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  1. Have seen as many as 6 consecutive "finds" by the same person on the same cache. I realize it could be an unintentional result of a computer glitch, but why does the cache page accept the duplicate logs?
  2. Here is another "cheating" angle that I've not seen before. [Screenshot of cache page removed by moderator. The screenshot showed six consecutive, identical "found it" logs from the same geocacher, many years ago. This cannot happen today - the system enforces a rule of only one find per cache per account.]
  3. I've adopted a few caches over the years that I had found when they were still listed with the original owner. Someone browsing the logs could assume I have claimed a find of my cache.
  4. Same problem here. Can not browse maps unless I start at my home location, open that map, then scroll to wherever I want to be. OK for 20 +/- miles but not good for long distances. This happened sometime in the past 48 hours. More testing....Google Chrome isn't working either, but Firefox is OK.
  5. Add me to the list of those that have been cast out of the loop. Also using a MAC & Safari .
  6. edscott

    'My Lists'

    Mine also quit working about a week ago. Using Google Chrome latest version.
  7. Not finding any lately. Sort of stuck at 18 accidental letterbox finds.
  8. Went to a very old version of Firefox and it worked OK. Updated it to the current version and will use it in the future.
  9. The strange thing is that it didn't work yesterday. This morning it worked, and now it doesn't work again.
  10. Click on lists, get an error message from Geocaching.com that list is not available. Try another list same result. "Google Chrome Google Chrome is up to date Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)"
  11. Can't access current lists nor can I set up a new one.
  12. My lists are no longer available either.
  13. Trying to edit coordinates for one of my existing caches that I visited today and the system won't allow me to make any changes. Guess all I can do is put a note in the comments and hope it is seen.
  14. Old topic but it is coming around again. There is again talk of barring anyone that doesn't have a hunting license from hiking on PA Gamelands. Applies year round regardless of hunting seasons.
  15. Same here. Spent the day updating an old cache with many stages. Page needs a lot of minor changes and can't make any of them. Have entered all the data three times and and all three choked down and were lost. Doing the other 4 stages tomorrow so hope I can update them all tomorrow night.
  16. Has the aerial photo view been eliminated from the menu or am I missing something?
  17. I'm seeing some improvements since last week. I no longer need to alter the URL to get a map and it doesn't always return to my home location requiring me to scroll from my home location to the area I want to explore. Still a few minor changes, but the maps are now useful again.
  18. OK !!! Thank you. Looks like that will work. Different than how I did it before, but will get me where I want to be quickly.
  19. Still no maps??? Yes I can delete the... /play ...and get a map centered on my home location. Of course I own, or have done, all of those so I have to scroll out to an area... 30 miles maybe to find some interesting targets. But after I get the data on one of them I have to go back "home" and start all over again to get data on another one. Planning a trip to Ohio soon. Scrolling over 300 miles of map is not very practical. Caching has become impossible. How about being able to enter a set of coordinates for the center of my map and be able to return to that location until I decide to change my target to another set of coordinates?
  20. So 5 days with no response from HQ. Apparently having a functional mapping option is not a priority.
  21. Yes I can delete the problem junk in the URL to get me to the type of map that will open for me, but then it returns me to my "home" location rather than where I want to be. Scrolling across 20 or 30 miles of map to get to where I wanted to be is a waste of time and effort. Why does Geocaching.com have to change my destination?
  22. When they changed the Dashboard page they left us with the option to remain with the original page. Why not allow the same choice with the map page?
  23. All well and good if I could get there. All the new "maps" offer me is a bank screen. I can manually delete the "play/" in the URL and get a map, but it is centered on my home coordinates not the cache I'm attempting to study or map. I'm basically mapless which for me means no longer geocaching.
  24. I read somewhere in one of the threads related to this topic that we could chose the type of map we wanted. Where is that magic button to turn off the recent garbage dump that I seem to be locked into?
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