via a path which ran between my house and the neighbors. I watched or made contact with quite a few cachers during the caches lifetime. ----- Matt K7MTO
  22. Cute trees. Below is typical of what we had to deal with in Oregon ----- Matt K7MTO
  23. Do a search for Hawaiin caches and send a few emails to those who've placed them (presuming they are actually locals) and see if one of them can help you out. ----- Matt K7MTO
  24. Thanks for the consideration, Zzzoey. bazzle has graciously agreed to adopt this cache. It takes virtually 0 maintenance but still should be owned by someone local. TPTB gave me temp access to it and I added a memorial paragraph to the page. A group of his friends will be on-site on Oct 4th to place a memorial plaque in his honor. ----- Matt K7MTO
  25. If they can do it for those of us who enjoy motorized recreation, they should be able to do it for hikers. The Oregon Back Country Discovery Route connects the existing California Back Country Discovery Route to the in-progress Washington Back Country Discovery Route. Currently one can drive from the Oregon/Washington border (soon the Canadian border) all the way to Mexico almost completely on dirt/gravel roads and with minimal human contact other than those you run into on along the route. ----- Matt K7MTO
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