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Milestone Congratulations


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Congratulations Pepper on 2000. It seems like just yesterday that I remember you hitting 700. Your having TIAG along is an indication of the friends you have in the GeoCaching community


We are deeply honored that you picked our caches for your milestone day. My hope is that you got some idea of the views and remember them in addition to the drive up.


runhills and flyingdogs

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Wow. 2000, that's just a massive number. Congrats.


I have a possibly-dumb question. Do you guys with over 1500 finds in under two years or so actually work for a living, have kids at home (with the accompanying drains on your time/energy), etc ?


That's not even remotely any kind of 'shot' or anything, I'm honestly curious. Really. Those kinds of numbers just boggle the mind. Geez, 1000 is ten per Saturday/Sunday, every weekend, for a year. That's just a huge rate to have for a month, let alone keep up week in and week out.


Is there a typical profile of a four-digit-finder ? Are you guys all single/retired/independently wealthy or something ? I mean there still aren't THAT many micros in Redmond to hit at lunch and to/from work are there ? Are you all those folks who get by with four hours sleep ?


[for example - I know CCCooper in PA pretty much caches ala 'for a living' day in and day out, with perhaps a 200 mile radius from where she lives. That has to be pretty unusual...isn't it, or did most of you buy MS stock in 1990 and retire young ?]


Of course, I probably watch 200 baseball games a year so I understand what you can choose to do with enough interest/compulsion/time/energy etc, but quite a number of those games are at night when it's not really reasonable to try to cache...unless you're martmann of course :(


Anyway, I'm honestly interested if anybody wants to say a few words...

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BARNABIRDY(S) reach 1000!!!


Very Impressive, considering they live in a small remote North Central WA town (Winthrop) with only only 83 caches in a 50 mile radius. By comparison, Redmond has 1,854 caches in a 50 mile radius. And they reached 4 digits in 2 years time. They're in a class all their own. They must also have the record for most miles logged while geocaching. So Barnabirdys, how many sets of tires have you worn out with all the trips to the Seattle side to geocache?


Congratulations, and welcome to the 1000 club!!!

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We were going to celebrate our 400th in Tri Cities and even went to the Friday night get together but then we got the call. You know, the call that says, Mom, help. Our son had put the piston through the oil pan of our big truck and everything he and his new wife owned was in that broken truck. So as good parents, we left the cache machine and rented a uhaul and rescued him and took all of his stuff to Spokane. Well, this weekend they put out a new cache here in southern Oregon so we went for it and got our 400, not exactly 2400 but for just over six months it isn't too bad. We just missed the group energy you get at a machine. So to celebrate we hid three new ones down here. Thanks for the fast approval Team Misguided.

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