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  1. It would REALLY be nice for these app authors to add these to the Amazon Appstore. Many Android devices (like mine) are not recognized as such by the Android Marketplace, and refuses to download apps.
  2. My old benchmark page will now transfer visitors to BuckBrooke's page. Thanks again for taking over this burden in my time of ("no time to get anything done").
  3. A couple of years ago I started putting together photos of witness posts, because some folks didn't know what one was supposed to look like. The Survey Markers photo gallery here on GC.COM didn't exist then. That page grew into something big. See: http://www.dustyjacket.com/benchmarks.html I don't have as much time as I used to have. In fact I haven't done much geocaching this year. Does anyone want to take these pages over? Host them on your web site and accept contributions of photos and text? If you do, let me know and I'll send you a CD of the pages. It is all cut & paste stuff. Then I'll change my web page to automatically transfer to yours. BTW - I just finished a year's worth of updates. We now even have a Japanese Survey Marker! And much more......
  4. Exactly. I think I'll bomb an area with hundred of micros, get locals to maintain them, and show my great statistics for number of hides. Not.
  5. Here are some from Missouri, USA. They are loaded on geocaching.com, so they were resized and not as good as the originals: http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/0809f...f681ba1fad3.jpg http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/eea34...0c71aef3791.jpg http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1199743_300.JPG http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1341380_200.JPG http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1414475_200.JPG http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1200846_200.JPG http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1084916_200.JPG http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1150127_200.JPG And, lastly, this ferocious beast: (about 2 inches long) http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/1341459_200.JPG
  6. (Maybe the car is the cache!) Excellent photographs! I love seeing geocachers, geocaches, and scenery from other countries. Very well done.
  7. You can go to the magellan web site for the difinitive answer, but the main ones that do routing (when you buy DirectRoute maps) are the Color, Platinum, Gold, and the highest end sportrak.
  8. My first cache placed was muggled recently, right after the cache seekers decided to explain to a group of scouts what they were doing. Scouts in general are good, but individual people can be so bad. That is why I hardly ever explain to folks what I am doing.
  9. I don't think so. The family will be having enough to deal with without that. I know. Now, if the family WANTS to, they should keep the caces, either under the original account or under their own account. It will have to be handled by GC.COM or local cachers. Eventually the caches will have to be archived. Some state's cachers have set up cache rescue/adoption procedures. The area approvers could ask various cachers nearby to retrieve abandoned caches.
  10. When I see pictures of caches disguised as pine-cones and placed on or under a pine tree full of pine-cones or similar nonsense I wonder if the hider is being fair. Life doesn't have to be fair. On the other hand, doing a needle-in-a-haystack hide where you have to turn over every rock in a rock field, of search every pine-cone when there are hundreds, seems more of a task than a game. Likewise those who place the cache 12 feet off the ground in a tree. Perhaps such a cacher has lost sight of the point of the game. Actually, I liked that one. Is geocaching an exercise in GPS usage for the family including the kids, or is it supposed to be a mental challenge between the hider and the seeker? Both. I don't take the family to difficulty 3.5 and up. Should a cache in wooded area be hidden so as to be invisible from four feet away? Absolutely What is the point of that if the area is not often frequented by humans? Someone will eventually be by and muggle it. If this is desirable, then why not simply bury the cache 10 feet down and don't tell them that. Perhaps cast it inside a block of cement? Wouldn't that be fun? Imagine the joy for such a hider if the cache is never found. Almost as good as posting a cache that doesn't exist. Well, it sounds like you had a bad day. I've searched for 2 caches that were merely a matter of turning over every rock in a rock-pile, and another pill-bottle micro under 10" of leaves in another rock pile in the forest. I didn't like any of those, but I don't let them get to me. Perhaps reading previous logs and the difficulty rating would give you a clue as to weather you would enjoy hunting a particular cache or not.
  11. I think I started after 10-20 caches. I started with silver halves(40) and dollars (20) , then buttons from honeychile (about 70), then calendar cards from wundercards.com (another 20 or 30), and now I ordered 75 personalized LED flashlights. I change mine every now and then, so folks can collect more than 1 type of thing. I find more caches than we have unique cachers around here, and I'd hate for my signature items to just rot in caches because everyone already has one. It is never too late to start. (I only take signature items, unless my family is with me.)
  12. It usually does not happen often. I've run into maybe 5 or 6 folks until this week. However, it happens more often at a brand new cache. This week I went after an unfound, brand-new cache and bumped into another cacher. Before it was found, there were 5 of us there. great fun!
  13. Nope. I had that turned off. When I talked to Garmin, they did not want to deal with it, so I returned the unit, and bought a Vista instead.
  14. I use an El Diablo (paid for, not a prize) made of wood, with a brass tip on one end and a brass compass on the other. It is a stout stick, as I broke my West African stick geocaching. I use it to walk with, climb with, control a descent, check for nasties in holes, probe for caches, and the list goes on....
  15. The Magellan Meridian Color has an external antenna connector.
  16. Not the whole state, just one agency. Most of the cities/counties don't mention geocaching in Missouri. A few other require an e-mail approval - no permits. Others, like St. Louis parks, don't want to be bothered approving geocaches and want the local geocachers to manage them. Missouri is a pretty friendly geocaching state.
  17. If something like banning geocaching could ever happen all over the USA (not likely), it would go underground, using newsgroups and folks posting their own pages, just like it started.
  18. As of today, or last night, websense honored my request, recategorized geocaching.co, and distributed the new database. URL: http://www.geocaching.com Category: Hobbies Database version: 92147 Database date: 16 Nov 2004 Product used: Websense Enterprise® v5.1 I can now access geocaching.com from work.
  19. So, there were no geocaching-specific problems in some Detroit parks.
  20. There are a LOT of markers put down by Federal, State, County, City, and private surveyors. Here is a page of a lot of different marker. (I have about 5 more to add, but I am lazy.) I split it into several pages. http://www.dustyjacket.com/benchmarks.html
  21. Then you are what I would refer to as reasonable. If I had tried it and failed, I would have had the same "oh well!" attitude. The ones I am amazed at, are the ones who are angry. But, I am often considered to be too old fashioned. (BTW - the word greedy had a question mark. )
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