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Why do you Geocache?

Team A & M

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I started Geocaching as a way to rehab from CHF. It got me out walking. Now that I'm doing better I love being out in the woods and love the challanging hides. Now I've got my wife hooked and I'm desperatly trying to mainatin my lead. :(

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I have given this topic much thought and attention several times. Geocaching was just a simple "fit" for me since I've been obsessed with finding stuff growing up as a child. If you said you lost something then I had to devote all the time it took to try and find it. Earing.....money......keys......remote control......didn't matter.


So, I thought about that also.....WHY do I need to find these things? I guess it all boils down to needing/wanting praise.


Adventure....being outdoors.....that's just natural for me as I've grown up in that sort of environment my whole life. I enjoy being in those same invironments today but it's still about finding that "thing in the woods". I have to set time limits on some caches because I don't want to walk away with a DNF. It's a sickness..... :(

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Why do we do it? Because it's awesome! haha.


My husband & I love being in nature and we love being outdoors and I've always wanted to be a Goonie and hunt for treasure :blink: We get to spend time together, get exercise, and be a part of something that people all over the world are a part of.

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geocaching is the closest thing I can see to a weekend adventure. :laughing: every cache is different, they take you to amazing places, :laughing: you get to meet new people :laughing: , solve puzles, :laughing: and you get to find tresure that most people don't know exist. :laughing: So if you ask me why I geocache, why anyone geocaches, the answer is that everyone wants some adventure in there lives. who wants to collect stamps as a hobby when you can say that you are a high-tech treasure hunter :laughing::laughing:

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We are really new to this, and were wondering, why do you Geocache? We do it for the hunt, the adventure, and that it has brought us closer. We'd love to hear what everyone has to say!


I geocache because its cheap entertainment, gets me out of the house and deistracts me from remembering I'm too ugly to have a romantic social life.











(just kidding about the last one)

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We geocache because it is something my whole family can do and enjoy TOGETHER, from my husband and I all the way down to my 4 year old. Plus, it gets my preggo butt off the couch for at least a few months until the snow flies! The kids love finding the treasure, and my husband loves the hunt, and I just love the closeness it brings caching with my family, extended family and friends!

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I enjoy the hunt and I have also found really awesome areas to hike and backpack,etc...because of geocaching.I have an area that I hike deep into a few hidden mountain lakes to fish...this year I did an overnight camping trip there...that I would never have known about if it wasn't for a cache placed here that I found a couple of years ago.I,in turn,have tried to find out of the way places to hide a few caches so that I can bring others to areas that they might not realize are here.

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I Geocache because when I first found out about it, it sounded like the greatest activity in the world. My hypothesis was right. :huh: I love puzzles, hidden secrets, and exploring. Geocaching has all those things.


How I first found out about it:


I fell off the side of the mountain on my ATV. Luckily there were people there with a Jeep parked on the side. They helped get the ATV off my head/helmet. While I was waiting for the ATV company to pull the ATV out from down the mountain, I chatted with them about why they were there. They told me all about geocaching. What a lucky adventure eh? :blink: I'm so glad I fell off that mountain.

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We cache because it ties in nicely with all of our other endeavours....kayaking, hiking, biking, travel, photography x-country skiing, snowshoeing.....we're in our 60's but we ain't dead yet!!!!! But it wouldn't have been so much fun if it wasn't for all the wonderful characters we've met along the way. For the most part we're able to say to every geocacher we've met that, "Yeah, we'd like to spend the day caching with you." Scenic hikes/paddles & fun searches with other like-minded people...what more could you want.

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I am in the Army, so when we move to a new location, we don't know much about the area. Since we started geocaching, we have been introduced to history lessons, new parks with hiking trails, great views and so forth. It's not that expensive, and the whole family can get out of the house and enjoy it while spending time together. I saw in an earlier post of how someone started geocaching. Maybe that would be a good idea for a new topic.

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I'm a 'cleaner' for the local mob, so it gives me a chance to find new places to hide things...


Really, I've always liked out of the way, interesting places and old cemeteries. Geocaching gives me a chance to see even more places like that. I've even been taken to places in my home town that I never knew existed.


OK Mr. Wolfe.

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Discovered Geocaching by accident. I was updating my Garmin Mobile XT and saw all the GC items so I checked it out... needless to say the adventurer in me just couldnt pass up the hunt. Now my wife,daughte and son in law are hooked as well.. pretty soon my entire family will be out stomping through the woods. :D

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Its the thrill of the hunt! :D Its getting out and seeing new places and once in a great while I get to meet someone new. I just love the hunt, it never gets old. I've heard some people calling geocaching a fad that has fallen by the wayside like all the others, not hardly. I like the fact that you can play the game in so many different ways too. It's not about winning, or losing, or competition. It's all about the fun. To me caching is like an addiction, I can never get enough.

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I take up geocaching a few months ago... First, we were with school somewhere at the trip and my friend was geocaching... I came with him (like a muggle) and I got feelings that geocaching is sick!

Later, I bought a GPS and became a geocacher :).

I really like visiting new places and now I have next reason to visit them :). And it's better than do nothing... I like hiking and cycling, so I can do it and geocaching together.

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I do it because I love treasure hunting. It's what my comic book is about even. :D




I'm hoping to make some that are engaging. I have some good ideas, but I hope they're not too off the wall for the way it's supposed to be. Hey, does anyone have a rock that can roll after the geocachers after they got their cache???

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We are really new to this, and were wondering, why do you Geocache? We do it for the hunt, the adventure, and that it has brought us closer. We'd love to hear what everyone has to say!


Why do we"my nearsighted brother and I", do it. First and foremost it brings us closer together. Second the thrill of the hunt, something primal in mankind that a lot of us do not want to admit to. Third the exercise, I've done things geocaching that I never thought I was capable of. Fourth learning about the land we call America I've learned a lot of history while caching, not the big events we all know of,but the little things that are gone now and will never return. I've been to a jail in my state that was erected in 1897 and used into the 1980s. Finally its just plain FUN !!

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