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Milestone Congratulations


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Myself and my good friend Belleterre are planning to do the "Half Mood Cache" by "slinger91" in Raymond soon. I'm not sure of the date yet, but she has a schedule of sorts. We will both be doing that cache as our 500th.


Would any of you, those that have done that cache already, care to make some recommendation regarding the what, where, why, how and etc. of this cache?


Also, we will be doing some cache on the way too that location, so that we can get up to 499. Either before our 500th or afterwards, we would like to get some more caches in the area before returning home.

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Here's a milestone of sorts- I just had my first cache approved  :blink:

Now that IS something to crow about LB! I remember how thrilled I was w/ my 1st (yeah, like it was so very long - but a piddly few weeks - ago). Still, 'tis quite exciting, and yours... Looks most intriguing. Already you have a 5 am FTF. Too bad it's way across the Puddle or I'd whiz over to check out that kewl container.


Ditto congrats to all those (Tode-999, Weightman and jcar) who just hit 4zerozero - esp. the latter who chose to Toodle for his milestone - I'm honored!

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Myself and my good friend Belleterre are planning to do the "Half Mood Cache" by "slinger91" in Raymond soon. I'm not sure of the date yet, but she has a schedule of sorts. We will both be doing that cache as our 500th.

Two cachers getting #500 on a well regarded cache?

I smell event cache in Raymond! :(


Edit: Hmm... Can I get to 399 in 6 weeks? :(

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Fledermaus and Belleterre, I think you are picking a good one for your 500th find.

BTW Ray it is the Half Moon Cache not the Half Mood Cache, but that wouldn't be a bad name for it. Usuallly when people ask for hints, I tend to give them more that they really want to know. This place is so special and for it to be special for you, hints are not appropriate. I am supprised that someone hasn't posted pictures that would ruin the adventure for geocachers that might want to use it for their milestone cache. You can always e-mail Slinger, the owner and let him know that you wish to use his cache for your milestone cache. Enjoy. Dick, W7WT

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While getting Micro Multi Cache II: Lake to Lake back up and going, I got my 700th cache! After several false starts and one DNF "Home is where the heart is" landed in my hands today (well, yesterday I guess, now that I see the time). Hmm, started the year with under 300 and still over a month to go...

Yea, Jester! You beat me to #700 by 24 hours! Today, we both stand at 701 - amazing! :mad:


For the rest of ya - Jester and I have been keeping pace for almost a year now, unintentionally but in good fun. We both started the year hitting 300 and have been tracking closely ever since. We even wind up in the same remote place by coincidence - he and I were both in Bend, OR, the same day in September, on completely different trips! Didn't know until we read each other's logs for the same caches! :mad:

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Just wanted to put my two cents in. I started the caching adventure on July 29th. Got a Garmin for my birthday. I didn't have any idea what to expect but thought it looked like fun. Now I have got Sage2506, Tin-Ear, and Caching-Ferret completly hooked on this sport. I have placed 3 caches, and found 268 caches so far and love it. I have meet only nice people, no nasty ones. OK, some evil, but no nasty ones! Made new friends like LittleBlue. Meet near famous people out looking, it's been great! I did my 200th cache on November 7th, 2004 at Heybrook Lookout and on November 26th, 2004 I did my 250th cache at Explorer Falls. I know to some it does not seem like much, but to those of you who know me, it takes effort to move my bad back, over weight, bad knees over these trails. I can only envy how some of you can go for many mile walks. But, I don't see any stopping right now for me. It is the best thing I can imagine. I love finding caches, even the micros. I know this is blowing my own horn here, but I having said what I said, I also have to say, I look forward to meeting more of you on the trails!

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