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  1. We have some code heads where I live. I've solved one so far - but have not made the trek out there - something about Cottonmouths is holding me back... But I digress... I had a quick look at your puzzle cache... *BOOM* My head exploded, as it does when confronted by a slew of numbers. Luckily. Another cacher was kind enough to point me to some sites that can help muscle some of these... If they're in this whatever*the*heck*it*is*anyway format. Good luck http://www.pookey.co.uk/binary.php http://deafandblind.com/word_frequency.htm
  2. I use soap (not much) and water. I know Camelbak makes a tablet for cleaning - but I assume that's for once in a while.
  3. *BOOM* My head just exploded! I am TERRIBLE at these, and am just about to start caching in a new city where we have a code nut who has a bunch of puzzle caches that are going to be a REAL challenge... At least, for me. When I've done a puzzle cache - it's been with some helpful prodding from someone who knows how to decode alphabet soup... There's room for all kinds of cache and cachers, so why not keep up with the puzzle caches?
  4. A Texas geocoin... And a crisp, new dollar bill origami'd into a shirt...
  5. OK. So it's been a while since I've cached, and I can't find the trusty old GPS. We want something that will allow us to enter an address for navigation AND way points for caching. And then there's the Mac thing too... From what I've seen on this forum, the Magellans are out. I've tried to decipher Garmin spec pages, but I'm a writer not a tech fiend. I see the 60Cx has loads of available map software, but can we enter street addresses? Help, please. TIA
  6. So - since having baby it's just SO long since I've cached... And I have a big box of containers and trinkets to donate to whoever wants it - trick is I'm in Savannah - so you'll probably need to be too - or be coming through.
  7. Ooops. It has been a while. Let's try with a more helpful subject line... Hi, Making a long awaited trip to Seattle this weekend. Will have Saturday pretty much to myself as husband is working, so which caches would you suggest for a stroll around Seattle? I haven't cached in a while, but can't miss an opportunity to add another state... Thanks
  8. Hi, Making a long awaited trip to Seattle this weekend. Will have Saturday pretty much to myself as husband is working, so which caches would you suggest for a stroll around Seattle? I haven't cached in a while, but can't miss an opportunity to add another state... Thanks
  9. Great idea. I'll send a South Texas cache out to another state or country to switch. I'm from SOuth AFrica, and have an Africa themed cache here - people have really been careful about what they trade there. Lemme know
  10. huh. i like that. a reminder that doesn't require the owner trying to decide whether to go diplomatic or angry. i did one of each and bug moved... only to be picked up and held again.......
  11. Newsflash. Reporters aren't supposed to pick a side - they're supposed to be on the fence and present both sides. And I think the Trib did a pretty good job. BTW, no self respecting newspaper prints press releases, and no self respecting reporter would promise to tell the "good points". If there are good points, they'll bring them up - as he did, as others have in other articles I have read. Hey. It's OK for someone to disagree with you. Frankly - people who think geocaching is a good idea are in the minority. Think how many of your friends / family know about this and think it's dumber than a door knob. So what? I'm probably wasting my breath because media bashing is pretty much everyone's favorite past time these days. As you were.
  12. I'll talk cricket! I have no idea about the Rugby World Cup except that the unthinkable happened in the final...
  13. Absolutely. I agree. Another comment box at the drop off would make sense - even if it's a place to duplicate whatever you wrote on the cache page, so that the bug owner has a complete record on the bug's page. Good call.
  14. Hi Kiwi, Not wandering wallaby? Are you Oz via NZ anywhere along the way? A fellow antipodean here - although not quite as far south. I am an erstwhile Springbok now living in Texas. Where it's not too cold right now...
  15. I do - it's the pig in the avatar - but I don't look much like a 2 inch finger puppet... I mean, I'm short, but not that short.
  16. You got it. When I thought is said "sand" that seemed less urgent than a water pipe. Thanks for all the replies on this... I'll get thinking on something else. The last thing I want to do is endanger anyone's life!
  17. Could have been stand - the metal was pretty corroded and hard to read.
  18. Not offended at all - you make a good point. That section of our downtown is pretty much unrevitalized, so the chances of being seen are not great... But you're probably right... I was bummed because a great spot behind a giant vintage alarm bell on the outside of another building is too close to another downtown cache, so I was looking for an alternative without totally thinking it through...
  19. There's an old, abandoned office building (empty for around 10 years now) up the road from my office. It was several brass "sand pipe" inlets? at intervals in the walls. Many have lost the screw on caps but some have not. Would it be problematic if I put a cache there? Explain the sand pipe usage, please. Thanks.
  20. Nowadays, I'm here to check on caches, and to pick up new cache ideas to add to our local supply - I probably spend more time reading through event caches and mystery caches in other states that I do the fora, yup, that's the plural. I guess I do wonder about how much personal responsibility people who're constantly freaking out about gc-inflicted heinous outrages have in their lives. Seems an awful lot of spleen is vented here, when it's all pretty simple when you consider what life is throwing at you.
  21. I have a "Read all about it too" - it's a book exchange and I'm a journalist... But I really like: "Forte dux in aro..." A cheesey Latin joke - but it works. Say it, and that's what you'll see a lot of at the cache site... Another local name I like is "What-A-Cache"... It's a good cache too - and not mine... See, it's not all about shameless self cache promotion...
  22. Well - we certainly have more caches - but not more cachers. When I started (April), we pretty much had one active cacher and there were around 35 caches within 100 mile radius. Today we're close to 90, but we've only really added myself and one other couple. So - it's not really taking off here, I'm afraid. Frustrating, really. I think it's because the city is somewhat isolated in an already BIG state... And, while we have a student population, they're not finding out about it... There are a lot of things we lack - and we lack them for the same reason we lack geocachers... And I'm not sure exactly what the reason is... But it's the cause of a lot of frustration!
  23. Hmmm... My goal is to move to a city where there are more caches! I've found 'em all here. Oh - and 200 by year 1 would be good. Just 51 to go, in... 4 months? I think? Maybe a little more. (I've been hanging out with a bunch who're in the 800 range, so I'm feeling somewhat pumped up about numbers... Perhaps it will pass...
  24. zowie. anythiing there you could make a trvel bug out of?
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