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  1. Yeah, what THEY ALL said. I'm split. First, the topic starter and the ballfield. Many of the replies were along the lines, " wait and come back at a more convenient time." Well... What if you drove many a mile to grab these caches and it didn't look like you'd be back in a long, long time-or ever? It's easy to say "log a dnf" or "don't do it if it's not your bag". Isn't that our bag? To find a cache? I've encountered these types and the whole time in hopes that the cache would not be compromised. That has to be the worst feeling, wishing like hell you aren't the last to find a cache due to muggles and the so called-OOH! It's your fault for a non-stealthy approach. We've found ways around that, but it kinda runs the stress level up a bit. How about the caches in a vacant lot or cemetary where every neighbor in a 100 yard radius are sitting on the porch swings or barbequing enjoying their 30 pack of Bud Light? The replies are eminent: "Ah, they knew what you were doing the whole time! They'll not bother it." Aparrently not. MUGGLED! And the ones partially mentioned where you wandered into BFE through a 5/5 (or it seems), many light years away from civilization to find that ever elusive micro. Micro? Huh? I have no problem with micros whatsoever, but it seems that a 20x20 metal building would have been the right size container for the job. Yeah, I do read the cache page first and did expect a micro for thoses instances. But why the discrepancy with the manner of cache placements? Not a big deal to me. Anymore. The world may never know.
  2. Good idea. I'm certified in advanced first aid and CPR, but wish that others were familiar with the practice. You may never know when you will have to help out in a situation. Will you know what to do? Those classes are important and worthwhile. I wish it was mandatory for companies to appoint or ask for volunteers like we do in our occupation. Being familiar, I would encourage others to participate.
  3. Escape velocity and out of body experience are the same. FACT. Hoffa was killed somewhere, but his body is buried at Giant's Stadium. My out of body experience led me to the 10 yard line. That's as far as I got. Nope, I didn't take anything, but I left a green rubber snake and an earth day pin.
  4. I was thumbing through my cache page the other night and discovered a horrible situation. When I was first introduced to geocaching, MAN! I thought this was the greatest thing! I still do, but have learned alot about trades personally and on the forums. My first twenty to thirty finds I have seen that I have left collectors items that are vulnerable in moist conditions. I had placed Dale Earnhardt cards in most of these caches, some in ziplocs, some not. The price value of each card ranged anywhere from $12 to $50. I wanted other cache finders to look through the "loot" and hopefully pick my cards out. For the first year or so ( I still look back), I beat up my keyboard looking and hoping that some future cacher took my trade item first. Now, as I look back, I see that I have went through a fortune of my collection only to find that they weren't the first pick. Or the second. Or the third. Water damaged some of the containers, and you guessed it. The pricey Earnhardts succumbed to the moisture as well. Not all of the cards perished, but a few did. I don't place the cardboard collector pieces anymore, go figure. Upon finding a cache, I used to take an item, but I don't anymore. I still leave something always. I still am in hopes that someone will pick what I leave, and I put alot of thought in my trade item. Goes back to the old saying "it all lies in the eye of the beholder". If you like something in a cache-take it. Leave something in it's place that you think will suffice. If nothing suits you, then sign the log and move to the next cache. Surely you'll find one that has what you're looking for.
  5. 1. The cache was temporarily disabled by the approver. 2. The other cacher replaced the entire cache, but left it at same coordinates. 3. The original owner seems to be AWOL 4. The other cacher had "fair game" in his behalf and chose to do what all good cachers should do. 5. I'm such an a** and regret even starting such a thread. Any more questions?
  6. QUOTE: Screwed up on the quote, but you all get the message.
  7. Ah, poopy! Looks like I need to change contact lenses! My bad for jumping the gun. March and May looked the same. I guess two months should be long enough. The beauty of beer goggles!
  8. Let's say a cache has been placed and received good traffic for awhile. Suddenly, some outside force comes in contact with it and the container is busted and the contents are strewn about. Other cachers log of the demise and another cache finder bundles up whats left and replaces it the best he could. No hear from the owner promts the local approver to disable it until the much needed maintenance is done. The approver states that when it is repaired or replaced, the owner can enable it again. I will put emphasis on the word "OWNER". But... Before the owner can do the maintenance, another cacher takes EVERYTHING, logbook and all, and places a new cache-lock, stock and barrel. Something with this scenario bothers me. Is it right to do this? Shouldn't we give the owner a little more time? I disagree with this process.
  9. Close, mcweb. mtmanva2 tallied these states, although as he hasn't been into the sport long. He has done pretty well. He hit VA, NC, TN, KY, OH, IN and MI and in a day meant approximately 30 hours. Close enough for me. And while we're on it, I'll mention another fairly new cacher whom has taken this sport by storm. DMflyer. He has been on a rampage here in SW VA and TN. You might find his hide/find remarkable for what short time he has been at it. Both of these guys have hidden some real gems in the area, and I'm glad they are part of the team. I'm sure these two gents won't mind the recognition.
  10. Keep the numbers coming! BTW... The seven cache thing I did not do, but a buddy of mine did. Figured I'd see what the reaction would be.
  11. Seems fitting that this would be my first benchmark, but surely not my last! Thanks to all for the help! O1
  12. O.K. I copied the picture, then set it as my background. I swear by my right eye that I found it-- it's right here! On my darn desktop!!! Please believe me PLEEZ!!! But there was no log book. It is killing me that I found a cache with no way to log the find! Now, every time I turn on this blasted computer---THERE IT IS! AND I CAN'T DO A DAMBLED THING ABOUT IT!!! This has totally ruined me. I can't sleep anymore. I'm at a terrible loss, and feel ohh so bad. This sucks! I quit!!! No more desktop caches for me! Thanks alot!
  13. Not the movie genre. Maybe it could be. It did happen though, ALL IN ONE DAY! Not bad, huh? You all gimme some other good figures like this. I find it intriguing.
  14. Sorry for leaving you guys in the dark on this one. You wouldn't happen to be mind readers would you??? Kidding!! It is a disk marked by the US Geodetic Survey such and such. It is marked "High Knob 2 No.1 1933". The coordinates I'm giving are from a cache placed roughly 300 feet NE of the disk. The coords for the cache are N36 53.578 W082 37.802. Sorry I don't have the grid on the disk itself, as I assumed it would be an easier lookup with the information I found. Thanks again, as I am now getting ready to hit the link provided by seventhings.
  15. Adding to Briansnat's first reply, I have found success with good and bad locks. If you are unsure if your coordinates are correct, leave the cache site and walk a good distance away and come back with your eyeballs on your GPSr. Approaching it from several different directions does well, too. If your unit proves true on two or more trys, leave it there.
  16. Couldn't find an answer anywhere else, so here it is. We found a benchmark, but given all of the information provided, it doesn't show up on the database. Anywhere else might I look? Thanks! O1
  17. Another lefty. When I was in elementary school, I tried out for basketball. I threw up so many bricks, I could've built a house. The coach insisted I was shooting with the wrong hand. Needless to say, I quit basketball and started a promising and rewarding baseball career. My wife and one of my daughters are left handed as well. Hmmm...
  18. That has to be one of the most honest replies I've heard in a while!!! Funny how a job or other endeavor can change your persona. I guess I have stuck with my username since it is too much trouble to create another.
  19. I still find it amazing how an adult community can act like a room of preschoolers. I have learned a lot from the forums... Have you??? I'll check on you all in a few months... Buh Bye. Oh, and please play nice.
  20. Boy, I never thought I would run into this situation.... I ordered three micro cache keychains from the GC.com store. One silver, one black and one green. Oh how I loved them (what little time I had to see them)! Just as quick as I pulled them from the box, all three were snagged up and were immediately claimed! Guess I have to order some more They are really nice, indeed. The uses for these little jewels are endless, as long as I can keep some for myself. I need to borrow some money to buy more. Anyone???
  21. Up In The Woods Cache GC26BD N 36 39.424 W 081 40.810 Creeper Cache GCEAA N 36 38.881 W 081 40.725 These two are intermingled with the Virginia Creeper Trail and are definately worthy of a visit.
  22. Good ideas from both posts. I pondered on it awile and decided to give coords to another cache with a decent bonus inside as well as receiving their username and other pertinent information and putting it into their account. Thanks! O1
  23. I am real familiar with occupations that have to be politically correct, when mostly PCness is necessary, sometimes it's not. As far as the news anchor's profession, his comments, particular interests and opinions should not be expressed on air whether influential or not. Apology recommended.
  24. I am in process of hiding a new cache in hopes of adding a bonus for the FTF. The first finder will be then directed to a different location from the cache. There, the cacher will hopefully find the bonus cache with a gift certificate to the GC. com store. I am in inquiry how to do this when gift certificates are pre-printed with the prospective owner's name, amount, etc. Without knowing who the FTF will be, what should I do in this situation? And *emphasis*, I want the FTF to actually have something "physical" to posess coming from the bonus cache (preferably the formentioned certificate). What to do? O1
  25. Not sure if mentioned before, but I don't care to show my support. Sleek and well thought, this magazine is full of interesting stuff and pictures. I like!I like!
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