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Milestone Congratulations


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Oh Jester, you got style man! Congrats on #500 at GC8! Glad to see I made an impression on you and you nolenatored the creek. Peace, Nolenator

The worst part was I had a map printout that clearly showed the cache on the other side of the creek, but I forgot to check it before leaving the car! But, all in all, it was a good day of caching (even though I'm still pulling devil's club stickers out of all parts of my body, courtesy of Wading for June).


Thanks for the congrats.

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Congrats to Donna and MR on their 1900th Find! I was caching all day wiht Donna and she got it at Gem's Miss Hog cache or something like that by Orting.

:) And John got his 1900th about an hour after me at.... what was it? I haven't logged yet!

Wow. 1900! I remember when I dreamed of 100. Now I hit 500 and have a feeling someone will pat me on the back and say 'I remember when I had only 500 finds....' :unsure:


Congrats Wienerdog & Evergreen hiker!


(edit: wish I could spell)

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I think it's that 2000 milestone that she's aiming for. She's within sight of it. :P

;) Now what makes you think she want to get 2000. Who would want to do that? :o


BTW TotemLake is in my basement right now playing doctor with Mr WD. in the operating room. :P Heh, heh.


Actually it's MR's lab and they are doing surgery on TL's broken Mer. Plat.

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Ok ya'll I'm back FINALLY! :o


I want send out heart felt congrats to everybody who reached milestones at the PCM.


I can see everybodys been busy caching away in the beautiful PNW.


My self well I just got finished logging the PCM and our Vacation, WOW what a chore. ;)


:P My Meri Plat is broken also, but it's been replaced with a brand new Meri Color!


Cache On Ya'll


Pepper "Happy Cacher"

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Shunra hit 500 caches today! And, It was Half-Canadian who came a long way to arrange a special cache for his milestone. Shunra is loved and respected and deserves special congratulations for his milestone.

I would say that Shunra has experienced geocaching as a major positive addition to his life, opening up new vistas and new friendships.

He has run the gauntlet, from bravery in the field to intellectual challenge, and enjoyed it all. He loves meeting all of you, too! The social connections have great meaning to him.

And, I don't want to ignore Half-Canadian, who came a long ways to honor a friend. That's special beyond words. What a beautiful person!

~Love you guys~KB

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Watch out for that Lahontan guy - he is coming up on 400 pretty soon. I was just cruising around the site, ended up on his profile, and noticed some recent flurries of activity - where? Wyoming? A little more checking revealed evidence of an awesome road-trip cache haul, 45 caches during a drive to Michigan and back! Any good stories Gary?



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