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Milestone Congratulations


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Congratulations to Nate the Great on find number 100 at Mountain Meadow Majesty yesterday during a wonderful day of hiking.

It was great to see Nate The Great get his 100th find while on an 8 mile hike under the witness of several geocachers, including his brother Jeremy, Moun10Bike, NBJPoppa, Runhills, Seth! and his son Adrian, RightWingWacko, MarcusAurelius, LooAndRoo. This was a great hike on a beautiful day with a background you normally see in epic movies. To top it off, we mostly had the trail to ourselves. That just made it even better.


Congrats Nate!

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GEM's Posted on Jul 27 2004, 07:23 PM

  KFam will be celbrating his 500th find @Win a Mount10Bike Coin on August 7th...Come join the fun! @Win a Mount10Bike Coin


Thanks GEM's!

Between landing new job and spending too much valuable time on the Bloated Head cache, (a couple more personal milestones BTW) I'm going to have to bump it up a notch to grab the 20+ more needed before next week.

Wish me luck!

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Well, I'm not sure that this is the right place to do this, but... it almost fits.


I've reached a milestone of sorts.


Back on June 1, 2003 I began working for a company based in California. To to this work I was provided with a NexTel cellular phone. Last October I began geocaching using the cell phone as my GPS receiver. All well and good.


However, the contract for which I was employed was rather abruptly terminated, and I must ship the cell phone back to California. Thus my milestone is having found so many caches and Travel Bugs using a "brain dead" GPSr.


Pepper, as I've mentioned before, has suggested to me several times that I needed to get a "real" GPSr. So now the problem is: what should I get?


By the way, I tend not to spend money on something until I understand what I am getting. I don't expect to go for a "base" model. A month after I was caching Totemlake showed me his Platinum Meridian GPSr, but the bells and whistles went right over my head. (OK, so it has a built-in compass. Do I care? Well, *now* I do. Routes. I understand the concept, but is it really useful? Storing waypoints. Hmm, someone showed me an iPAQ (CachingCin?) that had the cache description pages on it. Do GPSrs do this?)


What is workse is that I am headed to Spokane on Friday (returning on Monday or Tuesday) and I would like to do some caching on the trip.


Now I dropped by REI the other day to see what the fuss was about this new 60cs (or whatever it is called), but the clerk wasn't very helpful. I suspect that a major part of the problem is that I don't know much about what these units do, or how they really work. I've sort-of seen a couple of people using a "real" GPSr, but I didn't really understand what they were showing me. (This reminds me of the first time I saw a MAcintosh running MacOS 7. The fundamentals of interacting with the Mac were so different from those of Windows 3.1 that there wasn't much of a comparison -- other than that they both used monitors.) Thus don't have a good feel for what makes a good unit. (Other than the price.)


I've heard that some folks have bought one GPSr only to upgrade later to a better model. I'm wondering if such a person would be willing to lend me an older model for this trip, and also to briefly tutor me on how it is used. (I'm used to using paper for everything.)


Wow. What a lame post! :o

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your job. It is a milestone (of sorts) of how "healthy" the local economy is.


However, your post for info can easily hijack the milestone thread so I would suggest you look here, and if you like, create a new post in the Northwest Forums for the local perspective.


Edited to add I decided to create that new post for ya.


Good luck in your endeavours!

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