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  1. For me, the imbedded sound files are more of an issue than the 'stat' sig lines. Though I realize that they can be troublesome for those with slower modems, and as such, I am O.K. with the removal of sig line tags. I ignore the 'stat' lines, because after seeing a few, I have little faith in their accuracy. The line 'Ranked ___ in overall stats' is a bit hard to believe inasmuch as I personally know several cachers that have find and hide numbers much greater than some I've seen that claaim to be in the top 100 in overall stats. I can't realy put any stock in ( is it keenpeople.com? ). Just looks like eye-litter to me. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  2. While not a hobby, raising a 4-year old takes up a lot of my time. As for hobbies, I do gourd art. I am also in a singing trio. We are currently building out book of tunes and looking for paying gigs. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  3. How about the Geocaching logo on a stud earring. (admit it, guys, a lot of you have at least one ear pierced) Just something small and tasteful, in both gold tone and silver tone. Hey, you can buy geocaching thong underwear, this idea can't be too far out! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  4. Below is a picture of 'the Small-fry' at my 100th cache back in April. She probably has gone on half my cache hunts (lots more than my other half [meaning husband], by the way). She and I now have matching khaki cargo pants (my best caching related accessory purchase to date), which she calls her "searching pants". She knows when we get dressed up that we will be going "treasure hunting" She is 4 now and has just started pre-school, so now I try to dash out and nab a quick local cache or two while she is at school, as she is NOT always a wiling participant. She is often more interested in the sticks and rocks than looking for the cache, but I always allow her to pick out what she wants from the cache, hoping that she will turn out to be a real "cache hound". I have cut myself out of the picture so that your monitors don't break. (That's her on my avatar, by the way) "Could be worse...could be raining"
  5. That pouch on the strap looks great, but would be too small for a Magellan (no Garmin vs. Magellan wars, please!) My solution was adapting a neopream sunglass holder I had; attaching it to the strap of my existing backpack. The neopream works well to 'grip' the GPSr, yet you can remove the GPSr easily enough. Tucking the top flap works for on the go...I get a signal fine, then secure the top, velcroed strap for non geocaching times. That backpack looks comfey, though; lots more comfey than mine! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  6. quote:Originally posted by carleenp: So I declined and got my belly button pierced instead. At least that is not permanent! Now there's an idea...Geocaching Logo stud earrings! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  7. quote:Originally posted by drat19:I heard a story in NC of a multi-cache where the first stage was on the cache owner's front lawn, there were a few other stages, and the final stage was around 100 miles away. If the cache owner was home, he'd secretly snap your picture processing stage 1, then he'd outrun you to the final stage, and when you got there you'd find your picture in the cache. I thought that was the coolest thing! -Dave R. in Biloxi Cooler yet would be taking the picture at the first stage (your house), then e-mailing the digital pic to your geocaching buddy to place it in the final stage (at his / her house). If there was a log in the first stage, the pic could even be resting in the final stage in an envelope, titled "a gift for (cachers name)". Of course, this would require two out-of-work cachers that never leave the house! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  8. I thought the answer was 'All of it'. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  9. I still have the first item I traded for, as well as the 'milestone' ones (100, 150, 200, 250), but other than that, I just write off anything I get. My reason being is the 'small-fry' (age 4) who caches quite often with me. I let her pick and just figure I'll never see it again...at least until I either clean out the car or check under the sofa cushons! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  10. quote: Here's a http://www.austinlinks.com/Music/ for the music scene. http://www.texasgeocaching.com Thanks for this great site. This is just the type of stuff I was looking for. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  11. My other half will be in the Austin area (Round Rock, actually) for a weeks conference (9/29 - 10/3). He would like to have some recommendations for things to do in the evening hours. We are acquainted with the live music they have at the Cactus Cafe, and that is especially the type of stuff he would be interested in. Folk music, Celtic music, that kind of stuff. Other than that, what is interesting and easily do-able in the north Austin area (he will have a car)? Thanks for any suggestions. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  12. I'm coming in on this one a little late, but, yes, muggle was quite a popular term for marijuana with the early jazz players (Louis Armstrong era). Along with the muggle moniker, I read another Harry Potter inspired term used be some geocachers; 'Dursleys'. I gathered that the meaning here was that of the obnoxious non-geocacher who, upon stumbling upon a cache, can't seem to respect or entirely ignores the printed information regarding the cache ('If you find this, don't move it, etc....') and does what he or she may with the cache. Those that have read the books would understand the unflattering term. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  13. Below is a sketch I made as my entry in the California state quarter design contest (did not make the final cut...I don't claim to be a great artist) Perhaps it could work if someone who really knew what they were doing fixed it up. The design combines symbols for the state itself as well as the people. Bottom left, middle top and bottom right represent the state flower, tree and bird. Top left is a gold pan representing the influx of '49ers. Bottom middle is an indian basket, representing the native, indigenous cultures. Top left is a bell from the 'El Camino Real', the path that the missionaries took as they established the California missions. "Could be worse...could be raining" [This message was edited by ErSamin on August 24, 2003 at 11:01 PM.]
  14. Not much actual caching, as I had some other responsibilities, but managed to sneak out and drop off a travel bug that will taken with a bunch of others to Norway and will 'race' back to California. Then stopped by a place I have driven by many times and thought would be good for a cache. Glad I did the extra recon, as upon closer inspection, there was ample evidence that this is a party hangout. Not my idea of a good place for a cache, no matter how nice the view. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  15. Don't forget this 'mass sighting' from the MiGO 'Cache-in, Trash-out' event "Could be worse...could be raining"
  16. Once in a while I do a set of urban caches and call it my 'Birkenstock caching day'. One day, while on vacation in So. California, I did 6 caches in one town on one day 'Birkenstock Style'. If you know the area, and do your research, you can tailor a day like that. On normal days...no way! Boots prefered. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  17. How about OD green shirts. Or maybe a camo shirt with the logo done like a black line drawing. (As long as you didn't wear it during hunting season!) "Could be worse...could be raining"
  18. Yesterday, after a long day of caching, I pulled my cigarette lighter adapter out of the lighter socket in my car, and it flew apart. the collar had become unscrewed after numerous fiddlings (it sits about knee height and gets bumped some) and the spring, fuse, pin and collar all fell onto the floor of the car. I've got all the pieces, but am unsure whether the spring or the fuse should go in first. Couldn't find a diagram anywhere. Can someone check and report back to me.....just don't want to risk frying anything when I plug it back in. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  19. Just an update to the post immediate preceeding. Went out for a full day of full-bore geocaching. 21 caches, (only one no-find), some walks of a mile, but lots were shorter. Some climbing up and down some steep slopes and over some rocks. Using the items above, had no blisters, no hot spots, and after chilling out for a while, the feet feel good as new! Maybe not the ultimate answer, but good enough for now. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  20. Ooooh! That Birkenstock page had me salivating! As long as the conditions and situation allow, I am almost exclusively in Birkenstocks (even my dress 'church' shoes are Birkenstocks!). I will keep that possibility in the back of my mind. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for thier suggestions. I wet the boots (can't tell yet if that helped at all...but it did make me feel like I had trenchfoot), got a pair of Superfeet insoles, some sock liners and am experementing with some of the lacing techniques that BrianSnat provided. The semi-big test will be Sunday...a full day of caching. This will be a day in and out of the car, though, not a through hike, so the jury is still out on if any of this will be 'the answer' for me. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  21. Start Here and continue panning down your route. (Assuming you are familiar enough with the area that this map will suffice) It may not give you every single cache, and you might run into an archived one or two, just check the links right before you go on your trip. This site is awesome. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  22. Come on folks! What's the fun in that? For a real adventure, get a Mountain Unicycle MUNI. No more sissy coasting down the hills, plus both hands are free to hold your GPSr and compass! "Could be worse...could be raining"
  23. quote:Originally posted by ju66l3r:Did anyone ever think to e-mail the cache placer and let him know about this thread so maybe he could post a valid explanation (okay, not the ones on NPS, but the other one)? The cache placer's last visit to geocahing.com was 8/1/03. He has been a member since October 2002 and has 18 finds.......his most recent find was 4 months ago....... "Could be worse...could be raining"
  24. My standard is, if I get out of my car and don't find it, it's a DNF. There have been instances (cemetary cache where there was a graveside service going on, for example) where I have driven to the cache, but aborted the search. I feel like if I didn't make the 'physical' effort, I don't post it. "Could be worse...could be raining"
  25. My hiking boots and I just can't seem to get along. The area of blistering has migrated as I've worn them, but the same old thing; I go more than a few miles, and I've got blisters somewhere. Been to about 5 stores (REI, sporting good stores, Speciality shoe stores) and tried on everything they have....no luck. What fits the instep and arch do not fit the heel and vice versa. Tennis shoes don't seem to give me the traction that I desire for some of the trails around here. Running shoes seem to be the best compromise, but the uppers can't hold up to the stickers we have around here. Any other hard-to-fit folks out there? What do you do for footwear? Any tricks you can teach me for better shoe fit? "Could be worse...could be raining"
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