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  1. Found where the toll for Hood River Bridge is only 75 cents per axle or $1.50 for a car.
  2. We will be at the Clarion too. Got a room for two for $39 and with tax for two nights its 96.35.
  3. I remember my first CM. We were new cachers and ran into some of the "names" in caching. We were very impressed and awed. After about 15 caches, we found a group that we cached about the same speed and seemed to enjoy each others' company and kind of stayed with that group throughout the day. It seemed that groups broke off into about six or seven car loads and would follow each other or one would take the lead. At the time we knew nothing about paperless caching and had books and maps and our radios and just tried to keep up with everyone. It was fun even when it seemed over our heads. I hope that when we are caching this time we are able to lend a hand or pull a newbie into a group and make them feel part of a team. And that is to thank all of those experienced cachers who gave us a chance when we only had a few and knew no one. Don't be afraid to use your radio and ask for help or tag along behind another cacher. That is part of the learning experience. Bring maps, snacks, energy, and eyes to help find the cache. Help find parking for others in your group, remember to return the cache to its place and your group will wait, remember to help others and it will come back. A cache machine is a large group with many from out of town or state and some get lost, or caught by a traffic light so be patient and have a ton of fun. If you are a lone cacher, Friday night see if you can find some car that has two or three and team up with them as parking is at a primium sometimes. And in the case of a cache machine, back seat driving can be a help. Having an extra person to read the cache page or check for signs is a real help. I hope this doesn't sound too strange but these are things that stuck with us from many years ago and seemed to help. And thanks Travis for helping us that first time when we were so lost. It was nice to just fall in behind you and not have to worry about getting lost. Travis thanks for another cache machine. See you all next year at the cache machine.
  4. They were, and they weren't. Her cache page, as of Thursday evening, said "IT'S NO FUN LEAVING CACHES ANYMORE", "I THINK IM GOING TO CANCELL MY SUBSCIPTION", and "BUMMER IT HAD TO GO LIKE THIS". I asked her if she was going to be picking up her caches, or if I should count on them being there in January. She didn't answer me directly, but this indirect answer is good enough for me. The removal of these caches shouldn't impact the day very much. I'll come up with a new starting point, and several more caches to the north and/or east. My first attempt at a route came up with more than 150 caches, so I have no concerns about not having enough to hunt. Edit: I've submitted her disabled caches as "needs to be archived." She still has one active, "New Hope", which I've asked her about. Well, as of now all of her caches are archived. Every one of them.
  5. I'm afraid I didn't make ours very hard but I wanted those who do California and Washington to be able to get all of them. If you make it to Oregon, please enjoy our Cow Creek series just up the road and have fun driving down a paved, senic route finding a mixture of types, styles and sizes of caches. There is a total of 18 posible starting just 8 miles from the cache for the 50 states. A side trip of just 15 miles.
  6. Yup, Oregon is up and running. With major help from BPR. Thanks for the help.
  7. Yesterday in planning a route it said the information was not vaid. Well, I know the towns exist and the direct route exists so I am not sure what was wrong but the other day it worked fine. Guess all new programs have bugs.
  8. We were involved in the removal of a cache once. It was on a bridge and the sheriff came by and gave another cacher a really hard time and as all of us went to her defence and explained what she was doing over a freeway, the police didn't ticket her but demanded that the cache be removed and no one else hunt in that location. So with him watching she took the cache back to her car and e-mailed the cache owner as soon as she got home.
  9. I guess if it were me I would send a blanket e-mail back to all who compained to you with their logs and the fact that you varified that it was still there and point blank ask them if this is the way they think the game should be played. I doubt that any of them would back of the facts of logging without finding a cache that is truely there. We would do the same thing.
  10. I think you did right by deleting, and telling them why. And it never hurts to refresh in the forums, how most of us like to play. It drives us crazy when we look for a cache that was found recently with smilies only to read the logs after searching for 20 minutes. "We found the spot but its not there". In your case you did great to varify that it is still there. Well done.
  11. I set up two routes last night for a planned trip and thought it went smoothly. However they have not been sent to my e-mail address. Any suggestions? I loaded the google routes as directed and requested the pocket query but nothing so far.
  12. Please let us know when your book marked list starts as the caches get approved so we can all follow along. This is really exciting as it comes together. Very good job, BPR.
  13. Don't forget us, that makes two more and a dog. Are you counting geocaching dogs?
  14. Our puppy Cache, has been to GW4 and has cached with us since he was 3 weeks old. He is now 7 months old and wouldn't think of letting us go without him. Our son made our avitar using Cache's picture. Cache met many other geocaching dogs while in Texas. Maybe for his first birthday he will get his own account.
  15. I agree that Cache 50:50 isn't as good as The 50:50 Challenge. But I would suggest using the full name The 50 States:50 Caches Challenge. It makes sense right away when you read it. I think both of the other names suffer the same problem of sounding similar to a 50:50 chance of something. How about "The 50 United Caches of America"
  16. I agree. If you have your picture taken at 50 caches do you really need a puzzle? As the keeper of the theme, you could then give them the final coords or as they get 20 they get part and then 30 and then so on and so on.
  17. Good luck 360. I have enjoyed visiting the site of the original cache with the plaque you placed there, and seeing the ocb at GW4. Thanks for all you have done for the sport and I hope you get tons of bids.
  18. some of us can't physically do a 4.5 and others don't have four wheel drive so a fair limit should be set. Some of us don't have dog sleds to reach one clear up in Alaska or deep in a cave in Arizona. Even at a level 2 or 3 we can make this a very good hide in a good location. For me in Oregon, the coast is one of our best places but it would take a special detour of over five hours off of the direct route from California to Washington. So I might pick a hot springs or something here as a hiding spot. What do you think?
  19. I like the idea of four points with coords, that intersect. That gives everyone a chance with no puzzles. My question is, if you are driving through a state, can you take the time to hike a four mile round trip or should they all be level 2 and within four miles of a major highway. That seems more fair.
  20. I like individual caches, and if they are ammo cans so much the better. If the hiders all add one dollar, you have a $50 prize at the end if nothing else. I think coming up with a real prize will take time. I would also hope that the final would be more centered so that it is equally fair and hard for everyone. What is the most center part of the US?
  21. I am not aware of any pocket caches in my area. Moving caches and temp caches moved for an event and archieved caches that get logged.
  22. And just how would that work? I drive out of Wal-mart and see your sign. You jump in the car and we grab a few caches that you just happen to have downloaded and then I get you a hamburger? It just might work.
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