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Milestone Congratulations


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Happy Gillmore threw a congrats party for me this evening in honor of my 500th find which has already been noted on this thread.


What was really cool was that there were three other milestones to celebrate...ALL three achieved today.


Stump hit 800 finds...

MisGuided One hit 500 finds...

NLS hit 100 finds (all without a GPSr, I might add) :unsure:


Congrats to all of them...and what an honor to celebrate the evening together.

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I just became psychic enough to figure out how to log into the forums! Thanks you guys.... But now I came to my senses and finally bought a GPSr - I want to do some more multicaches :anibad:.


Thanks again, and congratulations to Geodiver, Stump and Misguided One, all of whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Saturday.

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Oh, just saw this forum today! (I'm slow...) Thanks :lol:. I enjoyed meeting some of you at the bloated festering head and hope to do something like that again sometime! (The caching with friends part, not more bloated festering heads <_< ) I am in awe of those of you in the multiple hundreds and thousands- this is a very time consuming hobby! But a very fun way to spend time- anything outdoors is all good to me.

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Today, after 8 months and 28 days, we made our 400th find at Jury Duty Day 3 – Take a Walk on the Boardwalk.  :lol:


Now, on to 500!!  :lol:  :lol:

Way to go, you guys! You must have been close on Saturday evening when we saw you at the Tacoma Park-n- Ride picking up coins. My goal was to average one find per day for my 1st year. I did it...366, because this is a Leap Year. That was back in August. 400 in 8+ months is GREAT.


[Edit] Actually, I see you did hit the 400 mark before we saw you in Tacoma...

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