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Milestone Congratulations


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Noticed two fellow cachers, who I ran into recently, have both hit 100 caches in the last couple weeks. And they have only been caching for a couple of months now. At the rate these two are finding caches we are going to be seeing lots of them around in the future.


Congrats to tin-ear and Arabesque!

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Wow! I'm in the forums! And a picture of me uncomfortably trying to balance an umbrella, globalgirl's congrat's sign (very nice of her to bring along), and trying not to step on the decomposing critter below us (but that's another story...) :P . With that cache out of the way, I can finally start caching in ernest again... Maybe I'll go on a run of PNGs (!?) :P ! But only if they're on the way to Cachistan... Thanks for the notice!

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Well Duck, you have a week to do Tunnel of Light before the tunnel closes. The weather does not look too good though with a snow level below 2500 feet forecast for tonight and tomorrow. If you get a break on the weather there are a number of caches in the pass area that could be done before doing Tunnel of Light so you can make that the big #100. You could make an awesome day of it.

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I like the snow, just hate driving in it. I'm thinking the Tunnel cache and the others up there will have to wait until spring.


Right now Dr. Nellie does Green Lake is looking like it will be #100. Working on the puzzle right now, so I know where to start. Have an idea, just not sure it is right!

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