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What do you do with your cache trade items?


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Each cache I visit, I like to swap something. I used to search the house, in between the cushions, in the car, etc... trying to find something interesting to leave in a cache where I take something.


Recently, I decided to leave Where's George dollars. I try to take a coin, or some kind of small, flat object that's unique to that cache. I have a log sheet where I record not only the date, but the time I found the cache, the item I took, and the item I left. I'm modifying my log sheet a little to where I can write down the serial number of the Where's George $ I leave at each cache.


I have a Bailey's (it's a liquor) can that I keep all of my finds in. I can pull any given object out of it, and look up when and where I got it.


I don't know if it's corny, or sentimental, but it's what I do. I just wondered what everybody else did with theirs?


-=Jerry A. Goodson=- W5BFF aka hydrashok407


"Real peace is not just the absence of conflict, it's the presence of justice" - http://www.hydrashok.com

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The more I cache the less I have traded. In the beginning I used to swap something useless for something equally useless, but nowadays I take something only if I think I'll need it or if it's something really cool. I've needed keychains, so I've taken those. Very often I've traded something for CDRs or batteries. Once I found a mosquito repellent that generates anti-mosquito sound.


Your way sounds cool though, I like the idea, sentimental or not.icon_smile.gif


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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Yup. Just like you and Divine. I used to swap each and every time. Here lately, I don't usually take anything unless I find it rather interesting. I leave items regardless.


My mother (Granny Grump) has filled a large cannister with all the goodies she has accumulated and working on a second.


The kids always have to take something, and they usually end up strewn across the house, but it is worth it since it keeps them satisfied for a few seconds, anyway. icon_smile.gif




Yup. That's MY goat!

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Like Sissy n CR, if its a useful item, I use it (I've collected several tape measures). Otherwise, if it's something neat that I have no use for, I recycle it in other caches.


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I also like to trade for souvenirs, and they cover a 6 foot long shelf over my desk. I am sometimes amazed that I can remember what cache each item came from, and yet have trouble remembering my children's birthdays. I usually trade only if there is something in the cache that makes a good souvenir. For out-of-state caches, I like things like pins and keychains that have the name of the state on them. Some of the items help remind me of the cache location, e.g., one cache hidden under a large fallen tree in the woods contained a coozy with the words: If a man says something in the woods and there are no women there, is he still wrong? I love that one.




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Originally posted by OuttaHand:

I keep and display all of my trades. This is a nice oak display case that my dad (Tuck-A-Way) made for me. This pic is from July and the case is nearly full now. My dad is now making a 2nd case for me. Here's the pic:



"... and here on this shelf, we have a classic broken McToy. On to the next shelf, we have..."




Joel (joefrog)


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Originally posted by Doc-Dean:

Umm... obsessive... compulsive... icon_razz.gif


If you saw how messy my office is, you'd know just how wrong you are! icon_smile.gif


...and just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they really AREN'T after me!


-=Jerry A. Goodson=- W5BFF aka hydrashok407 frog.gif KoolAid Drinker frog.gif


"Real peace is not just the absence of conflict, it's the presence of justice" - http://www.hydrashok.com

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I still have the first item I traded for, as well as the 'milestone' ones (100, 150, 200, 250), but other than that, I just write off anything I get. My reason being is the 'small-fry' (age 4) who caches quite often with me. I let her pick and just figure I'll never see it again...at least until I either clean out the car or check under the sofa cushons!


"Could be worse...could be raining"

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It's interesting to see how things get moved around when you cache in a particular area.


I documented my first geocache find with many pictures. I was able to identify what had been destroyed when it was run over by a brush-hog. I cleaned up the area after I read the log of its demise. Since then I have run across 2 of the dozen, or so, items that were in the cache when I found it. I have kept those and it makes the hunts more interesting when I find one of those original pieces. I keep those things that have some meaning to me. The rest get moved along. I have fewer than a dozen items that I wanted to keep and even then, I'm sure that a few will find their way back into a cache some day.


I almost never TNLN, but I will TN and leave something often. I get lots of corporate swag. Now I have someplace to put it besides my "junk" drawer.


BTW Brian, My first piece of cache swag was a dollar store tape measure. That will probably be a TB some day. I use it pretty often though, so maybe not.



texasgeocaching_sm.gif Sacred cows make the best hamburger....Mark Twain.

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If I get a signature item, I keep it. Like the Cortneyofeden wooden nickel I have right here.


Otherwise my daughter gets something, but we rarely take anything.


I nearly always leave a silver dollar or half dollar, and sometime kids toy I bought at target or cabellas.



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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My shelf - after 228 caches this is what I've kept.




I've obviously taken more than this, but if it's useful or I trade it down the road it doesn't go on the shelf. There are some pretty neat things up there and they always bring a lot of questions when people come to my office.




"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again." Mt. 13:44

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I'm still new so I haven't kept anything I've taken except a nerf ball that wouldn't fit in any other cache I've been to. I think I'll give it to my brothers dog. I have rarely found anything I'd want to take from a cache so if I did take something I'd either give it away or place it in another cache. From another forum I learned the errors of my ways about complaining that it was stuff I did not want and have since been more then happy to tn/leave something good that someone may enjoy. Its only been a few caches but I plan on making another run to the store and geocaches website to enhance the loot you and your kids can find. And yes if its a 3 or below it will be child friendly. A 4 and up a leatherman may be included.


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My wife and I were caching a couple of weeks ago and found a small 3" plastic wine bottle refrigerator magnet. She loves these magnets so when we got home she had the idea that from now on we would take anything that would make a good refrigerator decoration, epoxy a magnet on it and place it in our eclectic refrigerator magnet collection.... icon_smile.gif


"There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?"

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Originally posted by OuttaHand:

I keep and display all of my trades. This is a nice oak display case that my dad (Tuck-A-Way) made for me. This pic is from July and the case is nearly full now. My dad is now making a 2nd case for me. Here's the pic:



So that is where all the missing travel bugs are eh!! lol...only kidding....it looks good.


If God is your co-pilot, it's time to change seats!!!



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It's kind of odd, but I started out as a TNLNSL type of cacher. Then the guilt got to me and I almost always trade (unless it's a micro). I've been looking for a shelf like some of the ones posted here, but I haven't found one that works quite right yet.


Usually Jr. T keeps most of the stuff we take. I usually go for TB's and signature stuff. I try to recycle some of the stuff, but it's hard to pry the prizes from Jr. T's iron grip. Then if I try sneaking the items into the cache bag, Jr. T will see it the next time we're out and say, "Hey, what's that doing in there". Then the gigs up. icon_redface.gif


Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. The rest go geocaching.

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We made up business cards and always leave one in each cache that we visit - just to show it is official that we have been there. We would love to come up with some kind of token to leave. We will sometimes take something from the cache if we have the kids with us because they think it is really special (2 3/4yrs & 9yrs). I do like the idea of keeping track and keeping your hands on the stuff. I wish I would have thought of that in the beginning.


"Nice find! I must go tell Harry, Ron and Hermione."

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I like to collect pins that I find in caches; one day I will make a caching vest and put the pins on it. In some caches, I have placed items (patches, etc.) from my hometown, Punxsutawney, PA, home of Groundhog Day. The best items we have found is a handmade pin from Grizz and neat pair of earbuds that my 15 y.o. son wanted; I left more items in that cache than usual, which I felt was only fair.



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We've never found anything useful (only 51 reg caches). Our daugther thinks all the crap ... um, trade items are nice, from a balloon or marble to the McToys. We try to get her to recycle some of it into other caches, the rest ends up in the trash.


The only cool stuff has been TBs, and those get moved ASAP. big_smile.gif

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I rarely take anything unless Fritz Jr. is with me. If there's room, I always leave my sig Fritz Coin and usually a frog of some sort. I'll take a sig item if I recognize it as such, but since I'm pretty new, I usually don't recognize them. To date the only thing I've kept is a Spitwinkle key chain.


I did get a geocaching key chain yesterday, but that will probably make it's way into the next cache I hit.



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